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This is the third table for Chillblames Against the Giants campaign. Only those that have previously submitted characters will be approved.

This is the third table for Chillblames Against the Giants campaign. Only those that have previously submitted characters will be approved.

I will be using the same basic rules as Chilly to keep it consistent but otherwise it will be my game. Recruitment will be fairly short but at least until after the weekend because I need to get all the game note from Chillblame IRL.

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Plus one extra
Karl Darkhunter
Human, male, Sacred Huntsman of Ehlonna 7
Strength 14
Dexterity 21
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 12


Initiative +6
Hp 49
BA +5
CMB +6
Longbow +11 1d8+3
Pt blank shot, precise shot
Morning star +8 1d8+2
Dagger +7 1d4+2


AC 20 TAC 17 FFAC 16
CMD 15
Fort +7 Ref +8 Will +9
+1 will vs evil spellcasters


Point blank shot
Precise shot
Deadly aim
WF longbow
Rapid shot
Distracting charge
Coordinated shot


Armour expert: -1 to armour check penalty
Schooled inquisitor: +2 to know planes and know religion to ID creatures


+5 Bluff 1+1+3
+5 Climb 1+1+3
+10 Craft (bower/fletcher) 7+1+3 (background)
+5 Diplomacy 1+1+3
+8 Heal 3+2+3
+14 Intimidate 7+1+3+3
+7 Know arcana 1+1+3+2
+9 Know dungeoneering 3+1+3+2
+ 8 Know history 7+1 (background)
+7 Know nature 1+1+3+2
+13 Know planes 7+1+3+2 (+2 to id)
+13 Know religion 7+1+3+2 (+2 to id)
+12 Perception 7+2+3
+8 Ride 1+4+3
+12 Sense motive 4+2+3+3
+2 Spellcraft 0+1+1
+11 Stealth 4+4+3
+12 Survival 7+2+3 (+3 on track)
+2 Swim 1+1

Class abilities:

Domain (good)
Monster lore
Stern gaze: +3 intimidate
Hunters tactics: teamwork feats automatically apply to companion
Animal focus: aspect of animal as a swift action inquisitor only
Detect alignment: 60’ range
Cunning initiative: add wis bonus to initiative
Track: +1/2 level to track rolls (+3)
Teamwork feat x2
Bane: +2 attack/damage +2d6
Discern lies
Animal companion
Str 24 Dex 12 Con 20 Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 3
Fort +10 Ref +6 will +2 (+4 vs enchantment)
Mv 30 feet
Initiative +1
HD 6 (HP 66)
Gore +12 2d8+7
AC 25
Share spells
+5 natural armour
Skills survival +7
Feats Toughness, WF gore, natural armour
Low light vision, scent, powerful charge (2d8), trample
Tricks track, guard, attack
Studded leather

Lv 0 detect magic, light, guidance, resistance, disrupt undead, read magic
Lv1 (5/day) deadeyes lore, true strike, cure ligh wounds, sanctuary, bless
Lv2 (4/day) Weapon of awe, bloodhound, consecrate, sacred bond
Lv3 (2/day) prayer, magic vestment


+2 circlet of wisdom 4000
+2 belt of Physical might Strength and Dex 10000
Handy haversack 2000

Longbow str 14 +1 2500
Ring of protection +1 2000
Wand of cure light wounds x50 750
30 arrows and quiver 1.5
10 cold iron arrows 1
Mithril Chain shirt +1 2000
Cloak of resistance +1 500
Cold iron morning star 16
Dagger 2
Inquisitors kit 30
Artisans tools 5
Travellers outfit x2 1
Reversible cloak 1
Scarf 1
Candle rod x3 3
Acid x5 50
Golden bracelet 100
102gp, 5sp (1gp in boot, the rest in pouch)


Karl has lived in Keoland for most of his life, his father bringing him there when he was young. His father told him when he was old enough that his mother had been a witch, and she had fled another more dangerous witch. His father hid Karl and himself to avoid the clash.
As a boy, Karl was involved in the community and became a follower of Ehlonna, the huntsman of the gods. Protector of woodland communities. At first, he thought to become a cleric, but Ehlonna had a different purpose for the young man. When he discovered a young Arsinoitherium, and hand-raised it, naming the beast Tiny, they became close companions. Ehlonna gifted a bond to Karl. So, he became a Huntsman of Ehlonna, a defender and hunter of monsters. Well eventually. He still has much to go. But with his friend Tiny, he is on his way.

