Chaosorbit's SFS PbP GameDay VII - #1-12: Ashes of Discovery (Inactive)

Game Master Chaosorbit


Starship Rules


Medium explorer
Speed 10; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Drift 1
AC 12; TL 12
HP 55; DT —; CT 11
Shields basic 40 (forward 10, port 10, starboard 10, aft 10)
Attack (Forward) light laser cannon (2d4)
Attack (Port) light laser cannon (2d4)
Attack (Starboard) light laser cannon (2d4)
Attack (Turret) coilgun (4d4)
Power Core Pulse Green (150 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic;
Systems basic medium-range sensors, crew quarters
(good), mk 1 duonode computer, mk 2 armor, mk 2 defenses;
Expansion Bays cargo hold, escape pods, science lab,
tech workshop
Modifiers +1 to any two checks per round, +2
Computers, +1 Piloting; Complement 4–7

Silver Crusade

Please indicated your interest here. I'm recruiting 2 to 4 slots for this scenario.

Looking to run on low subtier.

We will start sometime between Oct 1st and 6th depending on when mustering is complete.

Watch this thread to see who has been chosen.


I'm interested! I built this mystic a while ago on paper, will update here shortly. Hopefully the site will let me pick an image by then.

Liberty's Edge

Hello, I am very interested, and thanks for offering to run the game!
Would be happy to play with a new level 1 if that is okay...
Good game to all in any event.

Silver Crusade

Dr. Buse and Eric sounds good go ahead and sign-in in the discussion thread.

Liberty's Edge

I'll put the character up and sign up with it after work...


Reporting for duty

Silver Crusade

Deloran apologies recruitment is closed on this one.


No problem, thank you

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