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Haven't decided if I'm going to go with this, but I'm considering changing the Hidden Forge clues to hints that Chiselrock is involved with whatever's going on, and then whenever they confront him, he'll point them towards the Hidden Forge. I'd still need to sit and think of exactly what each clue is though.

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I'm going to be starting Book 4 with my group in the next few weeks. As the book has nothing defined for the Hidden Forge clues, I was trying to come up with possible clues they could find during each task. How have other people managed the clues? I'd like to give them actual information each time they find a new clue, but there isn't much to go on.

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Unfortunately, the healer is a divine sorcerer and doesn't have Restore Senses as one of their spontaneous spells. They either have to retrain, wait for a level up, or find someone else to cast it for them at a high enough level to counteract the Eclipse Burst.

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Thank you! That's what I thought, but a few of my players were trying to debate otherwise. Right now, their healer is permanently blinded, which isn't really what they want.

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When a creature critically fails the save for Eclipse Burst, it says that the creature is blinded by the darkness for an unlimited duration. Is this just while they're in the burst of the spell - in which case, how long is the darkness there because there's no duration given for the spell-, or is it a permanent condition until it's dispelled?

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During the authorisation process for the Adventure Path subscription, my card was declined for some reason so the order has remained as pending. I tried buying a society adventure as well and the same card was declined. I've updated my payment settings with a different card, and that one worked for the society adventure, but I can't figure out how to retry payment for the subscription order so that it can be shipped sometime soon.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I enjoyed playing with this group and I'm sorry it's had to come to an end. Thanks for everything and good luck to everyone!

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I'm looking for someone who would want to pick up an in-progress Attack of the Swarm PbP (here). Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to run it, but it would be a shame for the campaign to end when there are so many good players involved.

The campaign is still in the early parts of the first adventure, so whoever takes over has plenty of time to make it their own. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask

As much as I'd love to keep running this AP, it might be a good idea to also look for a new GM. I've been struggling to manage this as well as work and my real-life games, and I've got a long holiday planned later this year that means an increased workload right now and a couple of months down the line where I might have very limited internet access.

I'm so sorry about this! I was really hoping that I could keep this going as I really enjoyed running it before Christmas and I really like the group, I just think it might be better for everyone if someone else took over.

If we can find replacements, I'm happy to keep running this until we find someone else to DM.

@Jerry or @Aygavan, if you want to ask people if they're interested, that would be great!

I understand. It'll be a shame to lose you, but I left it a long time without any communication, so it's completely understandable that you committed to other things. How would you like Leech to be removed from the game?

Hey everyone! Sorry about the radio silence recently. I had a lot less time over Christmas and New Year than I was expecting, and then as soon as I was back at work, I had a big project due (that had been finished pre-Christmas before the higher up's decided they wanted some changes) so it's been chaos getting everything organised and ready. But it's done now! I'll post later today when I'm home from work

Sorry about the lack of posts this week! Work has been very business with advent-related things and now I'm away for the weekend. I'll be back on Monday

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I'm so sorry to hear that. Take as much time as you need

Yeah, that makes sense. Unless any of the squad have any objections to being attuned to, that's fine with me.

Finally got my hands on the Character Operations Manual, so I'm going to be reading through that later today

You can attack a bug thats attached to someone but its as if it has cover, so it has a +4 to its AC.

Don't worry, I'm the same! All my in-person games are 2E so I keep getting things confused. It's a Move action to draw a weapon unless you have the Quick Draw feat.

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I've posted in Gameplay! Let's get started!

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@Ryder, if you keep the concept similar, I'm fine with some rebuilding. If we were further through the AP I'd be more reluctant, but as we haven't even started yet, I don't mind you switching things up a bit if the Character Operations Manual has some good stuff.

Ryder's Additional Rumour:
If Brinnoa falls, SDF command has plans to shower the continent with nuclear bombs, even if civilians and soldiers are caught in the blasts.

Jerry's Additional Rumour:
The majority of the Suskillon government and SDF command have already moved operations off-planet because they estimate that the planet will fall under complete Swarm control in 3 months.

