Scenario #6–10: The Wounded Wisp (Inactive)

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Please enter the following information:

Player Name: [Your Name Here]
Character Name: [CHARNAME]
Organized Play #: [XXXXX]
Character #: [X]
Faction: [Your Faction Here]
Day Job Check: [Your Skill Check Here]

Three spots reserved for @noral, @Gilthanis, and @TriShadow.

The Exchange

This is normal correct? (As in not-core)

Presuming it is…otherwise I can switch peeps.

Player: Gilthanis
Character Name: Matéo Cole
PFS #: 63386-25
Faction: The Exchange
Day Job: profession bouncer: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6

Matéo Cole wrote:
This is normal correct? (As in not-core)

Yes, it's Normal.

I’d be interested in joining. I’ve got a life oracle I can bring, I just need to decide on a name for them before posting details. I’ve played this scenario before recently so I’m happy to drop out if someone who hasn’t played it yet wants the spot.

Grand Lodge

TriShadow here. Kind of excited to play with this paladin. Created her with a boon from my recently completed journey of Eyes of the Ten.

Player: TriShadow
Character Name: Dia Bolique
PFS #: 151777-28
Faction: Silver Crusade
Day Job: Not at this time

Liberty's Edge

Player: qstor
Character Name: Rouqar
PFS #:
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Day Job: n/a

Liberty's Edge

Looks like you have room for one more?

Player Name: Lysle
Character Name: "Cracking" John
Organized Play #: 90900
Character #: 23
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Day Job Check: N/A

As soon as @noral checks in I'll create the Discussion thread and close the Recruitment.

Liberty's Edge

PFS # 2072-63

Dark Archive

Here's my (Mike...R) oracle:

Player Name: Mike
Character Name: Alwin
Organized Play #: 317595
Character #: 25
Faction: Dark Archive
Day Job Check: N/A

Thanks for GMing!

Player: noral
Character Name: Zamin
PFS #: 314670-33
Faction: Dark Archive
Day Job: n/a

I need to create the profile. Will be a skinwalker melee character.


Ok then, so we have:

  • Gilthanis with Matéo Cole;
  • TriShadow with Dia Bolique;
  • qstor with Rouqar;
  • Lysle with "Cracking" John;
  • Mike...R with Alwin;
  • noral with Zamin.

I'll create the other threads now, we'll start as soon as everything's ready.

Discussion and Gameplay threads up and ready. There's also a link to the GSlides on the top of the page, please enter your info there too and add your tokens, thank you.

One slight change to my character before I start. I've changed his name to Tarin.

Mike...R wrote:
One slight change to my character before I start. I've changed his name to Tarin.

That's fine. Had some confusion at first, then I saw it was your alias, so all good.

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