A Tiny Part Of The Dimension Wars (Interdimensional Spy Follies

Game Master GM Hansj

You: hardened, experienced agents of an ad-hoc group of wizards, priests and occultist, known only as "The Organization". You act to stop plane-destroying effects such as those unleashed by the mysterious and sinister Dark Traders.

Current Location: Journeying from Gamjee Town to the area inhabited by the mysterious Cucurai. Towards end of the third days in, but having made good time, at the Crystal Forest.

Leander's way points:
1) A lookout in hill, showing a wide area, 2 days along
2) The Crystal Forrest, 4 days along
3) Oil Flats, 5 days along
4) A matrix of caves, 8 days along
5) Mornette Flowers, 11 days along
6) Valley of Mists 13 days along
7) The Cucurai's home, 14 days along

Final Goal:
Discover the relation between the Cucurai and a mysterious book describing the Dark Traders' "seeding" of various planes.

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Acro +29|Bluff +27|Diplo +43|Handle +38|Intim. +23|Kn. Nat +24|Percept. +26|Perf. (wind) +38|SM +16|Stealth +17|Surv. 14
Satyr|DR 5/cold iron, Resist Negative Energy, Cold, and Electricity 10|Fast Healing 10|F +10, R +14, W +14 Bard/7th|HP 263/263|AC 30 (14 T, 26 FF)|Channel energy 6d6 11/13x/day|Bardic Performance 14/14 rd./day

Reflex: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (11) + 14 = 25

M Pseudodragon Unchained Rogue (Counterfeit Mage) 10 Hedgewitch 2 | HP 102/102 | AC: 29 T: 22 Fl: 21 | CMB: +15 CMD: 28 | F +9 R +20 W +12 | Init +7 | Perc: +18, Blindsense 60' | SR 24 | Spell Points: 16/16 | Inspiration 4/4 | Guile 4/4 | Current Effects:

Terexaltherin is all too happy to get big again. You're fortunate that I'm fine with letting people ride when I'm like this. Most dragons would insist on carrying you in their claws, he jokes in response to Leander's question, as he crouches down to accept riders. I could probably pull Eruander like this, too. Rollo, I'm not sure an ice bridge would count for 'not touching anything', so flying may still be safer.

Unless anyone argues otherwise, he then takes to the air, nimbly navigating the dreamscape's airspace.

Reflex: 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (15) + 20 = 35 Though he might get penalties for being larger than normal

Human | Resource Tracker | Shaman 14 | HP 116 / 116 (0 NL) | AC 24; 12tch 24ff | +12fort +9ref +21will |
Bluff +19 | Dip +22 | Heal + 15 | Kn: Arc +18 | Kn: Hist +17 | Kn: Nat +20 | Kn: Pla +21 | Kn: Rel +21 | Perc +25 | SMotive +28 | Splcraft +21 | UMD +19

Reflex: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (13) + 9 = 22

Azzim found it stressful to avoid all the tiny little things in the dream. He looked up into the sky wondering if flying would make it easier...

Is the sky less crowded. If so he'll airwalk. He could also cast wind walk to help others out too if needed.

Gift Elan-Psion [AC 22*/29^ TAC12/19^ FF--] CMD 19/+7CMB|F+12* R+13* W+19*|HP85/85|Init+2|Per+30|SM+20|PP/D172/226|Vis/360/DV 60'/Aura/Mind/Danger Sense 60'

Ref save 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (18) + 13 = 31

Gift sort to fly past anything that could damage them.

She was enjoying this trip and the feeling was new.
She had a smile on her face.

The party member thread their way through the seeming benign landscape, avoiding contact with even the beautiful and friendly butterflies and birds that congregate in various points as well as the fountains that occasionally shoot water high in the air and other unpredictable and seemingly coincidental barriers. It feels a silly charade though occasionally you catch a sight of unsavory things below ground or incorporeal in the air... Rollo's ice bridge provides a means to move through a few area of high wind.

Eventually, you alight on a little landing area next to a door terminating the valley. Leander is smiling once everyone arrives, "This has been my easiest passage through this valley yet. We have avoided potential unpleasantness like what we saw earlier. Thanks and congratulation. Now the way is confusing but safe. I will guide..." and he opens the door and guides the party through a maze of passages, up and down stairs, making a bewilders series of turns and choosing carefully between doors within what seems like a huge and empty underground complex... finally, again having the dreamtime sensation of a long passage of time yet no time passing at all, you come to what looks like a door of translucent gray crystal. Leander makes sure the party is together and says "Our destination, the Cucurai, their dream audience hall. Here you may freely ask questions ... or not. You must form them mentally as images and our hosts project their answer into the world. Their knowledge is vast but they will only answer some things here. Still, they do not seem to begrudge any inquiry... I am going to ask about the strange things we've seen in journey here" and so, stepping through the "door" - which doesn't open but simply becomes permeable, you find yourself in a complex foggy landscape. At first, you seem to be merely in a cloud, then you notice various columns have the aspect of flowers - what seems gray is rainbow hues. And then looking at the flowers, on their "petals" and around them, you see an array of images from your pasts as well as images of things you might be curious about... and thing you imagine might come to pass... The effect is somewhat overwhelming. You have a sensation these things are very aware of you but they makes no direction communication...

So here, you formulate questions as images or not. You can sense Leander is a bit in awe of the Cucurai and so he's optimistic about intentions and the truth of their communication.

Also, you haven't arrived at the Cucurai "for real" but only in their dream audience area. You are close to "for real" - just mentioning this since it might be confusing.

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