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GM W.R. Monger

Hi! Thank you all for joining in with me in this adventure, that might unfold in many ways as we take a look back at an unlikely group of people that history seems to have forgotten or misplaced.

Join me in this adventure through history as we analyze the Zelghast Incident to discover the truth.

Rules for character creation:

Races Allowed: Human, Half-(orc or elf), Aasimar or Tiefling.
Point buy: 30 point
Level: Start at level 2 (Maximum stating gold for your class, not gold per level)
Alignment: All except (CN, NE & CE)
Classes: You cannot multiclass with your first 2 levels you may do so freely afterwards.
Classes: For those that might still change their concepts, the ones with more aptitude strangely enough are the fighters as Mech Pilots, just food for thought.
Language: You all start with Trader's Tongue & Ozmorian + any racial applicable language.
Feats: For purposes of this campaign and give equal chance to all classes you all start with the Mech Operation and Mech Weapon Proficiency. Those that have acces to martial weapons may switch that proficiency for Personal Firearms proficiency and their heavy armor proficiency for Advanced Firearms proficiency. These feats are later discussed further down in this post.

Starting Gear for all Cadets:
Standard Issue Fatigue Uniform (Urban)
Standard Issue Formal Uniform (blue)
Cadet Insignia.
Blue Sapphire stone inside a golden globe that reads Ozmoria Empire (Ozmorian Impero)
Standard Issue Ormis-01 (Pistol)
Standard Issue Streind (Dagger)

Ormis-01 Damage 2d6 20x2, Magazine: 9 box, Range: 40ft, Size: Small, Damage: Ballistic, Weight: 3 lbs
Rate of Fire: Single, Semi-Automatic

Skills This are just


Craft: Armor, Bowmaking, Carpentry, Chemical, Electronic, Explosives, Gemcutting, Glassmaking, Guns, Leatherworking, Masonry, Mechanical, Metalworking, Paint, Papermaking, Potions, Poison, Pottery, Sailmaking, Sculpture, Stoneworking, Structural, Traps, Weaving, Woodworking, Writing.

Knowledge: Arcana, Arts, Behavioral Science, Business, Law, Local, Demolitions, Engineer, Geography, History, Medicine, Nature, Nobility, Planes, Culture, Religion, Research, Streetwise, Tactics, Technology.

Linguistic: Common (nation), Common (Trader’s Tongue), Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Draconic, Druidic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Gnoll, Halfling, Ignan, Infernal, Orcs, Sylvan, Terran, Tribal (Tribe), Undercommon.

Although Dwarfs, elfs, orcs do not exist anymore or are well hidden, many of their texts and other things exists and some people speak it for various reasons.

Ozmorian Standard Mechanized Golem Oz-MG001
This is the standard military model used by Ozmoria. The Ozmoria military upgraded their Standard Issue M.G. with boosters to cover more ground during battle and are more resilient to damage.

You will all have one Mech like this:


HP: 40
Speed: 40 ft
Attack: Slam 1d6+4
AC: 19, Touch 9, Flat-footed 19
Special Qualities: Hardness 10, Armor Bonus 10, Comm., Ejection System, Climate Control, Basic Navigation, Noisy.
Saves: Fort +6
Str 18, Dex 10, Con -

Comm.: Enables communication with allied M.G. up to 60ft and within line of sight.
Ejection System: Swift action to exit the mech.
Climate Control: Can be comfortable in harsh climate.
Basic Navigation: +4 circumstance bonus to navigation checks.
Noisy: Opponents have a +5 circumstance bonus to detect you and you have a -5 circumstance penalty to Stealth.
Boosters:increase the wearer’s base land speed by 10 for up to 10 rounds each day. The speed effect duration need not be consecutive rounds.

Feats specific to this setting


Advanced Firearms Proficiency
Prerequisite: Personal Firearms Proficiency.
Benefit: The character can fire any personal firearm on autofire without penalty (provided, of course, that it has an auto¬fire setting).

Normal: Characters without this feat take a –4 penalty on attack rolls made with personal firearms set on auto¬fire.

Advanced Mecha Operation
You have received advanced training or extensive practice in mech movement.
Prerequisite: Mech Operation.
Benefit: When you are operating a mech of the chosen size, you gain a +1 dodge bonus to Defense. Furthermore, armor penalties for operating the mech are 2 less than they would otherwise be (minimum penalty –0).

Burst Fire
Prerequisites: Wisdom 13, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Advanced Firearms Proficiency.
Benefit: When using an automatic firearm with at least five bullets loaded, the character may fire a short burst as a single attack against a single target. The character receives a –2 penalty on the attack roll, but deals +2 damage.
Firing a burst expends five bullets and can only be done if the weapon has five bullets in it.

Normal: Autofire uses ten bullets, targets a 10-foot-by-10-foot area, and can’t be aimed at a specific target. Without this feat, if a character attempts an autofire attack at a specific target, it simply counts as a normal attack and all the extra bullets are wasted.

Special: If the firearm has a three-round burst setting, firing a burst expends three bullets instead of five and can be used if the weapon has only three bullets in it.

Double Tap
Prerequisites: Dexterity 13, Point Blank Shot.
Benefit: When using a semiautomatic firearm with at least two bullets loaded, the character may fire two bullets as a single attack against a single target. The character receives a –1 penalty on this attack, but deals +1 die of damage with a successful hit. Using this feat fires two bullets and can only be done if the weapon has two bullets in it.

Exotic Firearms Proficiency
Choose a weapon type from the following list: cannons, heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, and rocket launchers.
Prerequisites: Personal Firearms Proficiency, Advanced Firearms Proficiency.
Benefit: The character makes attack rolls with the weapon normally.

Normal: A character who uses a weapon without being proficient with it takes a –4 penalty on attack rolls.

Special: A character can gain this feat as many as four times. Each time a character takes the feat, he or she selects a different weapon group.

Benefit: The character gets a +2 bonus on Craft checks to repair equipment and Knowledge Technology to analyze what needs to be repaired.
Hair Trigger
You have developed a delicate sense of timing, and your area attacks hit your foes when they’re ill-prepared to defend against them.
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +6.
Benefit: Whenever you make an attack from your mecha that requires enemies to make Reflex saving throws, the DC for such saves is increased by +2.

Mecha Operation
You know how to operate a mech.
Benefit: You do not suffer the restrictions on movement and penalties on skill checks for being unfamiliar with mech controls. You can move normally in a mech and generally perform any action as if you weren’t inside a mech, subject to the obvious limitations of size. You threaten areas within your reach even if unarmed.

Normal: Characters without this feat take a –4 penalty on Acrobatics, Climb, Pilot, Escape Artist, and Stealth checks when operating a mech. Furthermore, they cannot run or charge.

Mech Trample
Your mech can knock down and crush opponents.
Prerequisite: Mech Operation, base attack bonus +4.
Benefit: When you attempt to overrun an opponent while operating a mech, the target may not choose to avoid your mech. If your mech knocks down the target, your mech may make one free slam attack against the target, gaining a +4 bonus on the attack roll because the target is prone.

Mecha Weapon Proficiency
You know how to acquire targets and fire your mech’s weapons using onboard computers and sensors.
Prerequisite: Mech Operation.
Benefit: You no longer suffer the standard penalties on attack rolls while you’re in your mech. You can use any feats that refer to firearms with your ranged mech weapons.

Normal: Characters without this feat take a –4 penalty on attack rolls made while in a mech cockpit. Furthermore, they cannot apply firearm feats to a mech’s ranged weapons.

Personal Firearms Proficiency
Benefit: The character can fire any personal firearm without penalty.
Normal: Characters without this feat take a –4 penalty on attack rolls made with personal firearms.

Quick Reload
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: Reloading a firearm with an already filled box magazine or speed loader is a free action. Reloading a revolver without a speed loader, or reloading any firearm with an internal magazine, is a move action.

Normal: Reloading a firearm with an already filled box magazine or speed loader is a move action. Reloading a revolver without a speed loader, or reloading any firearm with an internal magazine, is a full-round action.

Skip Shot
Prerequisites: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot.
Benefit: If the character has a solid, relatively smooth surface on which to skip a bullet (such as a street or a concrete wall), and a target within 10 feet of that surface, the character may ignore cover between the character and the target. However, the character receives a –2 penalty on his or her attack roll, and the character’s attack deals –1 die of damage.

Special: The surface doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth and level; a brick wall or an asphalt road can be used. The target can’t have total cover for A character to attempt a skip shot.

Prerequisites: Personal Firearms Proficiency, Advanced Firearms Proficiency.
Benefit: When using a firearm on autofire, the character can affect an area four 20ft wide and 5ft square long (that is, any four squares in a straight line).

Normal: A firearm on autofire normally affects a 10-foot-by-10-foot area.

Mech Dodge
Prerequisites: Dexterity 13, Pilot 5 ranks, Mech Expert.
Benefit: When piloting a mech, during the character’s action the character designates an opposing mech, vehicle or a single opponent. The character’s mech and everyone aboard it receive a +1 dodge bonus to AC.

Mech Expert
Benefit: The character gets a +2 bonus on all Ride and Craft Mechanic checks.

Now I will handle any further questions and detail pertaining character creation.

Hmm well ill have something up with mechanics once i find away to maintain the necessary abilities and skills to support my fluff with out multi classing. Yay new challenges!

I notice you have a lot of gun based mech feats are melee weapons treated as normal? Also is the Streind a mech dagger?

Male Half-orc Warpriest 1

I have a few questions:

Are we using traits? If so, how many, and which are allowable?

As a gunslinger, one of the nifty class features is that I start play with a firearm. Since everyone seems to have a firearm, I was hoping to get some other goody instead. Maybe a better pistol? Maybe a rifle? I'll leave it up to you to decide.

Also as a gunslinger class feature, I am "proficient in all firearms". I presume that works the same as "Personal Firearms Proficiency". Let me know if there's some difference.

You said we had max starting gold - is there a list of equipment available that's different from a standard fantasy campaign?

Oh, and how are we doing HP? Max first level and roll for 2nd?

As the only Scythe I can find for mech combat is the RP-91 Reaper laser scythe3(assuming you are using d20Future), are there going to be larger versions of normal weapons?

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GM W.R. Monger

Streind is a regular dagger for a person it's just their fancy name.

If you have power attack you may use that as mech also, same goes for weapon focus and other weapon related feats also work for the character as well as the mech.

Not using laser scythe yet, this is medieval times with mechs :) so you may still wield a scythe.

Yes mech melee weapons are just larger versions than the normal ones and same goes for firearms.

You can have 2 traits, the Advanced player's guide only. There is a chance to win some during play.

Yes Gunslinger automatically have Personal Firearms for free as a class feature.

HP is max first level and take average or roll level 2 it's up to each player.

There will be very little extra equipment, such as Mechanic Tool kit and other minor additions, like Mech Pilot Armor which is light armor and is basically as strong as a Chain Shirt will post it later since I'm not on my computer right now.

There will be other small detail things that players can buy but it will basically be the same equipment than in the books. Remember mech's even tho the Empire has 10,000 they are not cheap, they are spread out through various military posts they still relay on regular soldiers for most things, unless there is a chance of fighting large creatures or other mech's, which is fairly common on border skirmishes and certain areas.

Remember your mech's will start with standard equipment which will be decided later on during the game.

Hope I answered most of the questions. This is still a fantasy setting not a steampunk/sci-fi (completely).

