2-12 Colossus Heist

Game Master DoubleGold


Tags: Acquisitive, Vehicle
Tiers: 7-8, 9-10

Sign-up available now. Game starts in a few days.


Sounds great to me. Sign me up! Level 7 Envoy. Let me know what thread to dot in at.

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

My level 8 operative would be interested!


I have to update her alias, but I can play with Gidget, my level 9 soldier.


Okay, I have her updated.


Level 8 Solarion here!


Level 8 Operative, ready to go!

Go ahead in and introduce yourselves, I'm still accepting recruits as both my 2-3 games haven't ended yet.


Level 8 Operative interested, though I'd need to be done prior to my next IRL high level Starfinder game, scheduled for May 12th. If there's still space, let me know and I'll get this alias updated this weekend.

2 and a half months. Most likely we will be done by then, go ahead and dot in.

Update: This game will officially start Tuesday. You can still roleplay among each other in gameplay if you want.

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