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Hello all PFS1'ers!

Have you ever wanted to join a multi-game group?

Have you ever wanted that group to be all dwarves?

Or are you just bored and interested in seeing where this all goes!?!

Do I have a deal for you? (I do)


I am beginning a three-game set of repeatable scenarios for Pathfinder Society 1st Edition Characters. To join you simply need to make a new* Dwarf Character and apply here!

*New may also refer to any existing PC that has 1.5 or less XP and is rebuilt for free into a Dwarf PC. Slow play would be necessary if you start with XP.

So what would I like from your application?

Your Dwarf's Name:
Your Dwarf's Class:
A Joke an actual Dwarf would use in game (self-depreciating allowed):


Additional Notes

I do have one spot reserved for a GM assistant who may also GM a game or two later. However I am willing to take the max allowed, so there are still six slots available.

I am planning to run THREE repeatable scenarios and get everyone to level two. Wounded Wisp, The Confirmation and Fallen Fortress are the likely options.

After those three, we will decide if we wish to continue as a group or go our separate ways.

This will not be a GM rotation (beyond a rare run from the GM assistant). If you discover you don't like my style, just bow out after the session, no hard feelings at all.

The two things I love from players is Roleplay and Push Posts. The ability to combine those two things is even better. I post solidly through the week and rarely on the weekends. A basic scenario takes me about 2-4 months to GM, though long and complicated ones obviously take longer (and simple ones less).

Silver Crusade

Tempted, matey, tempted...

supervillan wrote:
Tempted, matey, tempted...

Me, too.

I'm currently travelling, so please treat this as a placeholder for an application.

The Concordance

This is an awesome idea! ;-)

I love dwarven heroes!


My application

Your Dwarf's Name: Zamin

Your Dwarf's Class: Empyreal Sorcerer 1 with the Seeker Archetype

A Joke an actual Dwarf would use in game (self-depreciating allowed):

“This is the last time I’ll ask one of these posh dwarven sorceresses to go out with me! The last joke was really too much!!“ Zamin says depressed while attending sorcerer school. His charismatic dwarven class mate rubs his hands and starts laughing. “Yeah!! ‘How can you face your problem if your problem is your face.’ really was a mean question to ask you!!!“ he says while looking at Zaman with a sly smile.


This would be a new 0 xp character.

Grand Lodge

im up for a challenge...already have a 0xp dwarf made

Name: Kaztor

Class: Paladin

Joke: “what does mining under a river and a tankard of elven mead have in common?” “They are both awful close to water!”

Dad dwarven joke!

GM TOP wrote:

A Joke an actual Dwarf would use in game (self-depreciating allowed):

One of the best recruitment requirements ever. Only ones better might be what is your favorite dwarven curses or curse words. Or what is the name of your favorite dwarven ale.

My Favorite Dwarven Curse:

By me bearded balls!

I’ll at least try to come up with a good joke.

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I hardly need another dwarf character (or another character at all), but this is too good to pass up.

Your Dwarf's Name: Bilos Nizhnyy (for now)

Your Dwarf's Class: Spiritualist (Priest of the Fallen)

And a PC and his six heroic ancestors make... seven dwareves.

A Joke an actual Dwarf would use in game (self-depreciating allowed):

How many halflings does it take to change a candle?
Eight. One to change it and seven to prep and serve the three meals he eats while he does it.

How many half-elves does it take to change a candle?
Two. One to change it and one to recount the candle's tragic past.

How many humans does it take to change a candle?
None. They are too short-lived to outlast a candle.

How many gnomes does it take to change a candle?
Five. One to build the candle-changing automaton, one to put out the other fires he starts, and three to clean up all the pieces that fall off.

How many half-orcs does it take to change a candle?
Four. One to change it and two to make sure they counted each other properly.

How many elves does it take to change a candle?
The age will come when the candle will change, ere the next age begins.

How many dwarves does it take to change a candle?
Seven. Five to mine the materials and forge a new candelabra, one to change the candle, and one to recite the ancestry of the fallen candle.

Dark Archive

I'd love to get to play with you guys. Here is my submission:

Name - Dran Stoneheart

Class - Warpriest - seems the perfect dwarf class :)

Joke: A blind dwarf walks into an elf bar. After ordering an ale he loudly aks the bartender "Do ya wanna hear a good elf joke?" The bartender responds "Since you are blind I am going to tell you, you are in an elf bar. I am an elf and a retired fighter. The person next to you is an elven wizard. The owner is an elven bard. The waitress is an elven thief. And the bouncer is an elven barbarian. Are you sure you want to tell an elf joke here?" The blind dwarf considers for a moment and then responds 'Well, no, not if I gotta explain it 5 times."

Silver Crusade

Your Dwarf's Name: Torvic Stonebreaker

Your Dwarf's Class: Barbarian

A Joke an actual Dwarf would use in game (self-depreciating allowed): What's the difference between an orc and a pig? The pig smells better and has actual manners.


