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Full Name

Eomund Hofstetter




Outlaw WS:31 BS:29 S:32 T:31 AG:31 INT:29 WP:31 FEL:30 A:2 M:4 W:11/11 FP: 3/3




5'-4"; 125lbs







About Eomund Hofstetter


Animal Care
Scale Sheer Surface
Silent Move

Common Knowledge (Empire)
Dodge Blow
Secret Signs (Thief)
Set Trap
Speak Language (Reikspiel)


Hardy- +1 W
Rover- +10% to Concealment and Silent Move Tests in rural areas
Savvy- +5 INT
Sharpshooter- +20% BS when using Aim Action.


Bow with 10 Arrows
Light Armor (Leather Jerkin 1AP)
Common Clothes
Backpack - (blanket, wooden tankard, wooden cutlery set)
Hand Weapon (Axe)
Purse (14gc starting; Remaining: 3gc 20s 13p)
Tent (15s)
Tinderbox (30s)
Torch x5 (25p)
Gin Trap (2gc)
Snare x5 (5s)
Fish Hook and Line x2 (6s)
Healing Draught (5gc)
Healing Poulticex2 (10p)
[total spent 7gc 56s 35p]


WS +10% BS+10% S +0% T +0% AG +10% INT +5% WP +0% FEL +0%

A +1* W +2 SB - TB - M- Mag- IP- FP-

Free- A +1


Eomund grew up in the farming village of Ramsau. He and his twin sister Wertha have an older sister and brother as well as a younger sister. Their older siblings left the farm years ago and rarely returned. The last time they were seen was after their mother died and they journeyed home to pay their respects to the grave on the farm. About 7 years ago when Eomund's older brother left the farm the daily operations fell to the 13 year Eomund and Wertha. When two years later Wertha was lucky enough to be chosen to serve as a handmaiden in Countess Harden's court Eomund was left to run the farm himself. He got some help from his 10 year old sister Theodora and his aging father Eckhardt who was over 45 at the time and now is over 50 years old. Two summers ago the crop failed and to feed himself and his family Eomund took to hunting in the forest around Blutdorf on one expedition he was caught by Baron Kiesinger's Warden. Eomund revealed his sister's position in the court of the neighboring Countess so his life was spared but his left little finger was caught off and delivered to his twin as a warning to both of them that the next time he was caught it mean his life. This warning went unheeded this summer as Eomund was once again forced to poach for food. He was seen in the woods but not caught and a price of (2GC) was placed on his head. (This is only known very locally) When Eomund returned several days later to the farmhouse it had been burned to the ground. Neighbors confirmed that his father and Theodora lived and had journeyed to Flensburg to his twin. With out strings tying him to the family ground he left in search of either his older brother Eck(hardt) to join his smuggling ring or his older sister Bianka's mercenary troop -The Crimson Crowns. Eomund was told that if he paid a fine of 100gc most likely the Baron would pardon his crimes but how would he ever get a sum so large?