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Sorry for the long absence. I have been bouncing back and forth to Uganda over the last few months, and really haven't been able to settle down and post. I brought my personal computer with me on this trip (back in Uganda for the third time) so I should be able to get back into it.

Thanks for fixing the map, DM. I couldn't figure out how to undo my mistake.

Also, I'm being sent to Uganda for 3 weeks, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to post.

I think I just messed up the map.

I should not be allowed to touch technology.


I will not have access to email for the next 2 weeks. Feel free to bot Haftor.

I've been refreshing this page all week, and for some reason none of the new posts showed up. Aggravating. They suddenly just all showed up today.

Sorry I've been posting so sparsely lately. I am traveling a lot for work and don't have the opportunity to post when I'm out and about. I'll be out for the next week.

This is the kind of luck with which I'm very familiar. I hope I didn't infect the whole party.

Oh. I've never moved my own counter. I'm not lazy, I'm just ignorant. Honest.


The gang is back together!

Sounds good to me.

Welcome aboard, Scott!

What?! *flips table*

Just kidding. Reset however you need to.


I've heard you mention being regulated at work. Are you in medical products by any chance?

I will not have access to the internet for the next 3 weeks. DM C, feel free to bot Haftor for that time. I should be back on 10 Aug.


I don't know anybody. I DM a play by email campaign, and when I tried to convert it to PbP on these boards, I got a very negative response, so I know my players wouldn't be interested. They're all old geezers, like me.

As an aside, I really don't mind if the game stalls occasionally, as my other game does as well. We're all adults, and real life takes precedence. Losing players is a drag, because it takes time and effort to replace them, but it happens.

The boards are full of players looking for games. Of course, it's hard to find good players (like we all are).

Go for it.


I'm not going anywhere.

I'm used to it now.

Oh, OK:
Try again: 1d4 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5

no whammies 1d8 + 3 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 3 + 1 = 5

I'm tempted, but I know I wouldn't be able to spare the time needed to learn a new system. I don't think you'll have any trouble finding good players though. There are always more potential players out there than games for them.

Pureed salmon makes me think of the old Bass-matic SNL skit, back when Dan Akroyd was funny.

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I finally got a chance to read my article. Thanks to Meagan Maricle for a fine editing job, and some great art by Lynette Fetters and Sergei Felsinger.

I'm a bit jealous. We have a 1 yr old in the house, which makes it really hard for me to cook. I enjoy cooking, and I miss it. I would prefer the smell of roasted peppers to dirty diaper, for sure.

I'm taking a long Christmas break, overseas, and I'm not sure what my connectivity will be like. I'll try to check in, but I can't promise anything. I'll be back 4 Jan.

Haftor is getting a bit grumpy, so if I don't post, just assume he's tagging along, complaining under his breath.

Svarog Sky-Tamer wrote:
Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!

Thanks! Just got back from a family visit, and I see 18 new messages in the gameplay tab. Better jump over there.

I'll be out of contact this weekend.

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I didn't get my contributor copy for #15 either, but I thought it was because I forgot to provide my preferred shipping option by the deadline provided. Hearing that maybe they haven't been sent out yet gives me some glimmer of hope that I might still receive it.

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Instead of boosting the character level, you could alternatively make the deformity more disadvantageous, to even things out a bit.

Hello all!

I'm thinking half-orc warpriest, or if a face is still needed, maybe a swashbuckler? I'm pretty flexible. I was even considering straight up fighter or rogue for this one.

I hate to be wishy-washy, but I'm really fine with anything. I actually agree that the deeper we get into Kingmaker, the further it drifts away from where PbP strengths lie.

I'd prefer Iron Gods, but CC, MM, GS - they're all cool.

I haven't played any of them.

Just got back from leave. Any resolution on how we might continue?

The DM job is an order of magnitude more time consuming than playing, so I'll go with whatever Carbide wants. I'm OK with the slow pace, because we all seem like busy people and I'm not sure how much quicker we could really go. My suggestion would be to railroad us a bit through the exploration. It's the getting consensus on which way we're going, etc, that takes up the most time. When I DM my email game, I go with the suggestion of the first person to reply, unless I get immediate non-concurrence from other players. It moves things along. Alternatively, I'd be fine with starting over in a different AP / module, if you think this plot is burnt out.

Also, I'll be on leave overseas from 19 Jul to 17 Aug, and I'm pretty sure I won't be posting at all. Please don't take my absence as lack of interest.

Also, glad to hear the player of Katya is OK.

Then a glowing green carbon rod started bouncing around Springfield.

Sorry, I've been unexpectedly out of the loop. I'll try to catch up on posting ASAP.

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You asked for feedback on the Side Treks.

I liked the Encounters at the Creek Crossing. They are tight little single encounters that are ready to play, and these in particular subvert your expectation of what is really happening (at least mine). Are they meant to be just a single encounter, or are longer Side Treks allowed?

As for the Side Trek Seeds, I am biased because they are my preferred format to write. Though I can see why a GM would prefer to have a fully fleshed out Side Trek, and not just a Seed. Either format takes up just under half a page, it seems.

And thanks for putting some art to my piece (Lazlo's Ferry). Tanyaporn Sangsnit really did a nice job bringing my NPCs to life.

- Chuck D.

Cool. I've been in the midst of a bunch of family stuff as well, so I haven't been pushing things.

I'm good with those suggestions.

Two items. A Golarion Gazetteer (Lazlo's Ferry), and a Side Trek Seed (The Bandit of the Opera).

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Just found out my submission was accepted into Wayfinder 15. I'm stoked.

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Congratulations to all those on the list! To those who didn't make the cut, take heart. My last submission wasn't worthy, but for this issue, something(s) were picked up. Keep writing!

Also, many thanks to Tim and all the crew for their hard work and quick response.

That chili sauce sounds nice. I know a bit of Italian and some Indian cooking, but as much as I enjoy eating it, I know very little about Latin / Tex-Mex food.

Beans, or no beans?

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Wait, is this a DaVinci Code thing?

The secret is in a 4th Ed D&D book?

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