The Old Republic: Republic vs Empire (Inactive)

Game Master Phntm888

A Sith team takes on challenges within the Empire - and against the hated Republic and Jedi Order.

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Here is the discussion thread. You can brainstorm character ideas here and vote on whether the party serves the Republic or the Sith. All players should abide by the results of the vote. If you don't feel you can play in the resulting game, you are under no obligation to do so, and there are no hard feelings.

Character creation rules to follow after the vote is decided.

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Howdy there, Casting a vote for the Republic!

Hey Hey,

Thanks for the invite Phntm!

Hmm, Sith nastiness or Republic honor ?

And the vote goes to......Sith

Male Human

Hmm... I like to think myself as flexible, but since we are talking pteferences, the vote goes to...


And the vote goes to 2 for Sith and 2 for Republic.

I have a couple other people who I'm waiting to hear weigh in.

Ooh, hmm. Thank you for the invite, while both have their merits I'd have to say I'm all for the Republic.

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Alright, seems like the best place to catch up on not being able to post for days.

Certainly I will be playing a force user. Having said that Sith is a pretty unique opportunity so I think I will vote Sith.

And now it's 3 in favor of Sith, and 3 in favor of Republic.

I will post a tie breaker when I get home from work and can look at my notes for each campaign.

Well, after careful examination of my notes, I have found that my Sith campaign is more fleshed out than the Republic campaign. It also contains a lot more player agency and ability to affect the narrative.

So, we will be playing the Sith campaign. It begins 20 years into the Great Galactic War, which is the war before the MMO SWTOR.

Character Creation Rules

Ability scores: Point Buy, as listed in the Saga core Rulebook, but with 32 Points.

Races: Any except Rakata. Keep in mind humans and pure-blood Sith will be treated better than non-humans. Humans get +2 to one ability score.

Classes: Any. If you are a Sith, you will need to choose a master (see below).

Feats: Force sensitivity must come at first level. Otherwise, no limits.

Special: I will be using the Organization rules from Force Unleashed to track Prestige within the Sith Empire. Your actions can and will affect your rank and benefits within the Empire, and failure can cause you to slide down the ranks (and possibly get you killed).

You will be starting aboard the Sith Battlecruiser Inexorable, which serves at Lord Kyrak's beck and call. I will provide your reason for being on the ship based on which of three categories your character falls into: Sith, servant of the Sith (Army, Intelligence, Navy, etc.), or independent contractor (bounty hunters, smugglers, etc.).

Sith Lords:

Lord Kyrak - A rare Iridonian, Kyrak is fearsome on the battlefield. He is especially known for his ability to kill Jedi. Those who serve under his command also tend to be more loyal to him personally than other Sith Lords' minions.

Lord Tor'aven - An even rarer Twi'lek, his rise to the status of Lord is a testament to his great power - and also the fact that those ahead of him seem to mysteriously die (not his fault, of course).

Darth Spectre - One of the advance scouts of the invasion, he has come to power through the information he conveyed to the Empire and the key targets he has neutralized.

Darth Saloena - Renowned for her ability to ensnare the mind, she is well-respected by other Sith.

Reaver - Another Sith Lord known for his battlefield prowess, he constantly places himself on the front lines of combat, relying on his speed and twin lightsabers to slaughter those who are foolish enough to stand before him.

Lord Tanrall - Well-placed on Dromund Kaas, Lord Tanrall has the rare gift of battle meditation. He is considered indispensable to the Sith war effort.

There are also special Dark Side Point rules for Force users.

Dark Side Points:

Dark Side Points are earned as normal. Once you reach your Wisdom score, you can continue to accumulate Dark Side Points. For every 1/4 of your Wisdom score additional you accumulate, you receive a permanent -2 to one physical stat (your choice) as the Dark Side energies begin corrupting your body. When you have double your Wisdom score in Dark Side points, you take an additional -2 to all of your physical stats. These penalties do stack, and you will continue to accrue them as you gain more Dark Side points.

This could be fun. Hmm, I'm a bit more into honor than death and destruction, so could I play a Mandalorian? Focus on Advanced Melee weapons, go into elite trooper and gladiator and effectively build a wall that other people can use for protection? Probably just stick to soldier.

Yeah Similarly I have a bit more trouble getting into the Sith mindset as opposed to the Jedi, but I'll see what I can come up with!

Perfectly fine on both. Non-Sith don't have a pressing need to rack up Dark Side Points.

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I like Darth Saeolena. Is she human?

We can take the base Jedi class can't we?

