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Dark Archive

Initial Post for a future PFS Gameday XI game. Once confirmed feel free to "dot and delete" in Gameplay.

This is first come first serve, a slot is saved for Mustaparta, who requested it.

Liberty's Edge

Character: Jaakko Varpunen, Gunslinger 5/Oracle 1
PRS #: 192672-6
Faction: Liberty edge
Haven't played or GM'd before

Dark Archive

Magus (eldritch scion) 4
Player: PaleDim
PFS 272301-03
Faction: Dark Archive
Have not played or GM'd this before.

Dotting for interest, please save me a spot.

I'll try to free a character for this - will post as soon as I know if I was successful...

Silver Crusade

Warpriest 4
Player: Gerald
PFS 12445-22
Faction: Silver Crusade
Have not played or GM'd this before.

Grand Lodge

dotting..have options for either tier...mostly front line type..but a healer if needed..

Grand Lodge

Ribbit. Me wants in.

6th level grippli slayer.

Dark Archive

Alright, that puts us at tentatively 6 players! Anyone else finding there way here, feel free to let me know of interest and if a slot fills up I can PM you.

Liberty's Edge

Thanks for saving me a spot, GM Eclipse!

Class/Level: Barbarian 4
Player: Chris N. aka kaervek78
Character Name: Dimak "Barby" Doomhammer
PFS #: 331079-2
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Day Job: none
Normal Progression

Have not played or GM'd this before.

PM me if there is an open slot. Thanks.

Liberty's Edge

I just noticed that Dimak has leveled up in the meantime.
He's level 5, which is relevant for the APL...

Grand Lodge

Chronicle #: 17
Player: Roll4initiative
Character: Muddy Mudflipper
PFS #: 17148-16
Faction: Grand Lodge
Slow/Normal: normal
Starting XP: 16
Day Job roll: Muddy takes elite Andoran citizens on safari on the outskirts of his Andoran Hunting Lodge.
Take 10 on Survival for a total of 22. (20 gp earned).

Muddy has the boon On-the-Job Training (Disable Device):

Once per scenario when you succeed at a skill check of DC 15 or higher with the skill while benefiting from the Aid Another action of an ally who has at least one rank in the skill, you may check one of the boxes below. Once you have checked all 10 boxes, you become specialized in that skill.

He would greatly appreciate it if he gets assistance from another PC.

Grand Lodge

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if i bring my slayer 6 to the game, i got you, MM...he's trained in it...

Grand Lodge

looks like i'll be bringing my healer...

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