A Tiny Part Of The Dimension Wars (Interdimensional Spy Follies

Game Master GM Hansj

You: hardened, experienced agents of an ad-hoc group of wizards, priests and occultist, known only as "The Organization". You act to stop plane-destroying effects such as those unleashed by the mysterious and sinister Dark Traders.

Current Location: Journeying from Gamjee Town to the area inhabited by the mysterious Cucurai. Towards end of the third days in, but having made good time, at the Crystal Forest.

Leander's way points:
1) A lookout in hill, showing a wide area, 2 days along
2) The Crystal Forrest, 4 days along
3) Oil Flats, 5 days along
4) A matrix of caves, 8 days along
5) Mornette Flowers, 11 days along
6) Valley of Mists 13 days along
7) The Cucurai's home, 14 days along

Final Goal:
Discover the relation between the Cucurai and a mysterious book describing the Dark Traders' "seeding" of various planes.

In a multiverse based on the Planescape setting, using PF1 rules, you will be agents of an ad-hoc group of wizards, priests and occultist aiming to stop plane-destroying effects unleashed by the mysterious and sinister Dark Traders. Your employers are sophisticated interdimensional operators who understand many kinds types of magics and technologies operating on a variety of planes. The operation still resembles a group of gentlemen adventurers than a true bureaucracy and you will operate as your own cell, making your own choices on the ground though guided by your mentors/handlers.

Tone: Sometimes cynical but with light showing through, Sometimes dark but with moments of comedy. Moments of tension but lots of times where your characters can relax and blow off steam (as long as you don’t give away secrets). You are here to literally save the world yet no one knows who you are and you’re OK with that. “Rated PG” - adult themes of all sorts are raised but we will speak elliptically about the details.

World: This is homebrew based on the Planescape world. All the parts of the Planescape setting are here, somewhere, in some form. IE, The standard D&D and Pathfinder rule books describing magic, monsters and the Planescape setting actually exist somewhere in this world but they are often unreliable guide for how things really are. Be used to the idea that nothing is guaranteed. The Factions are often talked about. Some groups claim to represent a given Faction and a some groups may actually do so (but neither implies the other).
Most action in this campaign will happen off-Sigil proper and you will likely switch worlds after some period – don’t make your character too terrain or circumstance dependent.

Inspirations: The Black Company series (especially Shadow Linger) by Glen Cooke, Nightwatch/Daywatch Serie Lukyanenko, The Elder Isle series and other works by Jack Vance, The Dark Tower by Stephen King, The War Hound and The World’s Pain by Michael Moorecook.

What will we be doing: Raids, investigation, a bit of exploration, some power-politics/negotiation. As a mix, combat, skills/investigation/exploration/etc and Role playing all going appear and be important (not saying an equal mix but maybe an equal). I will experimenting with a rule mechanic for raids taken from game Blades In The Dark – roll a few dice then step into the parts of the raid you messed-up (usually melee but not always). See preliminary outline here: