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Full Name

Twik – “The Jack”


| SP 24/24 HP 26/26 | RP 7/7 | EAC 19 KAC 19 | Fort +2; Ref +10(Ev); Will +5, +2 vs Fear | Init: +7 | Perc: +11, SM: +9


| Speed 40ft | Active conditions: None.


Male CG Halfling Corporate Agent Operative (Spy) 4

About Twik – “The Jack”

SFS #127693-702
Male CG Halfling Corporate Agent Operative (Spy) 4
XP 10; Fame 13
Init +7; Perception +11

SP 24 - HP 26 - RP 7
EAC 19 - KAC 19
Fort +3, Ref +10, Will +5
+2 vs Fear

Speed: 40 ft
- Melee –
Survival Knife +8 (1d4 S)

- Ranged -
Tactical Semi-Auto Pistol +9 (1d6+2 P)
Hail Pistol +9 (1d4+2 C&P)
Tactical Diasporan Rifle +8 (1d8+4 F)

- Special -
Trick Attack +17 (Bluff) vs 20+CR (+1d8 & Flatfooted vs Attack)
Trick Attack +16 (Stealth) vs 20+CR (+1d8 & Flatfooted vs Attack)
Trick Attack +12 (Intimidate) vs 20+CR (+1d8 & Flatfooted vs Attack)

Str 9, Dex 20, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 16
BAB +3

Skills & Feats:
Light Armor, Basic Melee Weapons, Small Arms, Sniper Weapons, Skill Focus (Bluff), Skill Focus (Disguise), Weapon Focus (Small Arms), Weapon Specialization (Small Arms, Basic Melee Weapons, Sniper Weapons), Nimble Moves.

Acrobatics +13 (1 Rank + 3 CS +5 Ab Mod +2 Ra +2 OE)
Athletics +7 (1 Rank + 3 CS -1 Ab Mod +2 Ra +2 OE)
Bluff +13 (4 Ranks + 3 CS +3 Ab Mod +3 SF)
Computers +7 (1 Rank + 3 CS +1 Ab Mod +2 OE)
Culture +8 (4 Ranks + 3 CS +1 Ab Mod +2 OE)
Diplomacy +12 (4 Ranks + 3 CS +3 Ab Mod +2 OE)
Disguise +13 (4 Ranks + 3 CS +3 Ab Mod +3 SF )
Engineering +7 (1 Rank + 3 CS +1 Ab Mod +2 OE)
Intimidate +12 (4 Ranks + 3 CS +3 Ab Mod +2 OE)
Medicine +7 (1 Rank + 3 CS +1 Ab Mod +2 OE)
Perception +11 (4 Ranks + 3 CS +0 Ab Mod +2 Ra +2 OE)
Piloting +14 (4 Ranks + 3 CS +5 Ab Mod +2 OE)
Sense Motive +9 (4 Ranks + 3 CS +0 Ab Mod +2 OE)
Sleight of Hand +11 (1 Rank + 3 CS +5 Ab Mod +2 OE)
Stealth +16* (4 Ranks + 3 CS +5 Ab Mod +2 Ra +2 OE)
Survival +7 (2 Rank + 3 CS +0 Ab Mod +2 OE)

~ Vocal Modulator provides a potential additional +2 where relevant

Common, Halfling, Vercite, Brethedan, Castrovelian, Azlanti, Drow

Class Abilities:

Your diverse training as an operative grants you a +1 insight bonus to initiative checks and to skill checks. This bonus increases by 1 at 3rd level and every 4 levels thereafter.

Your specialization represents your primary area of expertise. Pick one specialization upon taking your 1st level of the operative class. Once made, this choice cannot be changed. Descriptions of the specializations appear on page 94. Your specialization grants you the Skill Focus feat (see page 161) in your specialization’s associated skills, and you gain a free skill rank in each of those skills at each operative level (this does not allow you to exceed the maximum number of skill ranks in a single skill).
You can steal or adopt new identities as easily as most people change clothes, allowing you to infiltrate nearly any circle.
Associated Skills: Bluff and Disguise. When you use Bluff to make a trick attack, you gain a +4 bonus to the skill check.

