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Can a Core character apply? :)

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@YoricksRequiem Post-Gender adaptations of Hamlet! :) Androgynous Hamlets, genderbent Hamlets, cross-dressed Hamlets, transgender Hamlets... you name it! I'm still in the research phase though, so I I don't really know what the organization plan will be.

I'm finishing Valeria's character sheet (thanks again, @Vrog Skyreaver, I really didn't have to change anything! I don't think I could have come up with something that good!), and I'm hella confused about the equipment part.

Since I have no bonus related to career or Charisma, I'm guessing I'm starting with 1000 dollars, but I have to admit that I'm really lost regarding the "just look it up on the Internet" rule. For instance, there's an Occultist kit, but I'm not seeing any price in the rule book, so do I have to look up every item to come up with a total? As an occultist, I'm proficient with 'simple weapons', but what would that even entail in a modern setting? Could I technically choose a rapier for my Bonded Weapon (the feat doesn't apply to firearms apparently, which... is really unfortunate)? Or would that put me at a disadvantage if the other guys are all carrying rifles?

I mean, firearms are ruled out as Bonded Weapons, but the rulebook doesn't say anything against crossbows... Or catapults. :P

@Arianna Grimaldi: Wow, thanks a lot!!! :O I wasn't expecting you to do the whole character sheet! That's so nice of you! I'll review it today, see if I'll want to change a couple things, but I tend to prioritize defence as well so it probably won't be much.

Just a quick question as I'm starting to read it: I don't really get why the Dex bonus is boosted to +2?

@Arianna Grimaldi: I'd very much appreciate your help, thanks a great deal! Abjuration and Transmutation do seem like the best choice. I was interested in Divination, but it's probably better to select it later on.

Unfortunately, I'm kind of struggling with RL right now. I've got three research papers to write (including one on Hamlet... Hi @YoricksRequiem!) and a hospital bill I have to take care of.

Besides, I need to give some thought to that stats thing. A +1 Dex bonus for a spellcaster is not that great, to say the least, but I have such rotten luck that I'm hesitant to reroll! I need some additional to weigh the pros and cons and see how I could still build a decent character by just boosting Int to 16...

I'll try to create Valeria by the end of the week. I'm really sorry, I hope I'm not slowing you guys down...

I'm guessing Valeria would have moved strategically here to do her PhD abroad. I would tend to imagine that, at 27 years old, she's already halfway through (about two years in at least).

I guess it all depends on how recently the monks have left Europe and how she came across this information. She might have heard of them after they already left Europe, for instance, and strategically did her PhD abroad to get closer to where they were spotted last -and that would be Maine.

Alternatively, she might have not heard about them while she was in Italy and up to her neck in studies and exams. She might have moved to Maine for completely different reasons (maybe there's just a renowned theology specialist who lives there and who can supervise her PhD). In that case, she would either have stumbled upon the monk story recently and just happens to be in the same area as they are, or she might have heard about them in Italy, never really knew what to do with that information back then, and recently found their track again. Whatever works best with what you have in mind! :)

Regarding Valeria, I'd like some advice regarding my stats. They're not super good, and it's kind of annoying that not one of them can have a +3 bonus, even with racial modifications. As for builds, I imagined that Valeria could be either a Caster or a Ranged Occultist, but I don't really see that happening with no +3 Stat and a small Dexterity bonus. Unless a more experimented player has an idea of how a different build could work, I guess it would make the most sense for Valeria to be a Melee Support with those stats.

I can only really see two sets of stats:

Str 15 (13)
Dex 12
Cons 12
Int 15 (13)
Wis 10
Cha 8


Str 14 (12)
Dex 13
Cons 12
Int 15 (13)
Wis 10
Cha 8

What would you advise?

Theology for Valeria!

Oh, forgot about dropping the worst roll!

So we've got 13, 13, 12, 12, 8, 10.

Seems a little less great from that angle xD

Alright! Let's see...

Stat 1: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 3, 6) = 15
Stat 2: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 1, 6) = 14
Stat 3: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 3, 5) = 15
Stat 4: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 1, 1) = 13
Stat 5: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 1, 3) = 9
Stat 6: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 3, 4) = 11

Not bad I guess!

@Vlog Skyreaver Lol sounds about right! xD

"What do you mean you know what those creatures are?"
"How on Earth do you think I've written my research?"
"I once took down a creature like that by punching it in the face, do you think it will work?"
"Well, probably- wait you did what?!"

So we have to roll stats for this campaign, don't we?

