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Thanks for selection!

My character, Lucien Reich, is complete.

Character Concept & Backstory:

This character is a Magus with both the Kensai and Bladebound archetypes. The general concept of this character is basically a Blind Magical Samurai. In order to get around his disability, he relies on Blindsense 30 ft and Blindsight 5 ft for close range threats. For threats outside of this range, he relies on the sight of his Black Blade - an intelligent weapon with it's own senses.

His spells focus more on mobility than damage, allowing him to close the distance between opponents that his black blade calls out. His fighting style is mostly about exploiting weaknesses in his opponent's defenses, and creating said weaknesses if none are readily available. He is skilled at Intimidating opponents purely through words alone, simply by analyzing the situation and telling them the likely outcome.

In his free time, he's often found painting portraits of the surrounding landscape. He accomplishes this by having his black blade relay details to him about the scenery, and then attempting to paint what he hears. In a way, this activity is not just a leisure time activity, but in fact another way of training. In this case, the outcome of the painting is a direct result of the strength of the bond and trust between him and his sword.

Of course, he wasn't always blind. He used to have perfect vision. In fact, he used to have a lot of things: a doting wife, two perfect kids, a large house and a ton of money. Lucien Reich is old; in his youth he was an adventurer, as arrogant and cocky as they come. But that all changed when he met Sheila. The girl was a kind barmaid who always had the kindest smile. He fell madly in love with her, and decided to elope with her.

With the money he snagged from his party's loot, he was able to retire and live comfortably with his new wife for the rest of their lives. Or so he thought. 10 years into his retirement, disaster struck. And old enemy he had thought long defeated had somehow managed to return, a powerful masked necromancer by the name of Shao Long.

He struck the tiny town Lucien had been living in with neither warning nor mercy. Within half an hour, almost everyone had died. Lucien had fought bravely, and tried to buy time for his family to escape while he dealt with the necromancer's undead troops, but alas, there was nowhere for them to run to. They were captured, and killed right in front of him.

Lucien's world shattered, right there and then. In his moment of weakness, one of the enemy troops managed to land a decisive blow, blinding him permanently. It was barely a minute more before he had completely ran out of steam, and fell into a state of unconciousness. He doesn't remember what happened next, or how he even managed to survive. He doesn't...but his sword does!

Black Blade's Hidden Secret:
At the moment where Lucien's family were killed and his world shattered, part of Lucien's mind imprinted upon his weapon, and it became a black blade. It attempted to help Lucien fight back, but the mental toll of loosing his family combined with fatigue led to Lucien being blinded and quickly knocked unconscious.

Only the black blade knows what happened next. To it's recollection, the undead soldiers were about to lay the killing blow upon him when they were stopped by none other than the masked Necromancer. Said Necromancer then took off their mask, only to reveal a face very different from the Shao Long in Lucien's memories. Different...but unfortunately very recognizable.

The new Shao Long was a person by the name of Corrin Danez, one of the people who Lucien used to adventure with, before he decided to settle down and retire. Corrin kneeled down over Lucien's unconscious body and whispered, "Now you know how it feels to lose everything. I want you to live with that."

After that, the Corrin put back on their mask and stood up. With a snap of their fingers, the fake necromancer and it's monster army was gone, leaving nothing more than ruins in their wake. Ruins, and Lucien Reich.


The Black Blade never told Lucien what occurred on that day. But it did help him adjust to being blind, and it helped him hone both his body and his mind. Under it's tutelage, Lucien reached heights of magical power he previously never thought possible. But it was never enough. From that day on, Lucien devoted himself entirely towards 2 things - the reconstruction of the village he called home along with the resurrection of his family, and the utter defeat of Shao Long.

Extra things you can use:

-Lucien's Ex-Adventuring Group, the Vorpal Swords. They were a general Cleric, Rogue, Fighter, Wizard party. Lucien, at the time, was the party Fighter.

-Lucien only actually saw/remembered his wife, Sheila, get murdered in front of him. He assumed that his kids were killed too, but between trauma and being blind, it wasn't exactly easy to check. His kids, Zack and Kinessa, may still be alive.

-Lucien doesn't show it much, but underneath his tremendous resolve to push forward for his goals and his now stoic nature, he's also massively depressed. He constantly yearns to see his family again, and on more than one occasion has had thoughts of ending it all so he can go and see his family again, but these are thoughts Lucien generally only keeps to himself.

Flark. Looks like I was too late. And after all that work, too. I thought the deadline was at 7PM EST? Oh well. let me know if somebody drops, I guess.

thank you for your consideration, and good luck to those selected!

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