”Huh? I have a shield and a badger and a temper. No one said anything about needing schooling, just ‘Get a badger daughter!’, and ‘your father will hear of this!’” newly built Fighter or a Harsk(aj pregen

”No I’m not a barbarian, the tempers an edge you put on a weapon you big, never mind. Now that I think of it, Mother might have been screaming ‘Get back here daughter!’ It was awful, and loud. Hrm.” Skulaną pauses to put her shield on her back then asks slyly, Need a badger, I mean a hand here?” Skulaną smiles offering her hand daintily, even encased in a large gauntlet, then waves the badger suggestively. ”Ah suppose, as we’re related by the matter of the badger, you might want to tell us what’s next? Don’t mean to, well, you know. she waves the badger again, Lets say be a bore. Skulaną then tucks it into her cloak.

I'd love to be part of this too!

Dwarf Name: Skulk

Dwarf Class: Shaman

Dwarf Joke:

"Now, son- whether I'm a what?"

Leaning a little further on the counter of the pub, the rough dwarf with tousled hair feigns to think the question through. They stroke their hastily braided beard as they do so, ignoring the nervous giggles of the squirming human men facing him. What little bravado they had managed to put together through booze and willingness to impress the pack seems to be leaving them by the second anyway.

"Do you know how we dwarves can tell?" They gesture the men closer conspiratorially. "Louses. No kidding. Once you learn to spot 'em, you can never go wrong!"

Skulk laughs.

With some hesitation, the men laugh- the quiet chuckles of someone unsure of who they're at laughing at.

The dwarf takes a big slug out of their beer.

"Not bad," they mutter quietly to themselves, before smashing the nearest guy's teeth in with the empty pint.

Grand Lodge

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Your Dwarf's Name:Ander Therinor(it was meant for a human, not making another PFS number)
Your Dwarf's Class:gunslinger 1(musket master)
A Joke an actual Dwarf would use in game (self-depreciating allowed):How do dwarves greet each other? small world, isn't it?

edit...this is grimdog73's toon...

Ander Therinor wrote:

Your Dwarf's Name:Ander Therinor(it was meant for a human, not making another PFS number)

Your Dwarf's Class:gunslinger 1(musket master)
A Joke an actual Dwarf would use in game (self-depreciating allowed):How do dwarves greet each other? small world, isn't it?

edit...this is grimdog73's toon...

That one legitimately made me chuckle out loud.

Silver Crusade

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Dwarf Name: Halali Wowote (a Mbe'ke dwarf - the name means "Lawful Any" in Swahili if Google Translate is right)

Dwarf Class: UnMonk (initially - will be building towards Storm Kindler which I think is just a very cool prestige class)

Dwarf Joke: "A dwarf, a halfling and an elf are hiding from a hobgoblin army at a ruined farmhouse. An entire brigade is closing in on them when the dwarf spots a pile of old sacks. 'In there, quick' she says, and the three all climb in to a sack each. Very soon the hobgoblins are searching the farmyard. They poke at the sack that the dwarf is hiding in. 'Woof-woof!' says the dwarf. 'Just dogs in here' says the dumb hobgoblin. Then they poke the sack with the halfling in it. 'Meeeoooww' goes the halfling. 'Huh, it's just a cat'. Then they poke the sack with the elf in it. 'Err... potatoes!' says the elf."

Awesome to see so much interest and there are some great jokes there!

Recruitment will stay open for at least a full 24 hour period, maybe slightly more. Once that ends, I'll make my picks and we will get going.

Grand Lodge

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got another one for you guys...

What do you call a dwarf psychic on the run from the law?

a small medium at large....

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I like the small medium at large joke!

Been watching and this looks too good to pass.

Name: Grunigon Durinslag

Class: Dwarf Slag Child Sylvan Trickster Rogue

Self-depricating joke: What do you call a tree hugger dwarf? A dwelf!

As much as I love dwarven heroes (3 of my 7 PFS characters are dwarves!), I currently do not have the time ressources to quickly build a new char and commit her to three games in a row.

So, sadly, I'm forced to withdraw my (placeholder) application. :-/

Have fun, everyone!

Alright, I know there may be some hard feelings, but there were simply ten applicants and only six slots, sorry!

The following bolded players please report to Discussion.

Supervillian with Halali Wowote
Gerald with Kaztor
Skorn with Dran Stoneheart
Cmlobue with Bilos Nizhnyy
Grimdog with Ander Therinor
AGM Lemming with Grunigon Durinslag


If you weren't called, please know that I have you on the official shortlist if we lose any PCs. That list is as follows.

Ash with Skulaną
Ythiel with Skulk
Shadow Dragon with Torvic Stonebreaker
Noral with Zamin

Have fun! DM if you need a hard of hearing drill sergeant, or you know...*Shakes badger*

The Concordance

Thanks and have fun everyone!!

No hard feelings at all! Have fun everyone :)

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