Sorry I meant @Vlog Skyreaver :P

@Ythiel: I can see that leading to an awkward conversation where each of us try to keep our cards close to our chests while dropping off hints at a supernatural threat, only to realize that we're both perfectly aware of what the Veil is...

As for what we've discovered, I guess that would depend? Maybe we can simply share information about the monks and discover that we'd have enough work for two, and it might be something else entirely. You mentioned Arianna having to fight an otherworldly creature in the ring. Should she be disturbed by that encounter (provided that it's a recent one), she might attempt to know more about it by telling her teacher specialized in the matter :)

She might already know that Valeria can see beyond the Veil... Or it might be during that particular conversation that they discover each other's abilities.

Yeah, she could have had Arianna as one of her students!

Say, if it was a course about artefacts or relics, she could have mentioned the monks in passing, prompting Arianna to establish contact?

Valeria comes from a more middle-class background, and one that has constantly lived in the shadow of its more high-class counterpart. I imagine the Barones as priding themselves over their lineage and wanting to be recognized and accepted by the Scraes while simultaneously trying to double-cross them by discovering how to bind an archon before anybody else... She's also used to work on the occult alone and not to trust anyone else (since it was such a family thing), so I suspect she might be a bit reluctant to work with Arianna at first. She'll definitely warm up though if they end up to be kindred spirits, so I kind of see it work! :) Could be one of those 'build trust and friendship over time' kind of relationship...

Take care Robert! Best wishes :)

Sounds like a good idea, Vrog! If they're studying at the same university, they're guaranteed to see each other a lot in the Theology department. Especially since the daughter of a royal family would be hard to ignore :)

Do you want to start thinking about our characters' possible relationship, or how they might feel about each other? We can do this in this thread or via PMs if you'd like.

If Arianna is in college, we might figure something out?

Yep! Sorry I'm a university student and the workload has been kind of intense. I don't have much free time, but I'll do my best!

Here's my idea so far:

Background:The small Barone family sharing direct ancestors with the infernal-blooded Scraes. For as long as Valeria lived, she was never to forget about it. Instead of fairy tales, she grew up hearing stories about the Veil separating realities, monsters from out of this world, and immortal creatures pulling the strings in the highest spheres of human society. Her parents particularly prided themselves over Valeria's great-aunt Anita, the last greatest mind that the Barones ever produced. An investigator of a rare calibre, Anita had carefully written down all of her research before suddenly departing from this world at the surprising young age of thirty-four. She left a legacy of about half a dozen of small, black notebooks covered in -alas- barely readable scribbling, in which was perhaps contained her greatest achievement. After her untimely death, rumours within the Barone family had it that she came close to what no Scrae had ever managed to do before: binding an Archon.

Her descendants jealously guarded her treasure, and the Barones, generation after generation, spent most of their lives trying to decode Anita's findings. Though some of her handwriting remains decipherable, and the notebooks do contain valuable information, nothing ever came close to a binding ritual that complex. Some members of the family gave up. Others (including Valeria's parents)concluded that the information was either very carefully hidden in the notebooks, or that there existed another one that had gone missing, detailing Anita's research on binding otherworldly creatures.

With the ardent support of her parents, Valeria sacrificed her childhood, teen years, and part of her adult life having a go at cracking the code. She walked away from her rare opportunities at friendship, weirding out both teachers and classmates with her obsession for the supernatural and conspiracy theories. Only when her application to a master's degree was almost refused did she realise that she was slowly wasting her life. She couldn't spend the rest of her days staring at the same lines again and again, looking desperately for something that might only exist in her head.

Her parents were not that understanding. After months of tension and endless conflicts, she chose to cut off all ties with them for her own mental health.

After she stopped openly contradicting her teachers on spiritual beings and started seeing a counsellor, Valeria's grades and reputation improved significantly. She graduated in Theology with a specialization in Nature and the Supernatural with flying colours, and began writing her thesis on grimoires and the nature of interactions between humans and Goetic spirits. What neither her parents nor her former teachers (now colleagues) truly understand is that Valeria has absolutely not abandoned her former convictions. Although she no longer speaks about it publicly, she knows that her parents' teachings were true, and that the Veil is real. She's been able to see through it since she was twelve.

