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feyrial wrote:
Awesome! I'll get my profile fully fleshed out by tomorrow (or tonight, if I'm up super late). Thanks for the opportunity:)

Great! Feel free to post over in Discussion while waiting for everyone to take a seat.

Damn, that was quick, O well.

DM DoctorEvil wrote:

I will likely round out the table with they dynamic duo of Mr Serpens and Finch, and then finally Valdrin as the cleric.

I will work on review of the builds and comment if I see anything amiss but based on stories and concepts, that'll probably be the group.

1. Melee - Mr Serpens - elven fighter
2. Arcane - Fentus - sorceror
3. Divine - Valdrin - cleric
4. Skill - Finch - rogue
5. Other - Olaf - Magus
6. Other - Trista - Thaum

That seems like a good mix. Human heavy, but that's ok.

Let's consider Recruitment tentatively closed for now. Sorry if I didn't get to you, but I ended up filling slots on a FCFS basis I guess, and it worked out pretty much.

If something opens up or someone drops, I will let those who expressed interest know.

Hey thank you for the invite, I can't wait to play.

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