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Primary PC's

Daniel Thrace: My first PFS character, a friendly but tough Half-Orc (Ranged Ranger).

Hamish: A strict follower of Pharasma who likes to get up in the face of his enemies (Melee Bard).

Dexter & Salazar: A no-nonsense Gnome who follows reason and merely wants a sustainable balance between nature and progress (Support Druid). Salazar is his boar companion (Melee Tank).

John Carlos: Stuck with more Charisma than sense, John likes to mix it up with the big boys (Melee Sorcerer/Face).

Kaya Leafwing: My first Core character, Kaya is a friendly outgoing Halfling who has seen a good deal of sad things in her short career, but always hopes for the best (Versatile Wizard).

Ibinu: My most prolific poster in a home-brew game. Has had a significant amount of character development through his short time playing (Alchemist).

Khargrom Shadowband: Core Rogue, pretty dwarfy but still sneaky. Has been getting a good chunk of play time lately.

Alejandro Carlos: First SFS Character. Descendant of John Carlos, though has both the Charisma and the Smarts enough to stay at range when he fights.

Hef Sadir: Second SFS Character. Considers himself a protector of his fellow Starfinders and likes to mix it up in melee.