You can trick or startle a foe and then attack when she drops her guard. As a full action, you can move up to your speed. Whether or not you moved, you can then make an attack with a melee weapon with the operative special property or with any small arm. Just before making your attack, attempt a Bluff, Intimidate, or Stealth check with a DC equal to 20 + your target’s CR. If you succeed at the check, you deal 1d4 additional damage and the target is flat-footed. This damage increases to 1d8 at 3rd level, to 3d8 at 5th level, and by an additional 1d8 every 2 levels thereafter. You can’t use this ability with a weapon that has the unwieldy special property or that requires a full action to make a single attack.

When you hit an enemy with a trick attack, you can make the creature flat-footed or off-target until the beginning of your next turn. You might learn exploits that grant you additional options for your debilitating trick, but you can select only one option each time you hit with a trick attack.

Flatfooted & Off Target

Flat-Footed: –2 penalty to your AC and cannot take reactions while flat-footed.
Off-Target: –2 penalty to attack rolls while off-target.

If you succeed at a Reflex save against an effect that normally has a partial effect on a successful save, you instead suffer no effect. You gain this benefit only when unencumbered and wearing light armor or no armor, and you lose the benefit when you are helpless or otherwise unable to move.

When you make a trick attack, if you choose the target of your attack before you move, your movement doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity from that target. When you use your standard action to move, you can choose one creature; you don’t provoke attacks of opportunity from that creature for this movement.

As long as you are unencumbered and wearing light armor or no armor, your land speed increases by 10 feet. At 9th level, your land speed instead increases by 20 feet, and at 15th level, your land speed instead increases by 30 feet.

You gain the Weapon Specialization feat as a bonus feat for each weapon type with which this class grants you proficiency.

You can move through up to 20 feet of difficult terrain each round as if it were normal terrain. This feat allows you to take a guarded step into difficult terrain.

You can create holographic duplicates or psychic projections of yourself that conceal your true location. Once per day as a standard action, you can create 1d4 images of yourself that last for 1 minute per operative level. This ability otherwise functions as mirror image. You can use this exploit an additional time per day at 6th level, and again at 10th level.

Mirror Image

School illusion , Casting Time 1 standard action , Range personal , Duration 1 minute/level
This spell creates a number of illusory doubles of you that inhabit your square. These doubles make it difficult for enemies to precisely locate and attack you.
When you cast mirror image, it creates 1d4 figment images. These images remain in your space and move with you, mimicking your movements, sounds, and actions exactly. Whenever you are attacked or are the target of a spell that requires an attack roll, there is a possibility that the attack targets one of your images instead. If the attack hits, roll randomly to see whether the selected target is real or a figment. If it is a figment, the figment is destroyed. If the attack misses by 5 or less, one of your figments is destroyed by the near miss, and an attack that misses you due to a miss chance also destroys an image. Area spells and effects that don’t require an attack roll affect you normally and don’t destroy any of your figments. Spells with a range of touch are harmlessly discharged if used to destroy a figment. An attacker must be able to see the figments to be fooled. If you are invisible or the attacker is blind, the spell has no effect. Blindsense doesn’t help distinguish the figments from the real you, but blindsight is sufficient to do so.

Theme & Racial Abilities::

THEME KNOWLEDGE: You are deeply connected to the world of corporate culture, and know all the movers and shakers. When attempting a Profession or Culture check to recall knowledge about corporations and their executives, reduce the DC by 5. Diplomacy is a class skill for you, though if it is a class skill from the class you take at 1st level, you instead gain a +1 bonus to Diplomacy checks. In addition, you gain an ability adjustment of +1 to Charisma at character creation.

HALFLING LUCK: Halflings receive a +1 racial bonus to all saving throws. This bonus increases to +3 against fear effects.

KEEN SENSES: Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus to Perception skill checks.

SNEAKY: Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus to Stealth checks. In addition, halflings reduce the penalty for using Stealth while moving by 5, and reduce the Stealth check penalty for sniping by 10.

SURE-FOOTED: Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics skill checks.


