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Now accepting up to six brave Starfinders to assist with possibly delicate situations aboard Absalom Station.

I anticipate getting started on this sometime NEXT week (on or around Monday the 21st). EDIT: Two weeks out might be more realistic with Game Day still going on.

"One of the Society's foremost diplomats is just about to sign a major deal with a visiting alien species. Before the documents can be finalized, the visiting dignitary requests a tour of the station. In order to preserve the Society's negotiations and good standing with this species, the PCs must escort this dignitary across the station and avoid any diplomatic incidents."

Written by Scott Young

Scenario Tags: Repeatable

With game day wrapping up, it may be more realistic to look at two weeks out to get started. That way you can free up a character to play.


What level? I have a 1.2 human exocortex mechanic available.

LolaRuby wrote:
What level? I have a 1.2 human exocortex mechanic available.

It's for level 1-4, so you would fit right in. Not sure yet whether we'll do low or high tier, depends on who wants to play.

I've a level 4 blitz soldier or a level 1 gadgeteer operative. I'd prefer to play within tier, so that would drive my choice.

My gut feeling is to try to keep it low tier. I'm not married to that notion though.


I'd be interested, lvl 1 solarian.

Sounds like we'll almost certainly go for low tier on this. Glad to have you on board Cycle-1.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'd be interested in this. I have a new lvl 1 envoy that I'd like to use.

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

Hi I have this skitty level 2 (Solarian/Mechanic) ready to help!

Alright alright alright! That's 5!

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)

I'd like to join this one, if it starts after the Gameday special wraps up.

I have a soldier I need to get some play-time on.

Grand Lodge

I have a character that could use a run through this.

LolaRuby, Wolffauer, Cycle-1, artjuice, Mich Igan, and Officer Wilson, you're all in.

hustonj and Dax, sit tight, if someone drops this week you can jump in.

I anticipate starting in a week or so. I'll have some instructions in discussion soon.


Sounds good!

Grand Lodge

Understood. Good Gaming!


Artjuice here! That sounds great. I'm looking forward to starting



Howdy everyone. I'll be adding a couple of posts over in discussion later tonight. It will be an opportunity to dot in and introduce your character.

Discussion and game play are now open. I'd like to get things started before the end of the week. Please let me know if there are concerns about character availability, and I'm happy to delay things.

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