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Welcome Group 1 to my Moonscar game! You are a rather eclectic group so if you want to start discussing how your going to fit together as a party that would be great.

Remember everyone we are assuming you are an established party. Please keep that in mind when making your final touches to your characters.

I want to start off by asking if your wanting some time to finish up final details and interweave experiences for a few days or do you guys want to jump right into it. I also need to do something real quick so excuse me...1d4 ⇒ 1...interesting. Nothing to worry about....

Ladim I please ask you to not spoil anything from the way I start this because its going to have the same start...not that you remember that long ago lol.

Zefig, Ladim, and Ani please include links to all the spells you know, it makes my job easier when I can just click a link to see what a spell does.


Hello, this looks like it'll be a fun group! It'll probably take me a day or two to get all the spell links together and finalize equipment. If we want to jump in before then, I'll plan on linking to any spells that I may cast in the interim.

As far as party links, I think it makes sense that Claude started out as an adventurer before his military career and kept up the occasion adventure as his career went on.

He worked with quite a few hobgoblin mercenaries during his military campaigning, so I think it could be a very natural link to Rungchak if that's the sort of work he'd take up, maybe even as the occasional specialist when needed for a mission.

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Very excited. I'll make Ani a proper alias and get all the other specifics set asap.

Ani will have looked for new opportunities and groups to work with after she fled her first established group. Would be interested in fleshing out how everyone met and the type of things they had been about prior to the current break before the upcoming adventure.

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Alias created. If profile images get fixed I'm planning on picking the one I used for Sadhvis. Will aim to have the rest of the crunch ready in the next few days.

Happy to start posting before then.

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Hey folks! Rungchak here. I like the idea of Rungchak knowing Claude through mercenary work. When not with the party he generally works alone, but he’s certainly a specialist. I’ll get the alias set up later today, and probably finish my stats tomorrow.

Interesting coincidence, my original idea for the game was a lunar oracle/mooncursed barbarian/rage prophet almost identical to Ani.

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@DM Mathpro
Thoughts on wild magic armor property applying to beast shape?

May not be a big deal as it might be better to have Ani favor healing / buffing others. Seems like Claude is combat focused.

@Simeon I saw another oracle / barb in the recruitment thread. Didn't realize it was you. Would welcome your thoughts as I flesh out Ani's build. I gravitated toward the combo for the RP potential so I imagine you may have some solid crunch ideas.

Seems Ani could have been introduced to Claude through her dwarven friend Grimsby who tends toward mercenary work. Unlikely Grimsby would have associated with Rungchak, but Ani would not share his qualms.

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Alias is created, still got about 60k gold kickin around. I want to save 1.5k for equipment, but I’m a bit stumped what to buy.

Hey sorry for the lack of posts...I have some sort of mix between a cold and the flu. Had a 103.4 degree fever.

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Woah. Take it easy. No worries.

Hey guys, I'm back on my feet just going to be a bit trying to catch up on posts. Sorry again for the delay. I'll hopefully get the gameplay thread up sometime before I leave work in 4.5 hours.

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Glad you're feeling better.

Gameplay is life guys. zefig I took a little creative freedom with your background, if its to much please let me know. I usually PM players to get their okay before taking such dramatic privileges but with me being sick...I hope you are cool with it.


That's certainly motivation to get moving! Sorry I've been lax in getting my profile up, I've got a bit of time over the next few days that I can work on that, but worst case I'll get the full profile up this weekend.

Glad you're feeling better Mathpro!

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I too still have profile updates. Just figured I'd post in game play incase others are in a position to RP a bit. I got spells up and am working on links. Gear is close. Hope to have things all set by the weekend.

Feel free to role play for a bit in the gameplay thread. No need for completed aliases right now.

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Busy few days. I’ll get my alias set up and pop in tonight.

I PM'ed our sorcerer that never reported to the discussion thread so we'll see if we can get him to post.

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Hey there!

Incredibly sorry about this, I could've sworn that I didn't see my name in the recruitment. Post coming up as soon as I'm back from work!

Male Human Tattooed Sorcerer 3 | HP 26/26 | AC 12(20), T 12(20) FF 10(18) | Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +3 | CMD 11 | Init +6 | Perception +1(With Familiar nearby)

Spells will be coming later tonight! (Possibly Greater) Teleport is there, surprisingly enough.

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Keep forgetting to ask. Was looking at taking the drawback burned as it fits well with backstory and picking up stargazer, but its a regional trait that may not fit with what you've got in mind DM. What are your thoughts?

Should have spell links finished today. Double checking my gear math and need to roll hp yet.

Ani Lucna wrote:

Keep forgetting to ask. Was looking at taking the drawback burned as it fits well with backstory and picking up stargazer, but its a regional trait that may not fit with what you've got in mind DM. What are your thoughts?

Should have spell links finished today. Double-checking my gear math and need to roll hp yet.

In the interest of the rule of fun and flavor, I'll allow it.

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Much appreciated. I'll add in traits and such then.

Spells are all linked. Typically I link them in post also, but the full list of spells known by level is in profile spoiler.

So I should have probably asked this earlier but how do you guys want to do combats? I am considering setting something up on roll20 but i've never used it before. Do you think it would speed things up? Otherwise how I usually do things is have you guys post your actions for the round and then I will write up a round summary. It has worked well in the past but I'm wondering if things might run more smoothly on roll20.


I generally use Google Slides for maps, and do what you described for rounds.

Kind of what I'm leaning towards just wanted to get others feed back since we're higher level here and the rounds can get complex.

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I've used both methods (slides and roll20). I find roll20 easier for setup and buddies I know like the mobile app but I also like free so Google slides has that going for it.

I was originally picturing Claude as Cary Elwes with an enormous moustache when I was creating the character but with this introduction for some reason now I'm seeing him as Keanu Reeves with an enormous moustache.

In terms of combat, I've mostly been fine with using google slides in the past. I'm up for trying roll20 but I've never used the app before.

Hey guys just wanted to pop by with a bit of an update. I ended up being gifted a day off today so I won't be able to advance the story til tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for your patience.

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Thanks for the update. That's how I felt this weekend with the great weather.

Hey guys just a heads up I have a real life game that I'm DMing today so I won't be on much. We're tackling book 2 of Rise of the Runelords with a wizard, a bard, an oracle, and a bloodrager...this should be interesting.

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Any updates? Hope you all are ok.

I'm doing fine. Mainly just waiting to see if Mathpro is still around.

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