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About GM Eclipse

Welcome to my GM Page!

About me:
I have been playing Tabletop Role-Playing Games since 2004 when I started with Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, which I only participated as a player. I have also played Dungeons & Dragons 4th and 5th edition, briefly. Since the release of Pathfinder, I have been both a player and game master for each Paizo product. Organized Play is my main mode of play but I partake in some homebrew games.

I enjoy writing novels and supplemental products as a hobby, with a focus on works influenced by Japanese history and culture. I have not published any work but currently focusing on a campaign setting compatible with Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

I currently live in Japan where I enjoy hiking and photography when not taking classes, working towards my PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Guidelines of Play:

1. Have fun! Simple enough rule to start, right? Well, let me know anything I can do to help you have the best experience possible and DEFINITELY let me know if anything is causing you to have a negative time.

2. Respect other players, the GM, and yourself. We all come from different walks of life and use our hobbies to relax. Being cognizant of others and aware of any possible controversial topics or behaviors. If you need me to mediate something, let me know.

3. During the week, I ask that you have at least 1 post a day (especially in combat). During weekends, just 1 post is alright. That said, life is unexpected so if something comes up or if you need a break from the game, let me know if I need to bot you.

4. Botting instructions aren't required but are helpful if you know you are going to be away from the game, otherwise I may delay you or play conservatively to not risk your character.

5. I not only welcome feedback, I appreciate it deeply.

6. I run combat in block initiative. This means all players in your "block" are allowed to take the actions for their turn and I will resolve them as close to the initial order as possible. Example below.

Combat Example:

COMBAT TRACKER - Round 1 - Bold may act - Map (Link)

Player A (-5)
Player B (inspiring courage)
Player C (-2, turned into a frog)
Player D ( )
Enemy A (-4)
Player E (mage armor)
Player F (-1)

Dark green squares are difficult terrain, dim light, -2 to all ranged attacks because of increased wind.

Will saves from everyone except Player C.

What we see here is Players A-D are up while Players E & F are not.
The players can post in any order (You do not have to wait for the others) and once everyone has posted, I resolve all actions in post order.

Bracketed number is damage taken this combat not the players total HP. I ask that you help track that with your tagline information. Examples of taglines are in the New Player Information.

Current Campaigns/Sessions:

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[Gameday IX] GM Eclipse's The Sky Key Solution

Past Campaigns/Sessions:

[OutPost I] Mists of Mwangi: Tier 1-2
[Gameday VII][Session 1] GM Eclipse's Black Waters
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