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Hargin Granitefist W:13/13 WS:45 BS:34 S:32 T:44 Ag:21 Int:23 WP:30 FEL:20

About Hargin Granitefist

Name : Hargin Granitefist
Race : Dwarf
Current Career : Shieldbreaker

Personal Details:

Age : 100
Gender : Male
Eyes : Pale Grey
Hair : Brown
Weight : 150lbs
Height : 4'7''
Birthplace :Zhufbar

Character Profile


WS 45
BS 34
S 32
T 44
AG 21
Int 23
WP 25 + 5 = 30
FEL 20


Attack 1
Wounds 13
Strength Bonus 3
Toughness Bonus 4
Movement 4
Insantiy Points 0
Fate Points 1


Common Knowledge (Dwarfs) 23
Dodge Blow 21
Navigation 23 + 10 = 33
Perception 23
Scale Sheer Surface 32
Shadowing 21
Speak Language (Khazalid) 23
Speak Language (Reikspiel) 23
Trade ( Stoneworker) 21 + 10 = 31


Coolheaded +5 WP
Dwarfcraft +10 Stoneworker
Grudge-born Fury + 5 WS vs Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins
Orientation +10 Navigation
Night Vision 30ft sight in natural darkness
Resistance to Magic +10 WP test vs Magic
Stout Hearted +10 fear/terror tests, WP test vs inimidate
Strike Might Blow +1 melee damage
Strike to Injure +1 Crit hit value
Strike to Stun ST test vs targets TO (+10 per AP on head) = stunned 1d10 rounds
Sturdy no movement penalty wearing heavy/plate armor


Hand axe Enc 50, Dam:SB (3)
Crossbow Enc 120, Dam:4 Range30/60 Reload:Full
10 bolts


Mail Coat Enc 80 , Body, Legs, AP:2
Leather Jack Enc 50 , Body, Arms AP:1
Leather Leggings Enc 20 , Legs AP:1


Grappling Hook
10 Yards of Rope
Common clothing (shirt, breeches, worn boots, tattered cloak)
wooden tankard
wooden cultery

Total Encumbrance : ( Max : )
Coins : 19 gc


Born into a family of artisans, Hargin proved to be an middling stonecutter, more suited to the more martial arts of the Dwarf nation.

Eschewing the path mandated by his clan, he instead took himself to the frontlines in defense of the dwindling Dwarf strongholds.

For 80 long years he toiled in the darkness , watching battle brothers perish in all their glory. But too often the sacrifice was in vain, the stonghold or trade nexus was deemed by the powers-that-be to be too untenable to hold....and was abandoned to the orc or the gob.

Embittered by constant retreat, Hargin nonetheless stood by his duty to serve.

It was a recent addition to his squad. A human from the Empire, a noble's son. His father, a long time friend of the dwarfs, had sent his 2nd born to learn the dwarfish ways, of trade , art and war.

Petr proved his mettle in may a battle, he and Hargin becoming close as only those who share battle can become.

But, as in all things, this friendship came to a brutal end. Killed by orcs, it stood to Hargin to return his friend to his father's seat near Middleheim.

Requesting and recieving an open-ended leave of absence, Hargin accompanied his friend's body back to his homne.

Recieved with much sorrow, Hargin was allowed to attend the funeral of his friend ,then with great politeness was shown the to the gate.

Standing on a small rise , Hargin looked down upon upon the city of Middleheim a scowl on his face.

Then with a shrug, he began to trudge down to the city...