@Jerry, looking at the rules for tents, there's nothing I can see about increasing the bulk when the size is increased, only an increase in price. I looked at a couple of 6-person tents online and they only weigh 13lbs. As long the tent isn't getting ridiculously large, I think it can stay 1 bulk.

Leech's Additional Rumour:
Some have seen a massive, multiheaded creature they say controls the Swarm invasion force. It is the size of a skyscraper and can kill anything within a mile of it using only its mind.

@Aygavan, I've not got a Starfinder subscription so I won't be getting access to the Character Operations Manual until its official release day. How is the final class looking? Is it what you were expecting?

Just a reminder for everyone that I'm planning to start the AP tomorrow. I'll make the first post around 12:00pm GMT. I mentioned at the start of this thread that you can each make an additional check if you want to know further gossip about the Swarm. I figure it'll be neater to do that here than in the gameplay thread.

For any who want to, you can make a DC 10 Culture/Profession (Soldier) check. On a success, I'll give you one more rumour. You might not all get unique information - I'm going to roll on a table for each of you to see what you learn, so some of you might have overheard the same things.

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@Black Dow, if you want to change your primary fighting style, that's fine with me.

No trouble at all! I've set up a gameplay thread for you all. You can start posting there if you want or you can just dot in. Nothing will really be happening until November, so there's no pressure if your characters aren't ready yet.

The Dead Winters of Suskillon are dangerous at the best of times, but this year, the bitter winds and extreme cold were accompanied by the descent of the Swarm. It’s been six months since they first arrived, six months of regular attacks and frequent losses, and the Suskillon Defense Force is struggling to maintain momentum.

Over the past few weeks, Suskillon has been enjoying something of a respite. The Swarm has ceased its near-daily attacks and it’s allowed the SDF time to try and replenish their ranks with any who volunteer. All new recruits and transfers have been assigned to Camp Cavalier, a cluster of red-and-white prefab modules on the frozen crimson sands just outside of Brinnoa. Morale among the newest volunteers is relatively high, which seems to be the norm among those who are new to the military. It’s a stark contrast to the grim attitudes of those who have seen their share of lost battles and lost comrades.

There isn’t the manpower to split the new members of the division into groups based on experience, so the morning’s physical training accommodates both those who have transferred from other military branches and those with little to no military experience. After being dismissed from the training, the recruits have half an hour for lunch before they’re called for target practice. Most of the recruits collect their rations from the camp canteen and then seek out one of the few remaining heaters in order to stay warm while they eat lunch.

Dot in here! If your characters are ready and you want to start posting, go for it! The official start of the AP is still scheduled for November 1st, so until then, the characters can enjoy their lunch breaks.

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@Black Dow, there isn't a standard military outfit any more as it's been too chaotic fighting the Swarm. Armour can be whatever works best for the characters, but soldiers are encouraged to colour them white and red in the winter to help with concealment.

Each soldier gets given an IDENT upon enlisting in the SDF. This doesn't cost you anything but is probably worth adding to your equipment lists. It's a tier 1 computer with two miniaturization upgrades (so negligible bulk) and it holds records, health information, and rank.

Although the SDF can't afford to outfit every soldier, there are a few suggested pieces of equipment if the soldier can afford them: a light source (if needed), clothing to withstand cold weather, and something to help them stay awake on long shifts. The Wake-Up Patch in the Player's Guide could help with this but it is 100 credits.

In this adventure, there's not going to be too many opportunities to rest and there'll be stretches of time where you can't access vendors to buy equipment. Being able to craft your own equipment might be a skill worth looking into, although there won't always be time for crafting.

You're not going to start with a ship in this, so it'll be a while before ship positions are needed, but it's definitely a good idea to discuss it now.

Even if all of you have been in the military for different amounts of time, you've been at the training camp, Camp Cavalier for at least a couple of weeks. Even if you don't know each other well, you'll probably all be familiar with the others, if only because you've seen them in training.

I might be wrong, but I think you can just add background info to an alias the same way as you would a Society character?