Appearance and personality: Valeria is a plain-looking twenty-seven year old woman. While some infernal-blooded members of her family ooze charisma, her lineage left her with several physical flaws that undermined her self-esteem for most of her life and left her passably isolated. Bookish and generally blasée, she's quite familiar with magic, the Veil and what lies beyond it, and she's not unused to witnessing inexplicable events. Though most of her knowledge comes from Anita's notebooks, she can get flashes simply by touching objects that are mysteriously connected to the Veil in some way or another. Her desks are usually covered with seemingly innocent (though often tasteless) trinkets, that only reveal a spark of magic in the right hands. In a world where supernatural creatures have enough political influence to meddle with human lives on a great scale, it is hard to win her trust. Yet, what her shrink would call "paranoia" and "obsessive hoarding" she simply calls carefulness and work-driven collecting.

Build: Probably trained in several Lore skills. Apart rom that, I'm afraid it's still unclear. I still have to decide what would be her secondary stat (besides Intelligence) though. Since she's got a Strength bonus, she could be trained in boxing or another strength-reliant method of combat. Alternatively, I could bump Dexterity and have her being able to shoot a gun, or even change her backstory to make her less awkward if the group needs a face.

Rumour: Since she's a researcher, I guess the details would be pretty flexible. The most probable scenario I can come up with is that she could have easily heard (or most likely read) that the monks were travelling through Italy and followed them to Maine.

I'm open to all advice or modification :) Whatever works best for the party, really!

I wasn't even born in the 80s I'm afraid ^^" But I'm willing to give it a try!

I didn't have the time to start on my character sheet (hope I'll be able to do it this weekend), but oddly enough I wasn't really thinking of a charismatic, Lucifer-type build... I have more of a bookworm in mind :) Possibly a skill monkey rather than a face? The bloodline and class seem pretty flexible, I'll have to look deeper into it to find a build that would work (although, if it doesn't, I'll go with the Face idea).

Thanks a lot, that's very kind! :D If I run into a problem, I'll be sure to do so!

I got it too, though I only had the time to flip through it. It definitely looks interesting! I'm still thinking of playing an occultist, but I'll need to flesh out that idea a bit, especially since I'm not familiar with either the class or the Bloodlines universe.

I'm unfamiliar with Bloodlines, but I've kind of wanted to play a Tiefling occultist, and the universe looks really cool! I need to look at the rules more thoroughly before taking any decision, but I'm certainly dotting for interest!

I've adapted one of my characters for the campaign!

I'll come up with a backstory over the course of the week.

If you see any mistakes, please let me know! :)

“Tiny” Litsy
CN Thief, Human Rogue 1
Background: Street Urchin
Age: 16
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Deity: Cleos

str 10
dex 18
con 12
int 14
wis 12
cha 12

HP 17
AC 18
Perception (Expert) +6
Fort (T) +4
Ref (E) +9
Will (E) +6
Speed 30'
Rapier +7 to hit; 1d6+4p damage; Deadly d8, disarm, Finesse
Shortbow +7 to hit; 1d6+4 p damage; Range 60 ft; Deadly d10

Skills: (7+ 2 Intelligence Bonus)
Acrobatics (T) +7
Athletics (T) +3
Deception (T) +4
Diplomacy (T) +4
Intimidation (T) +4
Lore (Underworld, T) +5
Performance (T) +4
Religion (T) +5
Society (T) +5
Stealth (T) +7
Survival (T) +4
Thievery (T) + 7

Languages: Common, Celestial, Infernal

Simple Weapons (T) (+ rapier, sap, shortbow, shortsword)
Unarmed Strike (T)
Weapon Finesse
Sneak Attack
Surprise Attack

Light Armor (T)
Unarmored Defense (T)

Class Features:
Class DC (T): 17

*Ancestry: Haughty Obstinacy: Your powerful ego makes it harder for others to order you around. If you roll a success on a saving throw against a mental effect that attempts to directly control your actions, you critically succeed instead. If a creature rolls a failure on a check to Coerce you using Intimidation, it gets a critical failure instead (so it can’t try to Coerce you again for 1 week).

*Class: Nimble Dodge (+2 AC to dodge if you can see the attack)

*General: Incredible Initiative (+2 Bonus)

*Skill: Pickpocket, Hobnobber

Equipment: 4 gp, 8 sp
Maximum Bulk: 5
Current Bulk: 4. 4

Leather Armor 2 gp Bulk: 1
Shortsword 9 sp Bulk: L
Shortbow 3 gp Bulk: 1
10 arrows 1 sp bulk: L
10 arrows 1 sp Bulk: L
Explorer’s Clothing 1 sp Bulk: /
Thieves’ tools 3 gp Bulk: L
Adventurer's Pack 7 sp Bulk: 2
Lesser Elixir of Life, 3 gp Bulk: /

Apparently the university is open...