Edit: Might as well! I just got home hahahaha...

Mech Pilot Armor (Light Armor) +3AC; +5 Max Dex; CP 0; 10% Spell Failure; Weight 10lbs; Cost 50gp

Tactical Armor (Medium Armor) +5AC; +3 Max Dex; CP -3; 20% Spell Failure; Weight 25lbs; Speed -10ft; Cost 100gp

Mechanic Tool Box 100gp
Bullet Making Tools 200gp
Passport 10gp

Weapon Upgrades
Speed-Load 5gp (Makes loading time for cylinder weapon faster)
Aeis Illumination 50gp (Basically a flashlight that is added for pistols, submachineguns and shotguns. This device provides normal light in a 30ft cone and inreases the light level by one step for an additional 60ft.

This are all the new tidbits available for you as cadets that are new equipment you may buy. Your money can be deposited in a bank for use later.

Sorry but just noticed this question, are any of your feats for the game combat feats?

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GM W.R. Monger

Yes most of them are combat oriented feats, with a few of them being for skills, but most are firearms and mech combat oriented feats.

Male Half-Elf Fighter / 2

Here is most of my character sheet. Is Craft Mechanical, used for repairing a mech? Also Ride is used for checks in the mech correct?

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GM W.R. Monger

Yes craft Mechanical is for your basic mech repairs.

Ride is used for mech piloting.

Mech Operation counts for using Ride to avoid damage on your mech (like mounted combat), not all the ride tree for being mounted normally applies to Mech's since it has it's own feat tree as I already presented above.

Any other questions I will gladly answer.

Knowledge Technology will be useful for when you want to use other countries M.G. tech it's some sort of Knowledge Arcana but to understand how a different Mech works than the ones you are used too.

Knowledge Engineer is basically for the regular engineering as displayed in the player's handbook and all those mathematical physics kind of science, also be used for architects designing a building or a Mech.

Knowledge Research I think it explains itself pretty well.

Craft Structural is for building crafting and such things, like creating defenses or other type of architecture the mech frame.

When you guys are all done with character and questions (which I look forward too read those to clear them ^^) I will explain some houserules I use which are not complicated and will save MANY dice rolls.

Are any of the Knowledge skills you posted class skills for any class?

EDIT: My stats are done and in this profile.

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GM W.R. Monger

All classes may substitute their Knowledge skills for any other knowledge skills, for example fighter has 2 knowledge skills he can change and get Technology and Mechanic.

You may also exchange proficiency feats (except simple, shields and light armor), for personal firearms and advanced firearms.

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GM W.R. Monger

Henk looks good to me, specialized Mech Pilot with the gunslinger class is an interesting combo. You are the designated Ammo supplier and weapon fixer it seems. Still I would only use 1 rank on survival and climb, and 1 on craft (alchemy and mechanic).

Bram it's a nice fighter character, you might want to switch your Dex and Str since the Mech has it's own Str score and yours doesn't count, but your Dex does. Other than that it's a nice character.

Grigori, nice balanced stats and character I like it and nice insignia by the way, suppose that should be the Unit emblem.

As Mech Pilots I recommend Focusing on the useful Mech Skills

Craft (Mechanics)
Knowledge (Engineer)
Knowledge (Technology)

Other skills will be useful also of course but this are the basic ones.

Classes with not very useful skills (except rogue) like Handle Animal can trade that skill for one of the above that they don't normally have, since it should be part of your basic training and should have them instead of Handle Animal since you are not the common guys that a class portrays.

Remember try to have a bit of everything to upkeep your mechs but there shoudl always be someone better than most on a certain area, like the gunslinger can be dedicated to ammo creation for the group as long as he gets resources for it and the skill. This is just an example and advice from my very humble point of view. You better all have Craft Mechanic, (Mechanic Tools) and Ride is practically mandatory I suppose.