Survival Knife ($95, 1d4 S, L B, Analog, Operative)
Tactical Semi-Auto Pistol ($260, 1d6 P, 30 ft range inc, 9 rounds, 1/Shot, Analog, L B)
Hail Pistol – SubZero ($120, 1d4 C&P, 20 ft range inc, 20 charges, 1/Shot, L B)
Tactical Diasporan Rifle ($350, 1d8 F, Range 70 ft.; Critical —, 10 charges; 1/Shot, 1 B, Special: Sniper (250 ft.), unwieldy )
Extra Rounds ($40, 30 rounds, L B)

Second Skin ($250, +1/+2, MD +5, ACP: Nil, Spd Adj: Nil, U Slots: 1, L B)
Lashunta Tempweave, Basic ($1950, +4/+4, MD +5, ACP: Nil, Spd Adj: Nil, U Slots: 1, L B)

Industrial Backpack ($25, 1 B), Travel Clothing ($5, L B), Personal Comm Unit ($7, L B), Disguise Kit ($20, L B) Engineering Kit ($20, L B), Hacking Kit ($20, L B), Navigator’s Tools ($20, L B), Trapsmith’s Tools ($20, L B), Hygiene Kit ($3, 1 B), Starstone Compass ($3, L B), Serum of Healing – Mk 1 ($50, L B), Vocal Modulator, Infrared Sensors, Personal Upgrade – Mk1, Mk 1 Ring of Resistance, Tetrad Certified Translator, Credstick with $5610


Wayfinders 23
Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) 1
Acquisitives 1
Exoguardians 1


1-03 Yesteryear’s Truth
1-Q Into the Unknown (GM)
1-04 Cries from the Drift
1-01 The Commencement
1-10 The Half Alive Streets
1-99 The Scoured Stars Invasion
1-06 A Night in NightArch
1-08 Sanctuary of Drowned Delight
1-15 Save the Renkrodas
1-28 It Rests Beneath

Slotted Boons::

Ally: Gunrunner
Faction: Improved Wayfinders Champion
Personal: Legacy Heritage
Social: First Contact Step In
Starship: Defender of the Fleet
Slotless: Starfinder Insignia, Marked Field Agent

Boon Info::

Wayfinders Champion, Improved (Faction Boon)
Your allegiance with the Wayfinders means you gain personal bonuses for completing related mission objectives, as well as championing the faction.
This Faction boon allows the character to gain Reputation with the Wayfinders faction. A character with this boon slotted at the end of a successfully completed scenario gains Reputation as detailed in the primary and secondary success conditions of that scenario. In addition, once per adventure when you succeed at a Diplomacy or Survival skill check that is written into the adventure, you recover 1 Resolve Point, up to your Resolve Point total.

Personal Boons

Legacy Heritage (Personal Boon) You belong to a species with a legacy that stretches into the long and obscured past of the Golarion System. You may play a character of an uncommon race, beginning at Level 1 as normal. Other than access to this additional race, all character creation rules are the same as those outlined in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide. This Chronicle sheet must be the first chronicle sheet for the given character, and you must bring a copy of one of the rulebooks listed below to all sessions in which you play this character as if access to this race selection were granted by the Additional Resources list.
Allowed Races: Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-Orc or Halfing (Starfinder Core Rulebook 506-511)

Halfling Admittance (Personal Boon; Limited Use): Your efforts on Absalom Station roused the attention of the station’s halfling population. By assisting the halfling Maija and her family, you created a bond between Absalom Station’s halflings and the Starfinder Society. As a result, several halflings have displayed an obvious interest in joining the Society. Select one of the following uses, and cross the other use off this Chronicle sheet.
New Character: You can play a halfling character, beginning at 1st level as normal. Other than access to this additional race, all character creation rules are the same as those outlined in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide. A copy of this Chronicle sheet must be the first Chronicle sheet for the given character.
Existing Halfling: You can apply this boon to an existing halfling character in you have that you earned from another source. You can increase one ability score that is a 14 or lower by 2. Cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet, but keep a copy with the character you apply this change to. A character can earn this benefit from this boon only once.

Starship Boons

Defender of the Fleet (Starship Boon): During the return to the Scoured Stars, you partook in at least one starship combat mission to assist the evacuation of the stranded Starfinders. As a result, your name has spread throughout the engineers and dockmasters of the Starfinder fleet. Whenever you slot this boon, you can pick one of the following options:
Finest Computers: You can improve the computers onboard your starship by one step: from a mononode to a duonode, or from a duonode to a trinode. Alternatively, you can upgrade the computer’s bonus by 1 while this boon is slotted (to a maximum of +8).
Finest Engines: You can increase the speed of your thrusters by one step. For example, T6 thrusters become T8 thrusters. You cannot use this boon to upgrade beyond the fastest thrusters commonly available for your size of starship (so you cannot upgrade past T14, S12, M12, L10, H10, G8 or C8 thrusters.)
Finest Weapons: Each of the weapons on your starship is the best available in the Starfinder fleet. When you roll damage, you can reroll any damage dice with a result of 1 on the die; you must keep the second result.

