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Hao Jin Cataclysm


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[Gameday VIII][Core] GM Eclipse's The Hao Jin Cataclysm

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[OutPost I] Mists of Mwangi: Tier 1-2
[Gameday VII][Session 1] GM Eclipse's Black Waters August 13th

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Welcome to my GM page. Here I will detail how I manage my games and what I expect of my players.

-My number one rule is that we have an enjoyable experience. I believe that is why most of us play.

-Post at minimum once per 24 hour period. More if possible.
--As GM I will abide by this expectation as well.

-Feedback is welcome and appreciated. If I do something you don't enjoy or think is incorrect let me know!

-This one should be a given but respect one another.

New Player Information:

How I Run Combat:

COMBAT TRACKER - Round 1 - Bold may act - Map (Link)

Player A (-5)
Player B (inspiring courage)
Player C (-2, turned into a frog)
Player D ( )
Enemy A (-4)
Player E (mage armor)
Player F (-1)

Dark green squares are difficult terrain, dim light, -2 to all ranged attacks because of increased wind.

Will saves from everyone except Player C.

What we see here is PLayers A-D are up while Players E & F are not.
The players can post in any order (You do not have to wait for the others) and once everyone has posted, I resolve all actions in post order.

Bracketed number is damage taken this combat not the players total HP. I ask that you help track that with your tagline information. Examples of taglines are in the New Player Information.

Special thanks to GM ShieldBug for the combat tracker and inspiration for my slide decks.