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Welcome to 1-19 To Conquer the Dragon written by Matt Duval
Scenario Tags: Starship - Levels 5-8
After much negotiating, the Starfinder Society has reached an accord to work with leaders of the Drakelands and Skyfire Mandate on the world of Triaxus. To commemorate this historic achievement, the Society intends to open a new lodge in the settlement of Cumo. However, a recent enemy intends to disrupt the event, and only the PCs stand between this hidden threat and the Society's newest endeavor.

Content in To Conquer the Dragon builds on story elements established in Starfinder Society #1–13: On the Trail of History, however, playing that previous scenario is not required.


An OOC place to present your PCs, and to see if you wish to organize/balance the party, purchase things (like spreading out getting tool kits, library chips...).

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsbo)

A Level 5 Soldier. Might be Level 6 if I get my Dming credits in time.

Grand Lodge

What DM credits do you need?
If you're running the game and are going to finish it, I don't mind if you apply the credit right now, a bit ahead of time (as you wish).

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsbo)

Dead Suns book 3 in campaign mode for SFS credit, but I'm way early for the reporting. Characters are still in section B of the book when I still have yet to do section C.

Grand Lodge

Ah, okay, I thought you meant an SFS Scenario near completion (that might have been pre-reported re. the new rules we've been asked to follow until August).
So, yes, a bit early )))

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A level 6 exocortex mechanic.


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Hey all. Ysoki Ghost Operative here. I need to update my sheet to level 7 here before we start. :D

Grand Lodge

Hello all, and thanks for joining!

So, the team should be:
• Huckle Jim - level 5 soldier (ranged)
• Drackzul - level 6 mechanic (exocortex)
• Mon "Goose" Tavvi - level 7 operative (ghost)
• Id-Sinitis - level 7 mystic (star shaman)


First of all, we shall be playing in lower subtier (5-6)
APL being 5+6+7+7=25 divided by 4 = 6.25 = 6

And I shall be using the 4 player adjustment
(I should remember this, but, if it suddenly seems to harsh, do not hesitate to remind me)

Then you can find the slides here, but also at the very top of these game pages (marked Sideshow Slideshow, beside the link to the sign up sheet (Docking Bay). The link to the slides is also at the very right of the line under my avatar, marked To Conquer the Dragon (so original!). That link beside the avatar shows up in Gameplay and Discussion.

• Slide 2
- You can enter your Perception & Init' info' (to help me make my rolls)
Put your name where it says "dice=c", as in dice=Drackzul
dice=c]d20+x[/dice --> dice=Drackzul]d20+x[/dice
And put your bonus where is says "d20+x" as in d20+8 (or whatever)
dice=c]d20+x[/dice --> dice=Drackzul]d20+8[/dice
- You can also put your minis up on the marching order corridor
(to put your minis, just use the avatar you have for your character, copy it and paste it on the slides, then reduce the size to fit)
If any problems w. this, speak up and I'll help

• Slide 5
- this scenario has the Starship tag, so you can check out the docking bay, and put your name down beside the role you will take (after discussing it here if needed), and you can put your main bonus or whatever beside if you wish

NOTE: the black/grey boxes are to hide what is not being used, to keep some element of surprise

Grand Lodge

Hello all, here we go!
Wishing you a good adventure, can those who have not done so please fill out Slide 2 and enter your Perception & Init' info', as well as putting up your minis up in their marching order.
And on Slide 5 you can put your name down beside the role you will take (after discussing it here if needed), and put your main bonus or whatever beside.

NOTE: I try and put as many links to images and such in the text, which means that the blue links like this are the things to click...

I put Drakzul as an engineer (his specialty), but i'm open to other roles if needed. FYI, Drakzul is a mediocre pilot and a dubious gunner.


Hey all. Here are my options at Starship roles:

+12 Bluff
+3 Diplomacy
+3 Intimidate
+20 Engineering

+13 Gunnery (7 ranks in Piloting + 6 DEX)

+19 Piloting

Science Officer
+18 Computers

I'm good in any of them.


I prefer the Drake as well.

Grand Lodge

Okay, so it seems Drake 100%!
A fitting name, as was noted...
We can sort out the positions as we move on.


Is it too late to join into this game? Lvl 5 Ysoki Envoy?

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