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Hello, everyone! Character creation guidelines will be placed in the Campaign Info tab here in the near future.

For now, here's our place to get some ideas posted for our upcoming Starfinder campaign.

Evil GM

So I was thinking of one of the following:

  • Elf Soldier dude from the Elven Planet, sleeveless body-jacket/armour, reflective shades, mohawk (bit like the lead singer from Sabaton).
  • Lashunta Soldarion, trained in a remote monastery she got upset when the authorities tried to clamp down on a nearby village and unwisely attacked them. Thus for the sake of her brethren she left and is an outlaw.
  • Human, male mechanic; with a minor psychic gift he bums around the system trying to make ends meet. His natural gifts help, but without a fixed purpose he is drifting...

    Personality-wise: probably all similar (at this stage) Bold, Curious, Agrees to most things and not cautious.

  • I'm leaning towards an Operative, probably Ysoki, and Xeno-Archaeologist theme but I haven't fully decided all the details just yet... Android is also interesting.

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    Still trying to decide if I like the name format on the new sci-fi GM profile, so not locking it in with posts until I'm sure.

    Character Creation:
    *Standard 10-point Ability Score Buy

    *1000 creds for equipment

    *Which of the other PCs (at least one) you know. This does not have to be personally and can be secondhand. Perhaps your aunt recommended the other PC to help you with a job or they are well-known for their skill in an art you wish to commision or you grew up together on that space station over there. Collaboration is anticipated.

    *PM me one secret which if discovered could complicate things for you. E.g. You have a crippling fear of a particular Tiny or Small xeno-creature (this could be a humorously harmless creature or one which would also terrify most people), you have a reputation (celebrated or infamous) which would draw annoying amounts of attention, you have a sibling or other relative who is well-known and to whom you are constantly compared once the relation is discovered, etc., etc.

    *PM me one secret which is the driving force for why your character is not living a quiet life as a moisture farmer on a desert planet (just a cheeky example not a required backstory). E.g. You have committed murder (justified or otherwise) and are now on the run, you have been given or discovered dangerous information or secrets which makes you hunted, you have been given or discovered unique information or secrets which you desire to find/prove, you are not the person you claim to be and being known as that person has a complication or could be dangerous if uncovered, etc., etc.

    How does that sound, everyone? Also, in the Campaign tab.

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    I'm also going to ask for why each of you is currently at the location we're starting the game, but I haven't quite decided which of my current possible starting locations I will choose just yet. Naturally, I can't yet ask why you're there if you don't know where you are!

    I'm there looking for my lost cat, Jonesy.

    OK, thinking damaya lashunta technomancer.

    M Ysoki Operative 1

    Ysoki typically have only a single short name, but Meows suggested the name Kip McGallegar before even knowing he was Ysoki, and it was too good to pass up, that and short punchy names seem to be mostly taken.

    Kip has a knack for getting into places unnoticed, and typically offers his services for hire usually for gathering intel, or infiltration though he's not a bad pilot either. He's not super well known, but it's very possible his name has come up when scouting for a crew for hire, or even that he's been on a job with another PC.

    Female Damaya lashunta Technomancer (phrenic adept) scholar

    Klimma is ready. I will PM the sekrits.

    Did anyone happen to go to a university on Castrovel?

    Fiona, is from one of the smaller city states on Castrovel. At a young age came across one of the ancient teaching temples and spent some time learning with the sages there. Unfortunately she hasn't yet mastered the discipline and focus that the monks require, as shown when she visited a tea house near one of her tribal villages - just as it was being 'shaken down' by Tax Collectors*. Those thugs that survived that day reported to the authorities about Fiona, putting a price on her head.

    I do not see Fiona having lasted a long time at a University, however her curiosity and willingness to learn might have meant she spent a term or 2 there....probably before some big bust up or scandal that caused her to be thrown out.

    *thinking in a classic '70's kung-fu style

    Fiona Foxslip wrote:

    Unfortunately she hasn't yet mastered the discipline and focus that the monks require, as shown when she visited a tea house near one of her tribal villages - just as it was being 'shaken down' by Tax Collectors*. Those thugs that survived that day reported to the authorities about Fiona, putting a price on her head.

    *thinking in a classic '70's kung-fu style

    You mean like in Kill Bill?

    I am DOTTING this aggressively. Still working on my character concept, but it may or may not be a familiar face.

    Aggressive dotting? My hair is standing on end. D:

    Female Helmet Cat

    This is a dot, but a friendly one.

    I may have PDSD.

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    Are there any specific requests regarding tone? My assumption is to treat things as serious and dramatic especially if I cannibalize anything from Grimmerspace.

    If anyone has requests regarding tropes they want to see, science fiction elements they want to explore or specifically avoid; please provide feedback now!

    Obsidian portal game dashboard

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    By the way does the surname work? It's meant to be alliterative, and my initial idea of Foxglove... well....

    Fiona was born in a small settlement in the Castrovel jungle, a close knit community that blended traditional tropics civilisation and technological advances. The exports and products from the region are mainly raw materials and plants gathered from the nearby area.

    When she was a young girl, there was a visiting relative of the chieftain came to the village. Fiona's little brother and her we intrigued by the stranger and his outlandish garb following the man around the village. The stranger performed errands and healed the sick, taking contraptions from his valise bag and in the evening sung skaldic tales with a crystal voice.