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Thank you all so much for your interest! I've spent a long time today trying to pick five as all of your submissions are so good! I've decided on:
Berith "Leech" Dantalion - steinkrug
Ryder Davan - Doctor Mono
Brundus Kadesh - Black Dow
Jerry Rivera - AGamer70
Aygavan Salmain - Simeon

Thank you again for all the great characters. Those who weren't picked, I'll keep you in mind if we end up with any free spaces. For those who were chosen, the discussion thread is now open.

Welcome to Attack of the Swarm! I’m looking forward to starting the campaign. At the moment, I'm planning on starting on November 1st.

As mentioned in the recruitment post, I’m new to DMing PbP games. Once things have started, I’m welcome to feedback about how I’m running things - this is a different medium than I’m used to, so it’ll be a bit of a learning experience.

Before we start, feel free to spend some time discussing your party make-up and your backstories. Camp Cavalier is taking as many recruits as possible, so if you want your characters to be unfamiliar with one another, that works, but depending on how long each of you has been at the Camp, you might have already met in training or maybe some of you even knew each other before signing up.

The player guide (linked above) has information about Suskillon, the Fifth Battalion, and even some SDF slang for you to use. If you could familiarise yourself with that, that would be great! Any questions, you’re welcome to ask me.

As for posting, I’ll be most active between 5pm and 10pm on weekdays (GMT) but I might be able to make shorter posts throughout the day. At weekends, I’m more available in the mornings, but I can be far more flexible. A post each day from you guys would be great, but I understand how things can get busy. If at any point, it looks like you’re going to be unavailable for a while, let me know! I’ll do the same for you.

Finally, each of your characters has heard some Swarm-related gossip during their time at Camp Cavalier. I've included those below. Once gameplay starts, you'll be able to make a check to see if you've heard anything more.

Berith 'Leech' Dantalion's Rumour:

The Swarm are attacking Suskillon because of a rare mineral in the soil that they need to survive.

Ryder Davan's Rumour:

The majority of the Suskillon government and SDF command have already moved operations off-planet because they estimate that the planet will fall under complete Swarm control in 3 months.

Brundus Kadesh's Rumour:

Some have seen a massive, multiheaded creature they say controls the Swarm invasion force. It is the size of a skyscraper and can kill anything within a mile of it using only its mind.

Jerry Rivera's Rumour:

Handfuls of soldiers have been taken alive by the Swarm creatures, and it is said that the Swarm has a way to suck the brains out of a soldier and find out the SDF's tactics and troop sizes.

Aygavan Salmain's Rumour:

Some Swarm components have been acting strangely, and some soldiers think it is because of some kind of psychic energy on Suskillon that is throwing off their hive-mind command structure.

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Thank you all so much for your submissions! These are all so great it's going to be difficult to decide on five of you. I'll have made my decision by the end of the day, so I'll get back to you then

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So far we've got:
steinkrug - Berith "Leech" Dantalion, Biohacker
BlackDow - Brundus Kadesh, Soldier
Doctor Mono - Ryder Davan, Operative
Sha'ir - Bandizyr Rogar, Drone Mechanic
Vrog Skyreaver - Skyreaver, Vanguard
AGamer70 - Envoy

All the submissions look great so far! I said that I'd close the recruitment at 11:59PM today, but as I'll be asleep at that time, I'll still accept any between that time and 7:00AM GMT tomorrow morning.

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Sounds good! I'd love to know more about your character once you've put them together.

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My players rescued the goblins and found Calmont pretty quickly as well. They were eager to head straight to the lower levels to clear out cultists.

I had the goblins forget to tell them where the secret entrance was, so they ended up clearing the whole first level looking for another way down.

It worked out quite well as they spent more time searching rooms that they'd previously rushed through back when they were looking for Calmont. They ended up going back to ask the goblins for help and I had the goblins offer them the rough map of the vaults as an apology for forgetting to tell them the secret entrance.

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AGamer70, I've been reading about similar things myself! My new SFS character is an Envoy, but it's been difficult to find a way to make them more viable in combat. I'm not sure if you can take specialization at level 1, even as a human? I thought it required being level 3 (but correct me if I'm wrong).