Male Human

As I have said before and in PM, I am thinking a Soldier going into Elite Trooper and Martial Arts Master. I want to see how an unarmed fighter will fare when everyone is using blasters and vibroswords and lightsabers. After a bit of reading, he will be going for the Echani and Teras Kasi styles, as they do seem to make such a character viable. His basic area of expertise, however, will be Mechanics and Use Computer, as I am picturing him not necessarily advertising his close combat skills, instead acting as the tech guy until the need for a bit of butt kicking arises. Basic low profile and mild-mannered dude who is more than he seems.

A couple of questions though.

Are we using Backgrounds, Destinies or Legacies? Or none of the above?

Also, any thoughts on my last PM regarding the Near-Human (Echani) species, GM?

@Donavaan: Mostly. You can take the Jedi base class

@Castor: The Echani is fine. I think I'll use the Destiny mechanic for this one. Everyone give me a list of three Destinies you want, and I'll secretly pick one and create a Destiny for you. The Unleashed feat and abilities remain off-limits.

Any restrictions on source books?

None forbidden, but the most useful besides the Core would likely be KOTOR, Jedi Academy, and Galaxy At War. I'll take a look at characters and if something might be problematic, I'll let you know.

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I will try to have something up in the next day or two, not feeling too hot at the moment.

Male Human

Here is an early draft of my guy's character sheet. Obviously, several things need to be decided on, but it should give a hint of what I am going for mechanically.

? ?
Medium Near-Human (Echani) Soldier 1
Destiny ?; Force 5; Dark Side 0
Init +8; Senses Perception +6
Languages Basic, Echani, ?, ?
Defenses Fort 15, Ref 16 (flat-footed 12), Will 12
hp 32; Second Wind +14; Threshold 15
Special Actions None
Speed 6 squares
Melee Unarmed +5 (1d6+4/20/x2/B)
Ranged None
Base Atk +1; Grp +4
Atk Options Echani Training, Hammerblow
Special Actions None
Abilities Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 12
Talents Hammerblow
Feats Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium), Echani Training, Martial Arts I, Weapon Proficiency (Pistols, Rifles, Simple Weapons)
Skills (Trained) Acrobatics +8, Endurance +7, Initiative +8, Mechanics +7, Perception +6, Use Computer +7
Skills (Untrained) Climb +2, Deception +1, Gather Information +1, Jump +2, Knowledge +2, Persuasion +1, Pilot +3, Ride +3, Stealth +3, Swim +2, Treat Injury +1
Combat Gear None; Other Possessions None
Money 3000 credits; Other Wealth None

Nice overview, Castor.

By the way, a little special quirk for equipment:

If you choose to be a servant of the Sith (e.g. Army, Navy, Intelligence, etc.), you can either take maximum starting credits and purchase your equipment, or you can accept an equipment package I give you, value unknown.

Everyone else gets max starting credits.

When I have it finished, the Sith Empire Organization info will be posted in the Campaign Info tab. I'm trying to make sure everything balances well.

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I am not getting to this character till tomorrow, just been feeling terrible this week.

Male Human

Hmm... Still trying to decide between servant of the Sith and independent contractor. Probably leaning towards the latter though.

Was looking around for stats on pure blooded with, but couldn't find it....

Male Human


Donavaan Taar: Sith
Spazmodeus: Sith
Storyteller Shadow: Sith


F. Castor: Non-Sith (Soldier, Tech, Unarmed)
haruhiko88: Non-Sith (Soldier, Tank, Melee)
Moon Papa: Non-Sith (?)

Do I have it about right?

Shadow's Status

Right for me. Tonight I will try to get to this.

Saw my previous post had an spelling issue...can't seem to find stats on pure blooded sith ....

Oh and correct on me bring a Sith

Spazmodeus wrote:

Saw my previous post had an spelling issue...can't seem to find stats on pure blooded sith ....

Oh and correct on me bring a Sith

the two sith species are in the Old republic sourcebook!

Here's a good resource for those pdfs, if you don't know about it.

And I think I'm going Scoundrel or Scout, Still torn on being an Independent contractor or affiliated with the Sith Military, but I might explore the latter. Perhaps even a noble will come into play...I'll see what I can come up with in that vein.

Here's a first draft, I think I'll take you up on the starting package thing. He'll be associated with the intelligence wing as an agent.Ambitions mechanically of getting him to the crime-lord class I think. I like the fear-inspiring angle and their resistance to force powers. I imagine him as the imposing type who carries a big gun and intimidates a lot of people, without the aid of the force!