(Sorry to bother you with that by the way, I'm just not used to American holidays yet...)

But the neighbours are partying every night and I'm so tired :'(

PaleDim wrote:

Oh hello!

Now that we have a long weekend (at least in the US), I expect to get back to this and actually flesh out a couple of concepts

Oh yeah, it's Labor Day on Monday, isn't it?

Are all universities closed on Labor Day? I'm in Indiana and I'm trying to figure out whether I have to stay in bed or not on Monday...


I'm sorry my character is taking a little long... I just went back to university, and it's like everything is happening at once!

I'll finish the details and write the backstory whenever I can catch a break

Have a nice game!

Good luck everyone!

I'm building my Skill Monkey Rogue, but I'm a little confused by the skill system... At level 1, I can either select a new skill to be Trained in, or increase my proficiency from Trained to Expert in one skill, is that correct?

When my character is an Expert in one domain (such as Perception), they get a +4 Bonus?

Sorry to ask, it's the first time I'm building a character using PF2 ^^"

Oh, hello PaleDim! :D Nice to see you again!

Interesting! I'll think of a character in the following days... Probably a rogue but I need to get familiar with the rules first! Do we take traits to create characters?

Hi! I'm interested and I'd like to apply!

"What is your experience with roleplaying games and, in particular, the play-by-post format?"
I was introduced to roleplaying game by my dad. Since we lived in a small village, I never had the opportunity to play with a team until I joined Paizo when I was still in high school. I played for a couple of years and had to go on a three-year hiatus after getting my bachelor's degree because I no longer had the time to play. Now that my life has calmed down (and my English has improved), I've returned on Paizo and been playing for a year. I definitely wouldn't call myself an experienced player, especially since I'm only twenty-one, but I'm used to Paizo and its functioning.
I've not been very lucky in terms of games, and all my campaigns so far have sizzled out (sometimes very quickly) before we could finish. I've never played the Crypt of the Everflame module, but I'm more than eager to finish a game.

"What is your favourite character class?"
I don't really have one. I would say I am the least familiar with profane spellcasting classes, but I wouldn't mind trying one if I can come up with a character I'll have fun playing. I've played a couple rogues and a bunch of divine spellcasters, but I prioritize variety in the characters I'm currently playing, and tend to choose my class accordingly.

"What is your favourite race?"
I'm afraid I don't really have one either! Humans are certainly the easiest to play seeing how flexible they are class-wise, but roleplaying a character with a completely different outlook on life is so fun! I guess my answer would be the same as above: I tend to privilege variety in playing because I don't like to get stuck in the same role in different games.

"What do you expect from this game?"
I'd say I have a penchant for storytelling and character dialogues. I enjoy to watch characters in the team bounce off each other and find their dynamic, and I like compelling narratives and worldbuilding. But mostly I'm here for the fun, and to hang out with nice people! (no pressure! :P)

"A brief writing example (a character background, an original story, a post in another gameplay thread)"
Here's the background for my character Linge Hagebak, druidess for the campaign Reign of Winter:

When they decide to start a family, most couples settle down in a cozy little nest, protected by relatives and friends. But like migratory birds, Joakim and Ranna Hagebak were always on the move, as Joakim’s job as a shipmate prevented them from staying in one place for more than a few months. Linge spent her early childhood watching the waves, feeding seagulls, and quietly listening to her mother’s soothing lullabies at nights, undisturbed by the other sailors who rarely joined in her games. Unfortunately, her parents’ marriage crumbled when she was twelve, as Ranna was obsessed with continuing their journey further down South. After one too many a row, Joakim went out for a drink in Oppara, never to come back. Ranna and her daughter were back on the road.
The following years were especially lonely. Despite Ranna’s job as a healer, people had always been distrustful of the tall, somber-looking woman whose eyes were of an icy blue, and whose strange, foreign accent had never completely left. There was sorcellery in her skills and pagan jewellery, callousness in her detached attitude. Rumours had it that she was a witch or a werewolf, and Linge found more comfort and kindness in the company of dogs, cats and chickens than of children her own age. To her great shame, she even started to become wary of Ranna’s silence and secrets, her inexplicable aversion to cold which could leave her in a state of extreme apathy during winter. Joakim’s stories about kings defeating dragon-like creatures to earn their crown were epic and rarely scary. Ranna’s dark, twisted fairy tales about little girls running away from swarms of living doll in a land of ice and marrying princes from other countries to live in an eternal summer were as fascinating as they were morbid. While taking care of crops, beasts and people, benefitting from her mother’s teaching, Linge secretly and guiltily dreamed of leaving her behind.
It all changed, however, when mother and daughter reached the small village of Heldren. Suddenly and surprisingly, Ranna finally seemed to settle down for good, and the tensions between her and Linge progressively eased. The young woman managed to get a job from the apothecary, and, despite the odd looks she was still getting from the villagers, she no longer heard any comments on her « evil » witchcraft. In the Border Woods, she found a peaceful, quiet natural space that she loved to explore -and when, one day, she returned home with a famished, orphaned white bear cub in her arms and a guilty look on her face, her mother only chuckled. Then, not even three years after their arrival, Ranna’s health started to decline. No longer capable of preparing basic medicine, forgetting meals on the stove and subjected to delirium, she was bedridden. An unexpectedly cold winter only made matters worse, and her sanity slipped further away. Not only did she constantly complain about being cold, and kept the curtains of her room permanently closed, she also started to refer to Linge as ‘ little sister ‘, screaming at her to go away one moment, and begging for her forgiveness the next. From what little Linge could gather from her mother’s nonsensical claims, she understood that she was under the strange delusion that Linge was a doll sent to kill her, and that Ranna was scared to death of seeing her appearing at the window. On an exceptionally cold night, her delirious rambles lasted for several hours, until she took Linge’s hand in her own, apologising about letting her ‘wander off’, and asking her ‘why she had to do that to Mom and Dad’ who ‘looked for her everywhere’, before breaking into heartwrenching sobs. She was buried in the forest before the first snowflakes. In Linge’s room, the curtains remain closed.
Baby, baby, rock-a-bye
Baby, baby, rock-a-bye
On the edge you mustn’t lie
Or the little grey wolf will come
And will nip you on the tum,
And will nip you on the tum
Tug you off into the wood
Underneath the willow-root.

Thanks for your consideration! :)

Dotting for interest!

Helikon wrote:

People so far:

Erica 'Bobbie' Zufan Level 1 Fighter
Bacleive Level 3 Fighter
Felltree Dawnspringer Level 2 Druid
Luke ?
Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti level 1 Wizard

Don't forget Desynthia Medzen too! :)

Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
What level is it for?

Level 1 :)

Yep, just wanted to make sure that it was part of the requirements :)

Desynthia Medzen wrote:

Hi Paffies! I'm willing to join that team, and help you fighting book-eating lions or whatever that may be!

*waves at Ythiel*
To play a Core PFS game you just need to create a first level character using only the Core rulebook (so only the basic races, classes, spells, feats and equipment)

Yeah, I got it! Thanks!

*waves back*

Just one question though: do we have to use Traits?

Thank you! :) I'll try to get it ready for next Wednesday at the very latest, is that okay?

Oh, well -I'll save my concept for later.

I'm thinking of creating a fighter instead, but I've never been in a PFS scenario. Where can I look up the guidelines? :)

Hello! :) I'd like to know if you have a deadline to applications. I'm really interested, and I've had a concept for a Tiefling occultist for quite some time now, but I don't think I can have my character finished by the end of the week because of my work...

I have a busy week ahead, and I don't think I'll be able to have a character ready in time :( My apologies!

I'm afraid I'll have to back out.

I wish everyone a great game!

Since everyone is throwing their ideas, I'm thinking of a Ranger. Battle Scout could have some perks for a Small-sized individual.

Wow, I love that take on Hansel and Gretel! :D

Like theasl, I'm already in a RoW recruitment and waiting for an answer, but it sounds like lots of fun. I'm definitely considering submitting a character.

I've never been a GM, so I don't really have an idea that would affect the game mechanics, but I like Magicblast's idea. Fairy Godmothers are more of a tradition in European fairy tales than in Russian folklore. I tmakes me think of a "cultural clash" between the fairy tales that Taldan children would have grown up with, and their darker, more morbid Irrisen counterpart.

Sorry to ask, but I'm working on my crunch, and I've got a couple questions. How much gold are we allowed exactly? Does the "extra feat" rule still applies? And do we have to choose traits?

Thank you in advance!

Got it. My character will be one of the Branstons' sons.

Thanks! Would a Wood Oracle be okay?

I'm interested. Can I still apply or isn't there any room left?

Sounds really interesting. I could try to rewrite my barbarian Orc to fit in the campaign -but I'm ready to make another character if needed.

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I'm definitely interested, although I'd have to create a new character. I don't think anyone submitted a healer yet, so I'll work on that. I'll try to submit something today or tomorrow, if that's okay?

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