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About GM SFS

What is SFS:
the Core Rulebook (that all should own)

• the current Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide

• the Starfinder FAQ

• the rules

• the additional resources

Starfinder is... fun!

Who is GM SFS:
• My name's Eric, and I live in Paris, France, so I am on Western European time (stuck between those Down Under and the folks Stateside)
• I follow the rules, get them wrong now and then, probably like you, so let's agree to point out what we believe is the law, in a non-adversarial manner, figure out what the book actually says, then move on and have more fun
• I post at least once a day, and warn if I'll be afk
• Please do the same
• IIf something's bothering you, please say so

Why are you here:
To have... FUN!
In order to do so, remember to:
• follow Paizo's stringent Don't be a jerk!™ rule
• post at least once a day, and please warn if not able to (I will try to delay botting but one of my neuroses is seeing games slow down, giving active players the Bored condition...)
• do your best to RP, play your character, and help the group move the story along (by do your best I mean that if you're a beginner, unsure, shy... just try something, you'll see it probably goes better than you thought, and that your friends around this PbP table are benevolent)
• only commit characters you will not soon need to play in some other scenario
• remember to... have fun!

When are we playing (updated June 17, 2019):
• now running 1 game
• should be offering another soon