? ?
Medium Human Scoundrel 1
Destiny ?; Force 5; Dark Side 0
Init +7; Senses Perception + 7
Languages Basic,
Defenses Fort 11, Ref 15 (12 flat-footed ), Will 13
hp 19; Second Wind +; Threshold 11
Special Actions None
Speed 6 squares
Melee +0
Ranged + 3 ( +4 when Point Blank)
Base Atk +0; Grp +0
Atk Options Point Blank Shot
Special Actions Disruptive
Abilities Str 10, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 16
Talents Disruptive
Feats Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Sith Military Training, Weapon Proficiency ( pistols, simple weapons)
Skills (Trained) Acrobatics +7, Deception+8, Gather Information +8, Initiative + 7, Perception +7, Persuasion +13, Stealth +7
Skills (Untrained) Climb +0, Endurance +1, Jump +0, Knowledge +2, Mechanics +2, Pilot +2, Ride +2, Survival +2, Swim +0
Combat Gear Other Possessions None
Money Other Wealth None

I've got a complete build.

Kordin Cadera

Independent contractor, probably for security, and non imperial sanctioned thinking outside the box. Outsourced because somebody figured if you can pay less to a merc and things go wrong you blame the merc, if everything goes correctly then they claim all the responsibility and glory for making the correct call. Working on an actual backstory. Still need to spend money and since Cortosis weave is cheap in the old republic might as well right?

Moon Papa wrote:
Spazmodeus wrote:

Saw my previous post had an spelling issue...can't seem to find stats on pure blooded sith ....

Oh and correct on me bring a Sith

the two sith species are in the Old republic sourcebook!

Here's a good resource for those pdfs, if you don't know about it.
** spoiler omitted **

Ah The Massassi and the Kissai.

DM, are these what you meant by pure-blooded Sith?

Male Human

Since I have just a tad of free time...

Donavaan Taar: Sith
Spazmodeus: Sith
Storyteller Shadow: Sith

F. Castor: Non-Sith (Soldier, Tech, Unarmed); independent contractor
haruhiko88: Non-Sith (Soldier, Tank, Melee); independent contractor
Moon Papa: Non-Sith (Scoundrel, Stealth, Face, Ranged); servant of the Sith

Moon Papa: Unless I am mistaken, your Persuasion seems to be a little high.

haruhiko88: With both our guys being independent contractors, want to have been a team since before our working for the Sith? From what I have read in Wookieepedia, Mandalorians and Echani seem to have a bit of a rivalry, but they could have developed mutual respect for each other, maybe even friendship (I mean, bad guys can have friends too, right? :-P). Kordin would be the muscle of the duo, while my guy would be the tech support. A two-person team of bounty hunters does not sound so far-fetched after all (I mean, take a look at Dutch and John at the beginning of Killjoys). Besides, I am also not so much into death and destruction and I like Kordin's character traits in his sheet. If you are not down with the idea, no worries. :-)

Shadow's Status

I will have my Sith done tonight, he will be human, focus on Light saber forms will be the direction he goes in since my last Jedi was a pacifist :-)

Yes, Spazmodeus, those are what I meant. I realize I should have been more specific about that.

Haruhiko, let me double check the cost of cortosis weave. I'll see what the book has posted, then maybe modify it.

Moon Papa:

Things look okay, apart from your Persuasion score. I still need to double check your point buy.

Your code name is Cipher 17. You have been assigned to the Inexorable to oversee the arrival of a special cargo, procured by a team of bounty hunters. You have been told that the bounty hunters are to receive payment once the cargo arrives on Dromund Kaas. Your handler is Watcher 13.

Equipment: Heavy Blaster Pistol, datapad, utility belt, long-range comlink (wrist-mounted), 2 power packs, 2 energy cells, knife, 50 credits.

Oh, and the cargo is a Republic General frozen in carbonite.

No problem, Gm, just wanted to make sure :)

Had a busy week and this is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.
I'll try to get something up by Sunday evening.

No problem. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

All 3 point buys so far add up to 32. Nicely done.

Corotsis weave costs 20% of the cost of the base item (KOTOR Guide, pg. 77).

Haruhiko, if you're interested in starting with any of the Mandalorian armors from the KOTOR guide (pg. 201), let me know and I'll figure out the equivalent value to subtract from your starting credits.

The medium armor would be pretty good, I'll be going for the heavy stuff later on, or heavy beskar'gam when I become earn enough of a reputation back home.

@F. Castor
I like that idea, two eyes are better than one after all. Rivals tend to make the best allies anyway, backstory of once upon a time two bounty hunters after the same target. A couple years later they remind themselves of the incident that led to them becoming a team at the bar over drinks. The only thing I'm having trouble with is in all honesty gender. The character works for both genders as the Mandalorians don't care. If you are good at your job you are good at your job. I'll flip a coin for it.


Gender Roll 1=Male, 2=Female: 1d2 ⇒ 2
Female it is, I'm also thinking of the destinies Discovery, Rescue, or Corruption (Weird way to corrupt sith with kindness and cookies baked with love?). Although I will be trying to build my own vibro dire sword or something similar to Mandalore the Ultimates mythosaur axe.

