Tales of Power and Corruption- Warhammer 2nd Ed.

Game Master Bilbo Bang-Bang

Current Characters

Scarecrow Golem
Bilbo Bang-Bang

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Darl Quethos

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Gath Morian
Damli Stonesplitter

Male Dwarf Tradesman | Wounds: 12/12

played by Misroi (10 posts)
Dieter Bauerson

Human Student Wounds 11/11

played by Browman (16 posts)
Golden Orb
DM Bang-Bang


played by Bilbo Bang-Bang (95 posts)
Sable Company Elite Marine
Eomund Hofstetter

Male Human Outlaw WS:31 BS:29 S:32 T:31 AG:31 INT:29 WP:31 FEL:30 A:2 M:4 W:11/11 FP: 3/3

played by RocksAhead (22 posts)
Staunton Vhane
Hargin Granitefist

Hargin Granitefist W:13/13 WS:45 BS:34 S:32 T:44 Ag:21 Int:23 WP:30 FEL:20

played by Spazmodeus (12 posts)
Duergar Slaver
Oscar Salt

Male Dwarf

played by scranford (182 posts)