Male Half-Elf Fighter / 2

I am trying to make Bram good in and out of the mech. Why I am not really touching gun feats only reason I have the ones I do is I want to be able to use the heavy stuff later on.

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GM W.R. Monger

That looks good to me, you will need to be good in both places ^^ that's for SURE.

Male Half-Elf Fighter / 2

Question: By the Heavy Stuff I meant the four groups from the Exotic Feat. Around when will we be able to see the stats on those?

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GM W.R. Monger

Exotic Firearms:

Missile Launcher Damage 8d6 20x2, Magazine: 1 internal, Range: 100ft, Size: Large, Damage: Ballistic, Cost: 5,000gp, Weight: 5 lbs
Rate of Fire: Single

Flamer Damage 3d6, Magazine: 10 Internal, Range: 30ft, Size: Medium, Damage: Fire, Cost: 3,000gp, Weight: 50 lbs
Rate of Fire: Single

Cannon Damage 5d10 20x2, Magazine: 1 internal, Range: 150ft, Size: Large, Damage: Ballistic, Cost: 6,000gp, Weight: 450 lbs
Rate of Fire: Single

Flamer: Shoots a 5ft wide and 30ft long line of flame. No attack roll is necessary. Any creature caught in the line of flame can make a Reflex save DC 15 to take half damage. Flamer backpack has hardness 5 and 5 HP. Backpacks that are broken explode dealing 6d6 fire damage to the wearer (no save) and 3d6 points of splash damage to creature and objects adjacent. Any creature or flammable object hit by the flamer catches on fire, taking 1d6 points of fire damage each round until extinguished.

Missile Launcher: They are disposable one-shot rocket launchers. Missile launcher take a full round action to load and get ready to fire. When you hit a target with a missile there is an explosion that deals 10d6 damage to all creatures within a 10ft radius. Creatures within the explosion can make a Reflex save DC 18 for half damage. You cannot move and shoot a Missile Launcher. You may purchase additional rockets, as standard package only comes with one.

Cannon: Mech cannons have 5 internal shots before it needs reloading.

Firearms of size large need 2 hand to use. Medium Firearms are used in two hands but you may carry a shield with them.

Edit: Each weapon cost a feat.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Flamer)
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Cannon)
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (M.L.)

Male Half-Elf Fighter / 2

Thank you for post those two. Which group does Flamer fall into?

Male Half-orc Warpriest 1

I normally have awful luck, but I'm going to go for my 2nd lvl HP 1d10 ⇒ 5 EDIT: Irony! (Average)

Finder, have you considered an appropriate starting weapon for the gunslinger?

Ah, just noticed the HP rule. I'll take average(5).

Magical Talent: Haunted Fey Aspect(Ultimate Magic) 1/day
Courageous: +2 trait bonus on saving throws against fear effects.

Mech Pilot

I think I have everything ready with Aaron.

Does the dodge feat provide its benefit while in a mech, and mech dodge/advanced mech operations feats stack with it? Or are dodge bonuses completely separate in and out of mech?

Advanced mecha operations in your first post mentions an armor check penalty to piloting mechs... what exactly are the penalties for wearing tactical armor or other armor with an armor check penalty in a mech?

I saw the note that mech gear would be provided later. If a large greataxe is not available 'standard issue', can I use my starting wealth to buy it? Is it OK to buy potions of cure light wounds with starting wealth?

I imagine the tower shield as a detachable armor armor plate somewhere on the MG's back, would that be OK? Do the mechs have any cargo room to speak of, or would we usually strap our gear to the frame?

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GM W.R. Monger

Mech Dodge + Dodge do not stack. Dodge is for pilots and the other 2 are for mech only.

You can only ride a mech on light armor. There is no penalty for what you wear.

Yes you can buy a greataxe with your own money, potions if you got the money for, I still need to put the ammo prices for firearms.

Shields are presented in to forms: attached to an arm already leaving the hand free to handle simple things or to help shoot some weapons. You cannot dual wield while having a shield.