Male Human

Guys, any ideas on "weapons" for an unarmed character? A pair of stylish black combat gloves seems like a good idea, but can those be improved with some upgrade or other eventually like other weapons and armor? Just checking to see what my options are mostly.

Check Legacy era guide for the shock boxer gauntlets?

Edit: Not in Legacy, been way too long since I've looked through these books. But there's a tree called the shock boxer in one of the books. That book also has the stats for the weapons.

I think the shock boxer stuff is in Scum and Villainy

and oops on the persuasion..I had taken skill focus in it at first but switched to Sith Military training

@Haruhiko: Okay. I'm using armors from the core book as a base, and then factoring the cost of extras (jet pack, life support, etc.), which makes the medium armor cost 8,500 credit equivalent.

How I arrived there:

Mandalorian Battle Armor has the same stats as regular Battle Armor ( 7,000). It has a jet pack, 10 hours of life support built-in, internal comlink and helmet package, and 6 unused upgrade slots (all that extra is worth, say, 1500).


The Mando combat suit (light armor) is 3500.

@Castor: there are also shock boxer gloves, which give you stun capability. A blaster for ranged situations doesn't hurt, either.

Then it's a bit out of my price range then, unless I can arrange for debt but I don't want to cash paychecks I can't ensure, unless I got signed up to work the empire because of said debt. So it looks like I'll be starting in a combat jumpsuit, comm link, a couple other doodads (including light shield generator), but other than that pretty sparse.

Male Human

A blaster pistol is pretty much a given, yes. I was looking to see if I could improve his unarmed fighting (at least at the start, as later Echani and Teras Kasi should be more than enough) as that is what I will build him around. Shock boxing is not really his thing, but thanks anyway.

Well, he will probably not have much to spend credits on. That meants that he will be getting rich sooner rather than later. :-P

Shadow's Status

Trevan Darksome:

Race: Human
Class: Jedi

Master - Lord Kyrak

Hit Points - 30

Fortitude Defense 11
Reflex Defense 10
Will Defense 14

Strength 15, Dexterity 8, Constitution 10, Intelligence 10, Wisdom 18 (+2 Human Bonus), Charisma 16

Speed 6 Squares
Base Attack Bonus +1

Attack Bonus +3
Damage - Lightsaber 2d8+2 [I would like the Quartz to produce a Jet Black Blade]

Endurance +5
Initiative +4
Use the Force +8

Lightsaber Combat - Deflect

Force Sensitivity,
Weapons Proficiency Lightsaber & Simple Weapons,
Force Training x2

Force Powers:
Fear - Knights of the Old Republic,
Force Scream - Knights of the Old Republic
Resist Force - Knights of the Old Republic
Rend - Clone Wars Campaign Guide
Force Storm - Force Unleashed
Battle Strike - Saga Core Book
Surge - Saga Core Book
Force Grip - Saga Core Book
Move Object - Saga Core Book
Dark Rage - Saga Core Book

Starting Credits:
To be spent


Do you want a detailed Background DM?

Storyteller Shadow:

Detailed backstory would be nice, yes.

Some suggestions:
1. If you want to focus on lightsaber combat, look at the Form powers in the Jedi Academy Training Manual.
2. Do something about your Reflex defense. You are easily going to be hit with that low a defense. I'd swap a Force Training for Armor Proficiency, or redo your stats.
3. Lightsaber has to be red - for now :)

Male Human

Just my opinion, but for someone who wants to focus on lightsaber combat, you seem to have focused too much on Wisdom and Charisma and too little on Dexterity and Constitution. You might consider putting Wis and Cha at 14 each and bump up your Dex and your Con. Unless you are going for armor, in which case you would probably need appropriate feats and talents. Generally speaking, I find it a bit difficult to be both a lightsaber master and a master of Force powers.

Just my two cents, as they say. :-)

Shadow's Status

Thanks guys will do some tweaking later today! :-)

It also depends on how you want to be a lightsaber wielder, dual wielding, one in two hands, heck you can even be a master of kinetic combat force power and improved kinetic combat. Kind of an interesting take since it applies your charisma modifier to damage. Like that you could get away with a poor strength, mediocre dex, con, and wis, and a very high charisma.

Male Human

Hmm... Could I pay 1000 credits and have had a Tech Specialist modify a pair of combat gloves with either the Improved Accuracy or the Improved Damage weapon trait (Starships of the Galaxy)?

haruhiko88: It all sounds pretty good to me regarding the partnership and maybe friendship between your character and mine. :-) By the way, now that your guy is a gal, does the name change?

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