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Weak attempt to break grapple!

Haftor will heal himself if he takes any more damage.

I'm going on leave Monday for two whole weeks, until 27 June. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to post during that time. Depending on how the action goes before then, I may be able to post over the weekend. Bot me as necessary.

Thanks, and Happy Easter to you as well, DM C.

I won't be able to post starting on Thursday, for about a week or so. I may be able to get in one last turn tomorrow/Wed, but if I don't, feel free to bot. I'm going with communal protection from evil before we go in, then Obscuring mist on the bridge (bot discretion).

This place is full of fey, and fey are untrustworthy / flaky creatures. Can he assume they're chaotic, or do I need to roll a knowledge check? Since Svarog knows they're malevolent, Protection from Evil would probably work as well.

So...can anyone make it darker?

Svarog Knowledge Nature 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (17) + 9 = 26

It's been great gaming with you as a player, Kris. Best of luck!

I've dropped off from PFS for the past few years. Are you getting back to in-person gaming? Is the society back up to pre-COVID numbers? I'd like to hear that it's building back up.

It's definitely more interesting than being lame.

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Behold my largeness of reach! I am Haftor Orc-Hammer, b*%*#es!

(I apologize, but that was satisfying.)

EDIT 1: Hey, I was censored. Curious. Hmm. B~@%!. Hell.
EDIT 2: Hell is allowable.

Sorry I spaced, but I was out of town for the long weekend and wasn't back on my computer until tonight. Thanks for botting me, DM C. Hopefully you've inherited my typical dicebot luck for the baddies now.

I'm taking a trip starting Friday, for about a week. I may not post again during that time, so if it comes to fighting, Haftor will get in close ASAP this time.

Yeah, I'm fine if you just let us know how it resolves. I didn't want to bring things to a head if it doesn't work for the narrative, but I can't see anyone being the target of attempted murder, twice, and not confront the only person that might be able to do something about it. (Haftor doesn't actually think that Bloodtusk is involved in the scheme, but being a straight-up racist as per the rules of the game, he's not going to let the guy off the hook.)

I can relate.

Yeah, I wasn't sure if we needed to move in closer to trigger the encounter or we were waiting for DM C.

I will probably not be able to post starting this coming weekend for about a week or so. Feel free to run Haftor with his usual panache, and try to keep him from falling overboard again, please.

I'd love to jump in, but my plate is full right now. Let me know if you start up any new games in the future.

Indeed, water is not my element.

All I can say is 2020 has been a real kick in the shorts for a lot of reasons. I wish the best for everyone reading this; I know we can work through our hardships, large and small, and kick off what has to be a better 2021 in a few weeks.

I don't have strong opinions on this, but my vote would be:

- Don't think we need horses.

- Jarrek should carry the lantern.

Yes, enjoy your down time.

Haftor is fine with waiting for a Smog Pellet.

Feel free to use the funds generated by the sale of my excess equipment listed on the discussion page.

Seconded on best wishes for Kris' family.

Haftor is going to sell his surplus stuff and donate the proceeds to the party treasury. He has a MW breastplate (350 gp), a MW warhammer (312 gp) and a heavy steel shield (20 gp). If I can get the standard value for them (50%), total proceeds would be 341 gp. Actually, 340 gp, since he'll top up his quiver of crossbow bolts while he's at it.

DM Carbide wrote:
Haftor, for your reference you have a +2 impact warhammer. It has some other benefits, but you either don't know how to activate them or they haven't been turned back on.

That will come in handy if we run into any stuck screws!

Haftor is good on magic items. He scored big on loot, so if Trianne is going to craft anything, it makes the most sense to do it for someone who didn't just get a boost in AC and comba power as Haftor did.

For my level up:

Updated Stats:
+3 BAB
Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +4
Special: Channel Energy and Sacred Weapon +1
Add 2 2nd lvl spells per day
Ability Score Boost: WIS +1 to 17
HP: 4+3(+1 Favored class)=+8 for 38 total
Skills: (3) 1 rank in Heal, Knowledge (engineering), and Profession (stonemason)

Also updating my profile.

I've already struck it rich, but I can use the MW shield as well.

My plan was to be more of a secondary melee guy in support of a dedicated tank, which would allow me to heal folks as required. We find ourselves without a melee fighter, though, so I've stepped into the gap. It's been working out better than I expected it would, and I'm happy to continue to stand up front.

Bottom line, Jarrek can play whatever role you want him to play, though I think it would be helpful if you were mobile and could hop into the front line on occasion either when I'm knocked out or needed for healing .

As for our 5th player, a rogue, dedicated healer, or tank would all work well, though they would each shift the current dynamic in different ways.

It would be cool to get PFS credit for this game
My # is 117048-1.

Yes, I'd like to continue. I think a 5th player would be good, though I'll go with the majority on that.

I knew you guys would save my bacon! Limited posting still for several days. I'll level up and catch up on gameplay ASAP.

I knew you guys would save my bacon! Limited posting still for several days. I'll level up and catch up on gameplay ASAP.

I won't be able to post for a week or so. I leave my unconscious (but not on fire) dwarf in your capable hands. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Nice! I thought there was only one wand, and it was tapped out.

Now I'm intrigued by who (or what) the boss might be.

I'll take the Divine Favor potion.

Svarog should drink the CMW potion. He's down 10, unless his profile is out-dated.

I'm flying out on vacation tomorrow night, and probably won't be posting until my return on Jan 2nd. Happy Holidays, all.

Haftor would like the Hide from Undead potion, if that's cool.

Haftor will take 1 vial of antitoxin and 1 CLW potion. Svarog and Jarrek should each take 2, I think.

OK, thanks.

So, HP 1d4 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

Also, I have one more 1st lvl spell to cast, then. I'll hold it in reserve for now.

I've updated my profile. HP: 1d8 ⇒ 3

Oh, wow. OK. I have absolutely no recollection of that. I must have been sleep-posting. I'll get on it.

When did we make 3rd lvl? Nice. I'll work on it. Will I actually level up during the fight, or afterwards (presuming I survive)?

I'm back! Unfortunately I'm out of town August 13-21. Bad luck.

Life happens - it's all good.

Yeah, Haftor will take the MW breastplate and MW warhammer. Nice.

Haftor level up:

+1 BAB
+1 ref saves
+1 1st level spell
3rd level feat and bonus feat:
power attack
+1 heal, +1 profession (stonemason), +1 Kn:religion

Greetings from Fort Leavenworth! (No, I'm not in federal prison.) Given my crazy schedule lately, the pace is actually working fine with me, because I'm less likely to miss key encounters.

That being said, I'm fine with skipping the more repetitive stuff, as long as DM C is OK with botting me on occasion during more consequential encounters. I still have a few weeks before things settle down. I'm here for one more week, then at Fort Leonard Wood for a week.

Sorry for the long absence. I have been bouncing back and forth to Uganda over the last few months, and really haven't been able to settle down and post. I brought my personal computer with me on this trip (back in Uganda for the third time) so I should be able to get back into it.

Thanks for fixing the map, DM. I couldn't figure out how to undo my mistake.

Also, I'm being sent to Uganda for 3 weeks, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to post.

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