There is a cargo area on the mech, which is basically a detachable backpack that is used to store part of his equipment and has enough empty space to place more ammo, or other things.

Shields have the same effect with characters, you may use a light shield and a submachinegun (takes to hands o fire even if it's just a medium weapon) but you can fire without penalty. A heavy shield is to unwieldy to use with any other weapon other than pistol/revolver. This also applies to mechs.

Weapon feats apply to both mech and pilot. Some other feats apply to the mech, like mobility and spring attack, but only if you have mech dodge (counts as dodge for this requirements).

Feats like weapon focus apply to both pilot and mech weapons. Some archetypes apply their abilities to mech also. For example: Crossbowman, archer and sniper. Other archetypes I can work on to see how compatible they are with mechs without making severe changes, such as the roughrider probably.

Any other questions feel free to ask. ^^

For any spellcasters, how do spells like searing light or magic missile work in a mecha?

Add the mecha's stats and traits to my profile.

Wouldn't it be easier if Noisy just gives people a +10 to hear you coming, or gives you a -10 on Stealh checks, instead of splitting it?

Mech Pilot

I decided to go with the tactician archetype for fighter and max out the Ride skill, please look over my character and make sure I got everything right.

Does ride only apply to mechs, or do we have some degree of experience with other types of mounts (horse cavalry or other more interesting creatures...)?

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GM W.R. Monger

Aaron, your Mech Greataxe is HUGE since if it would be large it would be for you, you must also pay the new price that comes with the increases size, that I think you did

Ride applies as normal to any creature you may ride, as well as caravans and mechs.

Personal Firearms feat should be class since it's first. Human bonus feat is Advanced Firearms.

Your character seems fine.

Well it's not so simple since just giving -10 stealth might simpler way to do it. That leaves no chances for stealth mech's if someone ever wants to do one I suppose. -10 Stealth doesn't represent how easy it is for someone to hear your mech coming either so that was my thought process for splitting it. I might changed during game play since the Mech rules are still changeable for easier use in game ^^ love this kind of things, since it makes me try other options and such.

Offensive Spells of any kind can be casted in a mech but you take 35% Spell Failure regardless of Arcane or Divine, since it's harder to channel it through the Mech + 15% Spell Failure if using a shield.

Defensive spells work on the mech and caster without a problem, such as: Mage Armor, Shield, Resist Element, Protection vs., etc... This kind of spells work only on your mech's and your selves.

Other spells might still work normally against a mech. That is a case by case basis. For example Walls still act normally and cloud/smoke type of magics also.

Do the complexity of the Mech's elaboration and their core is what strangely reacts adversely to some spells.

Mech's may still have magical enhancements for armor and can carry magical weaponry like the uncommon Riviura A.M.M. (essentially a Aedis Missile Machinegun = Magic Missile Machingun), Magical flamers and other goodies are out there and Ozmoria has it's own unique weaponry also, but cadet's and regulars only use the normal weaponry and commonly use enhancements. Which your mech's start with 2 already. Increased HP and Booster that allows for some extra movements.

Boosters: Increase the Mech’s base land speed by 10 for up to 10 rounds each day. The speed effect duration need not be consecutive rounds.

Those that devote themselves as mechanics will have access to the creation of the common enhancements and weapon creation for mech's since it is restricted knowledge, like every other nation has their own thing. The N.M.L. field a variety of Mech's that look like a mesh of the various kingdoms and there are even those petty lords that have created some smaller kingdoms that are similar to those of our enemies but call themselves differently.

Those that have ready character report for final check up to begin. If having more questions please do so, they will be responded even if game has started and could be important to game mechanics since people can have better ideas to fix what I can't see as only creator of this rules that are of course to test at the moment.

Mech Pilot

I've been having problems with my character edits reverting on this forum. If my character wasn't showing up as a Tactician when you looked, please check it again.