As for retraining, I'd be okay with retraining a couple of feats once you got that soldier class at level 4, but they'd still have to be limited by the level you initially were when you took them? I think you could take versatile specialisation at level 3 as an envoy anyway because it just requires being level 3 and having weapon specialisation, unless I'm missing something. So, you'd really only need to retrain the longarm proficiency feat once you got a level in soldier.

It might be worth waiting to see if the Character Operations Manual adds anything to help with combat and Envoys as well? Maybe there'll be something there?

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End of the day GMT. Sorry about that! I forgot the PM.

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I need to sort out my PFS2 character first, but I'd be interested in this. I'll try and have the character figured out later today.

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DoubleGold, there should be more information at the link in the first post. I should have made it more obvious though, so here's the link again.

A Brief Player's Guide

The Fifth Battalion is a division of the Suskillon Defense Force, and was the first troop to respond to the Swarm's attack, leading to them suffering the most casualties and needing to rebuild with new recruits. They're recruiting anyone who can hold a weapon, hoping that they can eventually drive the Swarm back.

Hopefully that helps, but feel free to ask more questions!

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Sorry, but I'd prefer it if you kept to the Starfinder classes. I think Technomancer's get access to a few Telekinetic spells though?

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Doctor Mono, I'm happy for people to use the upcoming classes. Obviously a few things might have to be redone if there are differences between the playtest and the released versions of the class, but I don't imagine we'll have gotten too far into the AP before that happens - if we've even started!

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Thanks for the interest! I've started a recruitment thread with additional details

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“We’re cut off from central command, and reinforcements aren’t coming, so the Fifth Battalion is on its own now. I’m not one for speeches, but it’s time that we check weapons and pray to whatever gods still hold us in their good graces, because this right here - this is the end of the world. The only way that we see another day is if we square up, shoulder to shoulder, and we look the Swarm out there in its bug eyes and in one voice shout, “This is not the day that we die!” Anyone who stands with me on the front line and stares death in the face, I promise you, the rest of your life will be bathed in the glory the likes of which this world has never seen before. So, who’s with me?”

Six months. It’s been six months since the Battle at Stone Sea. Six months since the Swarm touched down on Suskillon and began their consumption of the planet. The Fifth Battalion was closest to the site of contact, and although they were able to hold the Swarm back long enough for other troops to mobilize, they lost many in the fight.

The battle has continued since then, with many lost to both the Swarm and the extreme cold that came with one of Suskillon’s Dead Winters. With the ranks dwindling, the Suskillon Defense Force is recruiting anyone willing to take up arms and face the insects, hoping that when the next battle comes, they’ll have the numbers to turn the tide.

I am looking for a group of 4 - 5 players to take through the Attack of the Swarm Adventure Path. I’ve GMed a few games offline, but this will be my first time running a PbP game, so I’ll be learning as I go. I would like for everyone to post at least once per day, although I understand that people (including me) can get busy. This AP is quite combat-heavy, but there should be plenty of time for RPing as well, and I’m more than willing to step back a bit if RP between the players takes over for a bit.

If you’re interested, I’d like the following information:

  • Character stats - at the very least, the race, class, and theme. Core races are, of course, allowed, and I’ll approve most races from all three Alien Archives, but I’d just like them run by me first. As for the upcoming classes in the COG, I’m happy for characters to be any of those classes based on the playtest so long as they’ll be converted to the final versions once the book is released.
  • An idea of the character’s backstory and personality (and maybe appearance if you’ve decided on that). A paragraph or two would be appreciated, but I’m fine with an outline as I know how sometimes characters don’t always end up with the personality you initially planned! If you can write a paragraph though, it’d be nice to see your writing style. The main thing I’m looking for is what reasons your character has for joining the Fifth Battalion.
  • Preferred role in starship combat.

    The first book of the AP contains a section with information for the players, which can be read here. Once players have been selected, I’ll give you time to adjust your characters if you want to make sure the party has knowledge skills and starship roles better covered.

