The empty graves of the north - a Forgotten Realms campaign

Game Master JohnLocke

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Good morning all! Crazy busy today, will check in again later. Except for littlehewy's submission we're now closed - the reckoning shall take place tomorrow!

Woo! Sounds onimus!

Well, in that case, good luck to all! :-)

I present Corwen Surefoot, a dashing but down-on-his-luck half-elf rogue. He's something of a skill monkey and social character, a worshipper of Tymora, and will focus on feinting, disarming, and assisting others in combat as he progresses. Hope you like him!

Good afternoon everyone,

I'd like to thank everyone who submitted a character for this game. I've selected the following characters to take part:

Innocent of Yulash
Dargrim Rumblecask
Gyro Titanblade

The players have been PM'd. I'll be creating a discussion thread in advance of the game starting - I'd ask all selected players (and my veteran players with reserved spots) to post there once they are able.


Liberty's Edge

thank you for recruitment. congrats to those who were selected. please pm me if another spot opens up in the future.


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