Does the NML have its own language? I took a few ranks in linguist to understand all of the regional languages, but I can put it elsewhere if they use the trader's tongue.

Defensive spells work on the mech and caster without a problem, such as: Mage Armor, Shield, Resist Element, Protection vs., etc... This kind of spells work only on your mech's and your selves.

Does mage armor stack with the mech's armor bonus or just protect against attacks from incorporeal creatures?

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GM W.R. Monger

N.M.L. has almost any language as they are considered a mercenary nation, which will only come together if under attack, but they are as likely as to kill each other for power and technology. N.M.L. is also rich in monsters since the nature lover kingdom hosts bio-engineering and nature loving monsters amongst other things in their ranks.

Mage Armor works on the mech as if it was casted on the pilot (protecting both)

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GM W.R. Monger

I need a recount of all those that are going to play (a.k.a. show signs of life and interest still.)

Male Half-Elf Fighter / 2

I still want to play.

Male Half-orc Warpriest 1

Henk checking in. I think I'm ready to go.

Just one last thing, trying not to be a pest, but have you considered an appropriate starting gunslinger weapon for this game?

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GM W.R. Monger

You start with a pistol, very normal gunslinger starter item, or at least I thought so =(

The prices for ammo are cheaper than presented in the UC, Im used the advanced firearms rules.

You still get a firearm with a mech also.

Mech Pilot

Still alive and interested :)

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GM W.R. Monger

That makes 3 done characters and reporting in. Let's wait for the rest if there is a rest that is ^^

Well, since I am donating plasma right now, I'm sure I'm alive. ;)

Still want to play.

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GM W.R. Monger

Alright got the minimum if by this night I don't hear about the rest, I cut them out and we begin.

Mech Pilot

Vacation notice!

Pasting this to the discussion threads of all my games...

I'll be traveling halfway around the world starting tomorrow. I should have regular internet access the whole time, but I may miss a day while I'm in transit, and for the next month or so I'll be in the GMT-10 timezone instead of my usual late-evening GMT posts.

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GM W.R. Monger

Ok np, I understand this is vacation period, but will like to be notified about it lol, since I could start after x-mas for all those with vacations out of town.

Mech Pilot

I should still have plenty of time to post. I love PbP games and shouldn't miss a beat, just making sure everyone knows what's going on in case I don't post for a day...

Male Half-orc Warpriest 1

Ready whevever - just let us know when you fire up the PbP thread.

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GM W.R. Monger

Zelghast Incident

And so it begins!

Mech Pilot

Quick background question-

Are there visible ethnic differences between Riviurans and Ozmorians? Would it be apparent that Aaron is a halfbreed?

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GM W.R. Monger

No, there are no ethnic differences, except that the majority of half-elves are Riviuran, and half-orcs are from Argastan, but other than that there are all skin color type of people and half-breeds so there is no racism in that area.

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GM W.R. Monger

Well looks like we got 2 absent players that do post on other threads but not this one so I might have to replace them if they are no longer interest since it is unfair for those that are still interested in playing and will recruit more.

@Henk: Keep in mind that while we are in our mechs, we use the mech's strength score. That should help your climb/swim a bit...

Thanks, it looks like I'm gonna need it.

The Exchange

Are there still any openings?

Grigori wrote:

Acrobatics:10 + 3 = 13

Finally, before reaching the ditch, Grigori breaks out into a run and just barely makes the jump.

Remember that base speeds higher than 30 give a bonus to acrobatics checks for jumping. Specifically, the mech's speed of 40 gives +4 to the check.

Shadow Lodge

Ah, thanks for that. I'll put that next to the Mech's speed.

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GM W.R. Monger
Caraldur wrote:
Are there still any openings?

Yes just 1, this will make a 5-man party + if needed DMNPC and only if players want it.

The Exchange

Ok, thanks. I'm working on my character now and should have something soon.

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