#10-16: What the Helms Hide

Game Master Baerlie

High Tier



[dice=Ini Arin]1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=Ini Mhazruk]1d20+6[/dice]
[dice=Ini Mykel]1d20+6[/dice]
[dice=Ini Pai]1d20+5[/dice]
[dice=Ini Sirius]1d20+5[/dice]
[dice=Ini Tenibri]1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=Ini Erhun]1d20+1[/dice]

Grand Lodge

I'd like to run What the Helms Hide, a 4-quest-scenario for levels 1-5. If you are interested, please drop a post with your character's alias. First come - first served.

I plan to post on daily base, at least one time, more likely a few times a day. GM is based in Central Europe.

I plan to finish this game before Game Day VIII which starts August 26th.

Grand Lodge

interested...have various toons....waiting to see if my lvl 5 gets picked for a game....have a lvl 3 0r lvl 2 ready to go...

Scarab Sages

Here's my Bloodrager level 3.

Got a few other character in level range.

Core or normal?

Dark Archive

Ich frei mich ja narrisch dich mal wieder zu sehen!
Applying with my Occultist Level 3 Sirius

Grand Lodge

I prefer normal.

Ja, ich freu mich auch, hab endlich wieder Zeit :)

The Exchange

This guy would like a job especially if Arin signs up (I assume he will when he wakes up/gets on since he was trying to get on the list for the other one).

Grenadier Alchemist also Level 3.

Grand Lodge

Signups so far:

- grimdog73
- Escharid Blackrose (Erhung Gabarris lvl 3)
- Helikon (Sirius Löwenhaupt lvl 3)
- Agent Eclipse (Mhazruk Kruhl lvl 3)
- (Arin)
- ?

1-2 spots left.

Silver Crusade

I have a couple of 4s with 11 xp that I'd like to get to 5; will choose from them to fit the party composition.

Liberty's Edge

Pai here is a level 4 aerokineticist who would love a crack at this.

Arin (my spouse) says he'd also be happy to join, and will post later today.

The Exchange

I have this mostly-alchemist at 4. He's melee focused, which we seem to have a lot of. For low-tier picks I have 3 level 2's, 2 ranged and one melee, all with some utility. Not much preference whether we're going high or low. Will step down if Arin wants in.

Edit: Ninja'd by Arin's crew! Have a good game, everyone.

Liberty's Edge

ohai (Abyssal):

Oracle 4 here

Liberty's Edge

Clarity: you mention working around the gameday schedule, and so I presume this is a PFS run. Correct?

(you can, after all, just run modules for the heck of it on PbP outside of the PFS :) )

Grand Lodge

Yes, this is a PFS run. The title of this thread changed when I created the campaign as it seems. I had [PFS] written in the recruitment title.

- grimdog73
- Escharid Blackrose (Erhung Gabarris lvl 3)
- Helikon (Sirius Löwenhaupt lvl 3)
- Agent Eclipse (Mhazruk Kruhl lvl 3)
- Pale Dim (Arin Qualnoh)
- Zin Z'arin
- Warah (Pai Shecks)

This means there are seven players, if I counted correctly. Never tried 7 players in PbP, but it's ok for me.

One thing I ask of you: please check in at least once a day during combats to keep things moving. If I did not hear/read anything from you in 24hrs, I'll bot your character.

I'm allowed to run only one game at a time (Online VO restrictions against me) so I really like to finish this before GD VIII.

Agents, please check in in the gameplay thread!

Silver Crusade

Thanks for the game! I don't see a Gameplay thread linked to this recruitment yet.

Silver Crusade

Oracle 4
Aerokineticist 4
Alchemist 3
Occultist 4
Bloodrager 3
grimdog's PC

I had initially mentioned a couple of PCs at 11 xp that I wanted to bring:

Arcanist 4
Witch 4

I'm not sure that those are particularly good fits for this party, though. I have these others that might(?) be better fits:

Investigator/Swashbuckler 3
Warpriest 3

If anybody has a preference, call it out and I'll run with that PC, otherwise, I'll make a gametime decision once the Gameplay thread is live.

Liberty's Edge

Why do you believe those aren't good fits? I don't see any role that we lack right now except pure arcane and maybe pure stealth (which we can do without I think).

The Exchange

I think the witch could be a particularly good fit with the debuffing. As I believe our Bloodrager and Occultist are both frontline capable (iirc Sirius is pretty strong). Arin with support and a grenadier/kineticist pinging from the back.

Tbh the arcanist would be just as great too. Either rounds us out nicely.

Grand Lodge

this is grimdog73's character

Dark Archive

Sirius is a second line melee character with a polearm, but yes build for a major whallop.

Liberty's Edge

This is Zin's PC. I think I must not quite understand the Occultist character class well. I was thinking it was another caster class, filling a similar role to a pure arcane caster.

Due to a recent rebuild, I'm looking for a particular flavor for the witch's next game, and I don't think this one is it, so Tenibri it is.

Thanks for having me; I'll go dot in!

Grand Lodge

Gameplay and discussion threads should be live already.


Dark Archive

Occultist is 6 level caster, so more like an investigator, or inquisitor.

Liberty's Edge

I'm guessing this game is full but on the off chance you have a drop out before the 1st encounter gimme a PM! :)

(I'd be using this character - stats under alias)

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