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Kronug the Merciless wrote:

I am expecting that, with no idea where Haftor is, one giant would reasonably go after Kronug and Jarrek.

It looks like Jarrek got a CMW from Haftor that he has not applied to his statline, so might be at 27 HP.


Well, please have some missile weapons ready, because as much as it would be cool if I actually manage a cleave attack against these guys, they are going to absolutely wreck me 2 on 1.

I'm back from leave! Things are awful quiet in here.

I'm going on leave starting Wed, and I won't be posting for a week or so. Haftor is trying to get around to flank the giants before his invisibility runs out, then he's going to try to get into position to Cleave them both. I'm sure it will all go off without a hitch.

I'm back!

I'm on leave for the next 9 days. Haftor will support in melee with his hammer. and back out to heal if need be.

I'm going on temporary duty out of the country for the next ten days or so. I may not be able to post.

That is all very cool. I didn't realize anyone was simulating meltdowns - vey interesting.

I do research in identification and characterization of pathogens that are considered to be bio-warfare threats, though we've gotten into naturally occurring pandemic diseases for obvious reasons.

No molten sodium, just lots of bio-safety labs.

Are you a physicist? I'm a chemist.

So, they were so impressed that they are pouring loads of resources into your project, right?

karlprosek wrote:
I'm good with Haftor taking on the orcs while Jarrek and Kronug keep the giant busy. J's gonna get in range and try to Demoralize everybody with his first round, should give the bad guys a debuff for a couple rounds.

I'm going to cut east and hit the orcs on that side.

Also, I love your avatar.

RL is a bummer.

Haftor will try to get in threatening range of as many orcs as possible so he can start hewing. He's most effective against them until their numbers thin out. Maybe I take on the orcs while Jarrek and Kronug try to flank the giant?

PbemDM wrote:
DM Carbide wrote:
Nope--you can swap that for another feat.

So I dropped the Power Attack feat so I could swap in Goblin Cleaver (3rd lvl) which gets me to Orc Hewer at 5th lvl. Just putting it out there as a heads-up before I start hewing.

My comment is they ain't gettin' lucky twice.

Scouting party? Did I miss something?

It's uphill both ways.

Yeah, I have a few things on my sheet that I have never stuck in my profile for some reason.

Flaming Sphere isn't on Haftor's spell list, unfortunately.

Haftor does already have a Pearl of Power (1st), though I keep forgetting I have it.

Jarrek should use the breastplate until he can afford something better, IMHO.

DM Carbide wrote:
PbemDM wrote:
Am I amongst fellow greybeards? I started with the basic box in 1980.
Somewhat. I started in 1977 with OD&D + Greyhawk/Blackmoor/Eldritch Wizardry; a friend of mine got the basic box in early 1978 IIRC, and I got the 1E Players' Handbook and Monster Manual at GenCon later that year. (I still have them.)

You went to GenCon in 1978? Damn. That's hard core.

Am I amongst fellow greybeards? I started with the basic box in 1980.

DM Carbide wrote:
Nope--you can swap that for another feat.


Welcome aboard, Aldizog. I think Kronug looks good. Haftor (the Stone Fist) is a melee guy, but he also likes to move around a bit for healing / other casting, so a third front-liner fills the bill nicely.

As to the Power Attack feat choice, I claim ignorance. I thought I needed it for Cleave (and eventually, my glorious ascension to Giant Killer at 15th level).

Happy New Year to you as well, DM C, and to all!

As to our blindness situation, I vote that we go to Vigil. It looks like we can just follow the river, right? It's a back-track, and it will take a few weeks, but we aren't on a tight timeline as far as I can remember. Am I forgetting something?

Meta-wise, we can recruit a new party member there as well.

Are we near enough to a decent sized city where we can buy potions? Haftor made his save (in absentia), so at least we don't have a blind leading the blind situation.

I'm breaking for the holidays early, and won't be posting until the new year. Haftor will proceed as he has for the last two turns until the group gets off the bridge. He has one CMW left if someone goes down and needs healing.

Happy Holidays, all, and see you in the New Year!

This may be a bit mean for me to say, but none of my players post consistently enough for me to recommend them.

Karl - do you think Kris might have the time to rejoin now?

I'd put in for an Amulet of Natural Armor, but I don't think I can afford it right now.

Can we come to a consensus on whether we should recruit a new player? I'm leaning toward yes. Four PCs is supposed to be the standard, but it feels a bit thin to me. We have all the key roles covered, I think, but we could use a fighter or rogue type, maybe.

It's a bummer since it seems like a cool weapon, but it would probably be best to just sell it to the Gorumites. Haftor is set for gear right now, so in his opinion buying a magic falchion is the best thing for the group right now.

Once this is over, are we going to recruit to backfill Svarog?

Weak attempt to break grapple!

Haftor will heal himself if he takes any more damage.

I'm going on leave Monday for two whole weeks, until 27 June. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to post during that time. Depending on how the action goes before then, I may be able to post over the weekend. Bot me as necessary.

Thanks, and Happy Easter to you as well, DM C.

I won't be able to post starting on Thursday, for about a week or so. I may be able to get in one last turn tomorrow/Wed, but if I don't, feel free to bot. I'm going with communal protection from evil before we go in, then Obscuring mist on the bridge (bot discretion).

This place is full of fey, and fey are untrustworthy / flaky creatures. Can he assume they're chaotic, or do I need to roll a knowledge check? Since Svarog knows they're malevolent, Protection from Evil would probably work as well.

So...can anyone make it darker?

Svarog Knowledge Nature 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (17) + 9 = 26

It's been great gaming with you as a player, Kris. Best of luck!

I've dropped off from PFS for the past few years. Are you getting back to in-person gaming? Is the society back up to pre-COVID numbers? I'd like to hear that it's building back up.

It's definitely more interesting than being lame.

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Behold my largeness of reach! I am Haftor Orc-Hammer, b$%#+es!

(I apologize, but that was satisfying.)

EDIT 1: Hey, I was censored. Curious. Hmm. B@~!$. Hell.
EDIT 2: Hell is allowable.

Sorry I spaced, but I was out of town for the long weekend and wasn't back on my computer until tonight. Thanks for botting me, DM C. Hopefully you've inherited my typical dicebot luck for the baddies now.

I'm taking a trip starting Friday, for about a week. I may not post again during that time, so if it comes to fighting, Haftor will get in close ASAP this time.

Yeah, I'm fine if you just let us know how it resolves. I didn't want to bring things to a head if it doesn't work for the narrative, but I can't see anyone being the target of attempted murder, twice, and not confront the only person that might be able to do something about it. (Haftor doesn't actually think that Bloodtusk is involved in the scheme, but being a straight-up racist as per the rules of the game, he's not going to let the guy off the hook.)

I can relate.

Yeah, I wasn't sure if we needed to move in closer to trigger the encounter or we were waiting for DM C.

I will probably not be able to post starting this coming weekend for about a week or so. Feel free to run Haftor with his usual panache, and try to keep him from falling overboard again, please.

I'd love to jump in, but my plate is full right now. Let me know if you start up any new games in the future.

Indeed, water is not my element.

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