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Welcome to my run of SFS #5-06 Tarnished Legacy: Historia's Holdout Recruitment, a scenario for up to six level 1-4 Starfinder agents.

Please add your information to the >Sign-Up Sheet< and tell us a bit about your character below.


Bordle is a Brenneri Witchwarper who used to be corporate accountant in the Bluerise Towers until there was an 'incident' ((Bluerise Breakout)) and she was rescued by a halfling Starfinder who also nearly succumbed to the radiation during the rescue. The two ended up spending a lot of time recovering in the same hospital room. Rani's stories about the Starfinders and her exploits in Cirque d'Absalom intrigued the Brenarri and, after recovering she quit her job and joined the Starfinders, Also her and Rani became great friends.

Bordle's first 'mission' was encountering Data Scourge robots on the way to her Graduation as a full agent and she has done several missions since. Both her and Rani was rather worried about Zigavix when he was found and brought back and when he started his own Faction. Bordle joined it as soon as she could as it felt to be a better fit than the Acquisitives. She had only joined them because Rani was there.

Currently her and Rani co-habitate in a split level flat in the Puddles (top dry, bottom wet) and since both of them can hold their breath for nearly twenty minutes, they use the submerged area as a play room.

She still dies financial accounting and has taken on many Starfinders as clients plus a few business people including Dot. She is also a keen vidgamer and is starting to make an impact on the professional gaming scene. With her sometimes, is her pet klickharp - Dust Bunny.


K'ssatak-Sul is an embri hellknight. It is a mollusk from a society with a very rigid hierarchy and subordination. It chose to continue the traditions of its people and even raise this discipline to a new level, so that it became a member of the Order of the Pyre, exterminating dangerous cults and philosophies. After recent conflicts between Society and this Order, K'ssatak-Sul was sent to the ranks of Starfinders with a mission to restore relations between these organizations.

This game is now full.


Like K'ssatak-Sul, Oda is a hellknight but of the order of the . She was once a gladiator fighting for the amusement of others, now she is fighting for herself.

Oda is hulking out of her armour, and even bigger in it. Ropey scars mark her green-grey skin around her forearms and throat. Old and newly healed scars from the slashes of bladed weapons show on her fingers and torso. Through the clear visor of her armour you see a scar runs across her face from left eyebrow, across her nose and down the right side of her cheek. She is lucky to still have her eye.

An Abysshead tattoo is prominent on her left shoulder and another is on the back of her right calf.

Oda does not speak. When she must she communicates via her comm unit's text function, but mainly she gestures and uses body language to convey her meaning. She also can sign in common, but has found few other who do.


Zantai is a formian mercenary sent abroad to acquire experience. He likes to keep things formal, but he has a zeal for combat.

Second Seekers (Ehu Hadif)

Jasmine Eclipse is a khizar, best known to the Pact Worlds for their impressive vidgaming career. Although their people ears and eyes- which are critical for most vidgames- Jasmine manages to excel through sensing vibrations in devices. They have amasses a decent following, but spend most of their time mentoring younger Starfinders in order to ensure the continued success of the Society.

They are also known for their dangerous sense of humor: the telepathic khizar can imagine puns so bad that they physically hurt the minds of those around them. Recently, they have been better about directing that pain.

Jasmine is a mindbreaker mystic. For flavor, their Mind Thrust consists of telling terrible jokes.

Second Seekers (Ehu Hadif)

I just realized I mistyped something in my intro post. "Although their people lack ears and eyes..."

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