Automated Defenses (Starship Boon): You defeated one of the orbital defense platforms orbiting the planet Elytrio. The platform contained several unique, albeit technologically outdated, innovations in starship design. The most promising adaptation of the technology is its ability to deter oncoming missiles using miniature automated drones. When you slot this starship boon, once per starship combat, a science officer can reduce the speed of a single tracking weapon fired at your starship by 50% for 1 round. Declare the use of this ability when the enemy weapon is fired but before its gunnery check is attempted. A science officer can spend a Resolve Point to activate this boon again in any subsequent round or encounter. A starship can only be improved by a single copy of this boon.

Hero of the Stars (Starship Boon; Limited Use): You defeated the dreaded Besmaran pirate ship, Lawblight, showcasing your determination during an intense starship combat. This boon activates anytime your starship is reduced to 0 or fewer Hull Points. Your starship immediately regains a number of Hull Points equal to its tier × 5. A starship can never regain more than 30 Hull Points in this manner. A starship can never have more than one of these boons attached to it. When this boon activates, cross it off your Chronicle sheet.

Honorbound Allies (Ally or Starship Boon): During your mission to salvage information from the Struggle’s Scholar, you engaged in an honorable starship duel with a vesk transport, the Honorbound. By following the strictures of the duel, you impressed the captain of the Honorbound, Captain Yuluzak. This boon might have repercussions in future scenarios, which you will be told prior to slotting your boons. Future scenarios calling on this boon will specify if you must slot it as an Ally or Starship boon.

In-the-Vehicle Training (Starship Boon): Hours of traversing Vabaimus’s uneven ground has given you valuable experience when maneuvering a vehicle in dangerous conditions. While operating a vehicle (but not a starship), you increase its EAC, KAC, and hardness by 1. When a vehicle you are operating would be wrecked, you can cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet and attempt a Piloting check; the vehicle is instead reduced to 1 Hit Point and remains operable for a number of rounds equal half the result of your Piloting check unless it is reduced to 0 Hit Points first.

Ally Boons:

Gun Runner (Ally Boon; Limited Use): Your involvement in reacquiring the Society’s stolen drow weapons hasn’t gone unnoticed. As a result, you’ve forged strong relationships with the Starinders responsible for distributing new weapons. While this boon is slotted, you can purchase grenades at a 10% discount. Alternatively, at the end of a scenario when you have this boon slotted, you can permanently cross it of this Chronicle sheet to gain a one-time 20% discount on a single weapon purchase.

Muldoi’s Debt (Ally Boon): During your mission on behalf of the Esowath Conservancy, you rescued the kasatha Muldoi and several people under her care. Muldoi vows to one day repay the debt she owes you. How this influence will play out in the future is not yet clear. You will be told if this boon is important to a future scenario prior to slotting your boons.

Vossi’s Roar (Ally Boon): During your mission to Castrovel, you befriended a massive feathered renkroda named Vossi. Vossi keeps track of you when you return to Ukulam, although he does not show himself. Once during an adventure when you are on Ukulam and have this boon slotted, you can call for Vossi as a move action. When you do, he gives a mighty roar that echoes across the wilderness. All enemies within 120 feet of you gain the cowering condition for 1 round (Will DC 16 negates); this is a mind-affecting, sense dependent fear effect.

Honorbound Allies (Ally or Starship Boon): During your mission to salvage information from the Struggle’s Scholar, you engaged in an honorable starship duel with a vesk transport, the Honorbound. By following the strictures of the duel, you impressed the captain of the Honorbound, Captain Yuluzak. This boon might have repercussions in future scenarios, which you will be told prior to slotting your boons. Future scenarios calling on this boon will specify if you must slot it as an Ally or Starship boon.

Social Boons:

[][][] Faction’s Friend (Social Boon; Limited Use): By assisting various factions of the Starfinder Society, you have proven yourself as a dependable asset. By slotting this boon, if you would fail to earn Fame at the end of an adventure by failing to fulfill a success condition, you can check one of the boxes on this boon. Doing so reminds your current championed faction of your past exploits, and you still earn 1 Reputation (but no Fame) with that faction as if you had successfully fulfilled the condition. You can use this boon only if you would also gain at least 1 XP for completing the adventure.

