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Recruitment Thread

Please add your details in the following format
1) Player name:
2) Character name:
3) PFS#-Character#:
4) Character Class & Level:
5) Faction:
6) Regular or slow speed for chronicle:
7) Anything else I should know:

Radiant Oath

Kaitlyn Deathsbane; 2396852-2015
Monk 3
Radiant Oath
Never played or ran this

Hello everyone, I will be joining this game to playtest the kineticist class in a PbP, so that I have more information for the playtest survey. The deadline for said survey is on September 5th, so the best possible outcome would be to be finished by Septmeber 4th (timezones). If not, it's no biggie, I would just have more 'data' to use.


Player name: NotEspi

Character name: Chenaii
PFS#-Character#: 179284 2001
Character Class & Level: Kineticist 3 (playtest)
Faction: Horizon Hunters
Anything else I should know: This is a playtest Character. Credit to Ysoldt Minso ( 179284-2001 / Horizon Hunters )

The full playtest document can be found HERE, if you need anything referenced.

I will try to explain the actions related to the new class as best as I can with OOC tags or in a spoiler if the description would be too long.

The only notable item I have purchased are Handwraps of Mighty Blows (+1), but without a striking rune. So just a plain old +1 to attacks.

Other than that, the character is mostly built for utility. Having a +10 ft movement aura and a skill that allows a willing creature to be moved 30 ft.

I changed the profile of this alias to include the relevant 2e skills/feats/stats. Don't mind the backstory/bio if you will be looking at it. It's not related to this game in particular. This is an old alias made for a game that never happened, and the backstory just stayed there.

Let me know if you have any questions.

There are new traits in the playtest, so if you need them referenced, here they are:

Impulse: The primary magical actions kineticists use are called impulses. To use an impulse action, you must have an element gathered, which is typically done with the Gather Element kineticist action. The element must be appropriate to the element trait of the impulse you use; for example, you must have water gathered to use an impulse that has the water trait. Using an impulse requires gesturing and focusing on your powers. The impulse trait also means the action has the concentrate and manipulate traits unless another ability changes this.

Kinetic Aura: Impulses that create an elemental aura around you have this trait. They have the aura trait, and follow some additional rules. First, any kinetic aura is a 10-foot emanation unless you have an ability that changes its size. Second, if you already are in a kinetic aura, it takes you 1 action fewer to use a different kinetic aura impulse with the same elemental trait. This can’t reduce the impulse below 1 action. A kinetic aura lasts until you get knocked out, until the encounter ends, or until you use a new kinetic aura, whichever comes first. You can use a kinetic aura only in encounter mode, and after you create a kinetic aura, you can’t use another kinetic aura for 1 round.

Overflow: Powerful elemental impulses have the overflow trait, indicating any element you’ve gathered is consumed in the impulse. When you use an impulse that has the overflow trait, any element you have gathered disappears after your action. Channeling your element to this limit means you can use only one overflow impulse per round, even if you Gather Element again.

Envoy's Alliance

Is there space for a 3rd level Fighter please?

Vigilant Seal

1) Player name: k012957
2) Character name: BakBat
3) PFS#-Character#: 5369-2001
4) Character Class & Level: Sorcerer 4
5) Faction: Vigilant Seal

Vigilant Seal

1) Player name: EbonFist
2) Character name: Ulfgar Ironhead
3) PFS#-Character#: 143948-2001
4) Character Class & Level: Ranger 3
5) Faction: Vigilant Seal

Silver Crusade

Yes there is Callistos

Horizon Hunters

1) Player name: Mitch
2) Character name: Aldonza Delamorte
3) PFS#-Character#: 142569-2005
4) Character Class & Level: Swashbuckler 4
5) Faction: Horizon Hunters

Envoy's Alliance

1) Player name: Nick/MrTea
2) Character name: Callistos
3) PFS#-Character#: 2396874-2011
4) Character Class & Level: Fighter 3
5) Faction: Envoys Alliance

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