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I'll email my various notes if you like.

I'm reusing a profile. All of the stats are in the profile.

Cleric ((Ecclesitheurge) of Istus, 7

Former slave and half-breed (human mutt). Typical negative background for most priests of Istus.

You could argue that his actions in the discussion thread were more Good than Neutral. Thing is, none of those actions really cost Naji anything . . .. There was no inherent sacrifice in how he assisted those around him.

A neutral person can do good acts without changing to good. Neutrality is all about doing what you feel like without imposing upon others, as an evil person might.

By definition (off the top of my head, honestly, been playing the set of systems using the alignment rules for about 40 years, now):

A Good person takes risks and makes sacrifices for the benefit of others without expectation of pay or reward.

An Evil person abuses, manipulates, or kills others for personal benefit (or entertainment) without the need for any other motivation (like they were threatening my sister).

A Neutral person worries about herself and her close associates/family, doing what she must to protect them and keep them safe. Many neutral people will help others in need, but they will not weaken themselves or their close associates in order to do so. They may steal and cause harm to others, but only while trying to meet survival-level needs on Maslow's hierarchy.

I was trying to point out that Naji's behavior in the discussion thread didn't reflect textbook Good behavior.

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Dd everyone who did not get in on the previous two games make it in here?

Looks like not yet. I will be waiting until we know who is still interested before I choose players.

Keeping an eye here. :)

Do we have to apply with the same concept as in the original? Somehow I don't think my ranged character will get picked over chillblame's.

No it's just that the original people that submitted characters get priority.

resubmitting for consideration.

Still interested with Ebixus

Shae Oakenshield wrote:
Do we have to apply with the same concept as in the original? Somehow I don't think my ranged character will get picked over chillblame's.
Necro All Star wrote:
No it's just that the original people that submitted characters get priority.

Ok, then instead of a ranged warpriest, I think I'll put together the rogue I had initially considered.

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Consider Shareeda still interested, please.

Liberty's Edge

Submitted in Chill's game (Alistair Orm) and still interested, but might submit a different build, if that is ok...something perhaps martial...

Re-submitting this character from Chillblame's GDQ recruitment.

As I said different characters are fine. Just giving first preference to the people that originally applied.

I'm sticking with Dolgrym Giantfoe as my submission.

Liberty's Edge

LOL...ok, I will fill the wizard role, but might make a few alterations to Alistair!

Okay it looks like there are no more people coming across so I will make my selection in the next hour. Please make any more comments or forever hold your peace. lol

Ok then here we go.

  • Karl Darkhunter Inquisitor (Sacred Huntsman) 7
  • Naji bin Caedmon Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) of Istus, 7
  • Alistair Orm evoker 7
  • Ebixus Bloodrager 7
  • Fitzroy Delhume arcane trickster 3/unchained rogue 1/illusionist (deception) 3
  • Dolgrym Giantfoe Ranger 7

Everybody a spellcaster? Interesting.

To some degree. I have made the first post and the first few will be the travel to Istivin and hopefully a little back and forth between the players.

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Always a bridesmaid but never a bride... Oh well, have fun all.

Ugh. Was hoping I'd have time to finish. Guess I should have asked what time zone you were in as it's still the weekend here. :(

Ah sorry. Yeah I'm on AEST the same as Chillblame.

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We live in a international world. Lots of different time zones. Can be confusing

Weird 24 hours. Saw the selection and announcement post as I was putting my phone on the charger and I went to bed. Work. Grocery Shopping afterwards. Made dinner. Played with the grandchildren until their momma got home. Just now getting to look at the messageboards. Will post before I go to bed. I promise.

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