    You don’t need to have any equipment sorted yet, but for those who like getting equipment sorted as part of the character creation process, your character should be equipped for war. This adventure path will contain extended periods outdoors and the occasional long march. The technological and personal items in the short player guide are available as starting equipment if you can afford it. As far as I know, the Bug Snare item is meant to be a level 2 item, not a level 10 one.

    This part of the adventure path has only a few opportunities to rest and there will be stretches of time when you won’t have access to vendors to buy equipment or have the time to craft items. It might be worth considering taking ranks in Engineering or Mysticism to make sure you can craft the items you want.

    I’ll keep recruitment open from now until 11:59 GMT on October 25th, with gameplay planned to start at the beginning of November. If I get more players than needed applying, I will look at the character’s backstories to make my decision, as well as considering party balance if the decision is difficult. Being new to Starfinder or to PbP isn’t an issue, so don’t let that dissuade you!

    There’s no need to make an alias yet, but please keep your character details all in one place as much as possible.

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    I don't think we'll start the AP until the start of November, so that there's time for submissions and then for the player's to adjust characters a bit once they know the party make up. I looked at the playtest very briefly when it came out, so I'm not super familiar with the new classes, but I'm happy with people choosing one of those with plans to convert once the book is out.

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    Simeon wrote:
    Hell yeah! I’ve skimmed through the first book of the AP, if that’s a problem. Otherwise, I’m completely down.

    I don't mind at all that you've skimmed through the book as long as any character you make doesn't also seem like they've seen the book!

    I'm going to leave it until 12pm (GMT) tomorrow to open an actual recruitment thread, but with four people interested so far, I'm going to go ahead and run it. I'll provide more information for character creation etc tomorrow, but if you have any questions before then, I'm happy to answer!

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    I’ve been a GM for my friends for a few years now, starting with 5E and then moving from that to Starfinder, and from that to Pathfinder 2E. Unfortunately, most of my friends don’t have the time or interest in sci-fi to maintain both a 2E campaign and a Starfinder campaign. I’ve been missing the system, so I was wondering if people would be interested in a PbP Attack of the Swarm campaign?

    I’ve played in a couple of PbP society games, but DMing a PbP game would be a new experience for me. I’m based in the UK so my posts will be between 8am BST and 11pm BST (but most likely in the later hours of my day), but any time zone is welcome.

    I work full-time, so I’ll usually post once a day, more on days when I have more time. As for players, once a day would be good, but I don’t mind that much as long as no one is really holding things up.

    This game would be open to everyone, regardless of how new they are to PbP games (or to Starfinder). I’ve seen how difficult it can get to get a place in a PbP campaign. However, I would probably limit the number of players to five, if I even managed to get that much interest. If I got more than five people interested, I’d choose the group based on their backstory ideas, although I wouldn’t expect too much depth at the start of a campaign.

    If there’s enough interest for this to be feasible, I’ll post with more details about the campaign background and information for character creation.

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    I'd be interested in this. I have a new lvl 1 envoy that I'd like to use.

    Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

    I'd need to make a PFS character first, but I'd be interested in joining this whenever it's no longer postponed.

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    Rysky wrote:
    artjuice wrote:
    I was just rereading the Breachill Gazetteer and I'm slightly confused about the dates. It says in the Town History, the Player's Guide, and the Campaign Timeline that Breachill was founded in 4520 AR but then it also says that as a town, it is just shy of 170 years old. I thought the current date was meant to be 4719 AR, which is one year off being 200 years old. Is it meant to be 200?
    Does that take into account the amnesia bit?

    I think so? The timeline at the back says Mengkare leaves Breachill in 4521, and they definitely have records of all that.

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    I was just rereading the Breachill Gazetteer and I'm slightly confused about the dates. It says in the Town History, the Player's Guide, and the Campaign Timeline that Breachill was founded in 4520 AR but then it also says that as a town, it is just shy of 170 years old. I thought the current date was meant to be 4719 AR, which is one year off being 200 years old. Is it meant to be 200?

    Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

    This has been solved now. Thanks for the help.

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