Friend of the Ghibrani (Social Boon): During your time on Elytrio, you had the opportunity to interact with the two subspecies of the resident ghibrani race: the husks and the membranes. Depending on your interactions, you befriended one or more of these subspecies. This boon might have repercussions in future scenarios, which you will be told of prior to slotting your boons. Your GM will cross out the entry for any subspecies you failed to befriend during this scenario.
- Husk Ghibranis
- Membrane Ghibranis

First Contact Step-In (Social Boon)
When not engaged in field missions, you pore over Wayfinder briefings about various first contact missions.
When an ally fails a skill check during a first contact situation—specifically when encountering a previously undiscovered species—you can spend 1 Resolve Point to immediately attempt the same skill check. If the result of your skill check is greater than your ally’s failed attempt, use your result to determine the outcome. You can use this ability on any skill check so long as it relates to a first contact encounter. A common example would be using skills like Diplomacy or Intimidate on a newly encountered race, but attempting a Computers check to learn from an alien network about a new species would also be appropriate. Exactly when this boon can be used is up to the GM’s discretion.

Trusted by the Conservancy (Social Boon): Your efforts to protect the event sponsored by the Esowath Conservancy are well-known, and Radaszam has arranged for some additional training from Conservancy naturalists at your convenience. When you slot this boon, select either [-]Life Science[/-] or Survival. You gain a circumstance bonus to checks with that skill equal to your current Acquisitives Reputation Tier.

Slotless Boons

Ghibran Linguist (Slotless Boon): So long as you possess this boon, all of your Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild characters have access to the Ghibran language and can select it any time they would learn a new language.

Starfinder Insignia (Slotless Boon): Venture-Captain Arvin presented you with a commemorative insignia in gratitude for your services to the Starfinder Society. Although it appears to be an ordinary medal showing the symbol of the Starfinder Society, this insignia can store as much information as a common tier-1 datapad. Unless told about this secret, a non-Starfinder must succeed at a DC 20 Perception or Sense Motive check to realize the insignia is a storage device. This insignia is worth 0 credits and cannot be sold.

Marked Field Agent (Slotless Boon): Having met the amalgam of intelligences known as Guidance, you have successfully completed your induction into the Starfinder Society. The Society offered you a subdermal implant as part of your commencement. You receive this augmentation for free. If you declined to receive the augmentation, cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet.

Mobile Translator (Slotless Boon)
Your connections with the Wayfinders grant you easier access to a rudimentary translation device useful in first contact situations. You acquire a Tetrad certified translator as if you had purchased it, but you do not need to expend any credits.

Star Sugar Heartlove!!! (Slotless Boon; Limited Use): During your commencement missions, you had the chance to pick up your own copy of the latest album from sugar-pop sensation Strawberry Machine Cake. This album is already a Pact Worlds hit and has quadrupled in price. You can resell the album for 200 credits prior to the start of your next adventure. If you sell the album, cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet. Alternatively, you can decide to keep the album, which might somehow prove useful in the future.

[ ]Souvenir Cestus (Slotless Boon; Limited Use): Vabaimus is home to numerous crest-eaters, and you departed with several of their horns as souvenirs. You can check the box that precedes this boon to use your Downtime to fashion an austere bone cestus (Starfinder Alien Archive 31) at a cost of 120 credits. This cestus has an effective resale value of 60 credits. If you use this boon when you are level 8 or higher, you instead fashion a measured bone cestus as a cost of 1,100
credits and whose effective resale value is 550 credits.

Attack Macro:

[dice=Trick Attack (Intimidate) vs 20+CR]1d20+12[/dice]
[dice=Trick Attack (Stealth) vs 20+CR]1d20+16[/dice]
[dice=Trick Attack (Bluff) vs 20+CR]1d20+17[/dice]
[ooc ]If the Trick Attack succeeds, the target is flatfooted until beginning of my next turn and the bonus damage is applied[/ooc]
[dice=Trick Attack - Pistol vs KAC]1d20+9[/dice]
[dice=TA Damage (Piercing)]1d6+2[/dice]
[dice=TA Bonus Damage]1d8[/dice]