[Gameday VIII] GM Burd's SFS #1-22 The Protectorate Petition

Game Master Art Burd


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Second Seekers (Jadnura)

M Dwarf Death-Touched Guard Soldier 1: Spd:20, Init:2, EAC:15, KAC:18(22 against bull rush and trip, +4 against giants), SP:10/10, HP:13/13, RP:4/4, Fort:4, Ref:2, Will:3(+2 against poisons and spells), Per:5, Darkvision

I wish I could be a copaxi. Oh, wait, wish granted, sort of. especially since I'm replaying it via SS-JA faction, I know what the boon is obviously


Male CG Halfling Corporate Agent Operative (Spy) 4 | SP 24/24 HP 26/26 | RP 7/7 | EAC 19 KAC 19 | Fort +2; Ref +10(Ev); Will +5, +2 vs Fear | Init: +7 | Perc: +11, SM: +9 | Speed 40ft | Active conditions: None.

While the others are talking to Therseis, Twik goes back to the caves and retrieves their sentient robot friend and tries to sneak it aboard the ship.

Stealth (T10): 10 + 16 = 26

Twik would be happy for Therseis to come back with them as a ambassador. Twik's decision on letting the Copaxi join would depend on what the governments reaction was to being confronted by the knowledge that their secret is out. Do I need to pick one or the other now or can I abstain until later?

It doesn't particularly matter one way or another Twik. Either way you get the same benefits on the chronicle sheet.

You all accept Therseis's request to accompany you back to the Pact Worlds, as well as succeeding at getting Less Than Three onto your ship without any issues. After the short journey back to Absalom Station, you all submit your reports to the Stewards. You are then sent back to Lorespire Complex, where you await being assigned your next mission.

Chronicles will be posted in a few minutes in the Discussion tab.

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