    Like the rest of the village her brother was enrapt, ever the bold Fiona snook into the strangers hut and opened his bag of items. The village was drawn to a scream, as they entered the hut they were confronted by a curious vista. A frilled gecko, venom dripping from it's fangs hissed harshly at Fiona, wide-eyed she held out a warning hand to the diminutive predator and before that hand manifested a burning marble of fire.

    The stranger, quick with his wits as his tongue, realised the situation and calmed down his watch-gecko as well as the local girl. And within a trio of seasons, Fiona was enrolled in the mountain monastery from which the Stranger came. Though she had to stay there, she often visited home despite the week long trek through the wildness - for she had learnt some of her parents bush-craft.

    In her late adolescence another pivotal encounter happened, for she was on one of her weekly pilgrimages home after getting into a fight with her knife-fighting mentor. For Fiona hadn't managed to find her centre between Light and Dark, the Void and Creation. Thoroughly annoyed she arrived at the tea-house, greeting Ms. Lam the Ysoki proprietress and requesting her usual vine-drip tea.

    Under the harsh glare of the afternoon sun, Fiona examined her holed shoe whilst slipping on the over-bitter tea. A trio of burly louts walked into the house and immediately started pushing around Ms. Lam their voices raised as they demanded money. Initially Fiona thought to find her centre and ignore such a altercation, even one so close to home, as the monks taught. However as the trio got more fractious, Fiona rose from her stool to try and mediate. It was then that the rangiest of troop pushed Ms Lam into a glass table and all of Fiona's annoyances over-flowed.

    When the red haze subsided Fiona stood over a pair of bloody and burnt corpses, blinking the sweat away. Ms. Lam put a hand on her shoulder and informed her they were "Tax-Men" from the Lord of the neighbouring estate and that they were both in trouble...

    I made my surname Tern so it would be Tern's turn.

    FYI, I started listening to the Androids and Aliens podcast while drawing (I ran out of Glass Cannon podcast eps). While the first episode is all intro, they are making an effort in the second to explain combat rules and use the new Starfinder terminology and point out the differences between Pathfinder and Starfinder.

    I feel like I'm starting to learn Starfinder while also getting these damned orchids finished.

    P.S. - I'm sorry if I didn't correctly link the podcast above. I really don't know how these podcast thingies work. My understanding is that you need to listen on the podcast venue of your choice (I found both GCP and A&A on Google Play, which is nice because I don't want to get any deeper into iTunes.)

    Get off my lawn!

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    PMs have received responses for those from whom I have received them.

    Let me know how you feel about those.

    Anyone else ready?

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    I've also been listening to Androids and Aliens, I just went to the Glass Cannon Podcast site. that way no iTunes, or anything. Their podcasts are great.

    Like you said Treppa listening to them learn the game and talk about rule differences and etc feels like it helps me learn it too, and those guys are a lot of fun.

    I think Fiona is done, I haven't got much equipment. But have a bit of money due to not buying a gun or medipack. (But if it's anything like Kingmaker, better to have spare money)

    OF course, still need to exactly work out relationships. Meows & Leo know each other, so how about Treppa/Mahorfeus/DSX, vaguely know each other?

    Mercurial Game Master

    Regarding the complication, I'm looking more for something that has an immediate effect, an event which immediately triggers a response in either others or your character. An allergy to synthetic cats, recognized by fans/trolls for being well-known, always thinking with your stomach. Just something which doesn't require a lot of story set up or preplanning and could introduce both (but not necessarily at the same time) humorous and temporary negative consequences.

    A good example is a fear of arachnid-shaped things. A humorous response to a spider drone robot or actual spiders in the cargo hold would be harmless, but if that spider drone was there to save the PC's life as they dangled from a cliff or the spiders in the cargo hold are actually Medium sized Spirit Widows capable of sucking out a humanoid's essence, the fear would have a tangible effect on combat...but nothing too serious. I'm not looking to have the effect remove a player from an encounter, just complicate it.

    Just in case anyone was not quite sure what I was thinking on it.

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    Regarding connections:

    As mentioned before the characters do not have to know each other. My goal is to encourage collaboration of why in all of the known systems, your characters happen to be aware of each other or seeking one another out or...well, know each other.

    If you all want to have personal relationships with each other starting out, that's fine of course. I just wanted to ease back on the forced origins there since we're no longer talking a world with traditional methods of slower travel, and different characters' birthplaces could be millions of miles apart. So I'm just shooting for awareness/synergetic reasons to encounter one another.

    Female Human Soldier 1

    I built my character, but I still need to write up a background and everything.

    The profile pic isn't all that representative of what she looks like. She is a bit more plump and also has a warmer presence than this profile person.

    Female Damaya lashunta Technomancer (phrenic adept) scholar

    I am heading for Absalom Station to interview for research internships with the corporation offices there. There's just a small jump from Castrovel to Absalom station, but, if we're not on either of those two places, I could be coming off a gap year in which I traveled around a bit to see the system/galaxy. Now I'm getting down to business and heading to the Station for interviews, returning from wherever.

    For connections, I'd have heard of Fiona after the weird dust-up with the tax collectors. If anyone else traveled, we could have run into each other while I was on gap year travels.

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    And away we go!

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