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This is very true, just trying to do the same as far as tossing up ideas for the time being.

I could always be a bastard child as well though, it would give me some minuses but I think I still stand a fighting chance in the long of it socially?

Marcus Stormborn

Agility 3 +1B Dodge
Animal Handling 2
Athletics 4
Awareness 4 +1B Notice
Cunning 3 +1B Memory
Deception 2
Endurance 4 +1B Resilience +1 Stamina
Fighting 4 +2B Long Blades
Healing 2
Language 2
Knowledge 2
Marksmanship 2
Persuasion 3
Status 2
Stealth 2
Survival 2
Thievery 2
Warfare 3 +1B Command
Will 3

Destiny Points: 1 Max. Benefits: 0

Charismatic: add +2 to result of Persuasion test
Blood of the First Men: +2 Health & +2 to Endurance test result
Weapon Mastery: Increase weapon damamge +1

Intrigue: 9
Composure: 9
Combat Defense: 14
Health: 14 [+2 Health]
Movement: 3 normal | 12 run
Gold: 2d6 ⇒ (5, 6) = 11
Drawback: Nemesis

Bastardsword | ~Adaptable~ Athletics +1
Scale | AR: 6 AP: -3 Bulk: 2
Common clothes (male)
Dagger | ~ Defensive +1 & Off-hand +1 Agility -2

Wow, a lot of replies in the few hours I've been out...

Hadn't actually read the House Creation rules so just trying to bring myself up to speed.

I actually wrote Cassondria assuming there was a younger male heir that she is incredibly jealous off and feels she should inherit power instead of him. That said the entire character is a placeholder until I have more of an idea of what everyone else is playing and work to fit into the whole.

Also I bought Status up to 5 on the grounds that it's easier to move points around taking it down, than try to scrounge some points together to raise it up.

I am ok with having an elder sister for a rival by all means if you are ok with a younger brother for a rival

Rerolling the coinage since status was not 4 but 3

Status: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 2) = 8
And so it stays the same Lol

Status test for starting wealth: 2d6 ⇒ (3, 3) = 6

Okay, my character will be named Garran Fain. He is the Master-of-the-Hunt, a title which is mostly ceremonial, as the house isn't big enough for it to convey much in the way of status.

The Warlord, should we buy our House domains, using our Defense and stuff? We have one, maybe two character concepts that seem to rely on buying heirs.

Socially, you are actually in an uphill battle as you have a -1D penalty interacting with people with Higher status. Your status as the bastardsw can't be Higher than 2, since you are no Heir or part of the acknowledged House.

So you will be basically rolling 2d6 keep 1 instead of 2, so you will fail about every social encounter vs. schemer characters that have Status 3 and up which is important to decent NPC's.

IF you want to be part of the House, be a cousin, you have no say unless both the Female PC and the younger brother Heir die. You can be acceptable fighter and schemer.

Okay I've re-read the thread but I've lost track of the house stuff, do we need to do anything further with it?

I think I've still got a d6 to add to one of it's Resources, if so I'd like to add to Wealth 1d6 ⇒ 4

Sounds fine, younger cousin it is. I did a bit of adjusting, dropped 1b from sneaking to add 1b to Fighting thrown.

Leather, Soft 300s
Spear and Net 70s
Noble Garb 300s
Destrier Horse 1000s

Left with 10s for a backpack, some scents, and a couple of waterskins.

I believe name it, come up with a motto, and our shield

Vitaliono - It would be quite nice having a PC younger brother to clash with if you'd prefer to go that route rather than cousin. Also if you're still planning on taking Blood of Valyria then I might invest in that benefit as well, give us a more "united" appearance (plus it's a rather nice bonus for any social/political character).

Need to adjust my character sheet to reflect Status of 3

Also roll Status/Coin: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 2) = 10

Are we going with Gaelinarys?

Mostly for my own Sanity trying to track who's who:
Character Rundown:

Cassondria Gaelinarys? (AlexM): Eldest Daughter
?? (Vitaliano da Riva): Cousin/Brother?

Maester Lucan (Daniel Stewart): Warrior-Maester
Marcus Stormborn (Grovo): Knight
Matthias(Gendo): Knight/Cousin
Garran Fain(Phantm888): Master of the Hunt

NPC Cast Members:
House Lord: Father or a sickly Elder brother was mentioned?
House Lady: ?
Don't know if there's any other members we need sorting?

Darne was born to the current lord's brother. His father enjoyed breeding horses before he died, something that eventually was gifted down to his son. His mother unfortunately died in child birth leaving him an only son. He was raised by a friendly lord as was tradition along the riverbanks where he learned to wield a net in battle. He became rather fond of the style and learned to work it in along with the spear. He was called home early from his raising with the news of his father's sudden death. It was then that his uncle the lord of the house took him in, not having a proper heir or even a brother to help defend his daughter.

He continued his training, asking that his teacher come along with him and only took his father's finest stallion along with him to his new home. With the new life that he began to lead, he learned at his uncle's side the way of the political world and with his natural good looks and pedigree he was a natural flirt. If he had only been born to his uncle instead of his father, he may have had a rather bright future but for now he was at the behest of his cousin's will. Something that while this wasn't the greatest thing, he enjoyed the ability to have a bit more leeway with his lifestyle sating his lust when he could and going abroad when permitted to represent his lord.

He was soon to be of age to be an adult, something that he was unsure of how he would fair. He could be put to any number of roles or wed off for political reason. His lavish lifestyle may soon be up but he still had hopes for that one possible romance that could lead to a lifetime of love and lust. Will it be his mistress or will be his eventual betrothed, only time will tell.

I am fine with either, I can adjust accordingly. I don't mind a little pc vs pc political intrigue. Though if I do indeed do younger brother, I would be considered the heir through legitimacy over your that something you are alright with given that you made the idea first?

Yes, I never intended Cassondria to be heir, she just believes she should be, kind of like Cersei in a lot of ways (though I don't intend to be that close to my brother!)

So players come up with some names I'll add a couple:

House Names with a 'valyrian flare" to them


Then we start buying Holdings once the name of the House is defined.

I could take the Haughty flaw then.

that Naelareon does sound good to me

Then consider me you younger brother Darne, 16. I am not sure how to adjust the backstory. Perhaps he was sent to live with his Uncle and was called back due to his Uncle's death. That would due for a decent adjustment for the backstory?

I do like it as well

Hmm, tried making a profile, not many Vallyrian looking avatars (unless you use a Seoni and have tattoos)

Okay, here he is.

Garran Fain:

Age: 34 (Middle Age)

Agility 4
Animal Handling 2
Athletics 3 Run 1B
Awareness 3 Notice 1B
Cunning 3
Deception 2
Endurance 3
Fighting 3 Spears 1B
Healing 3
Knowledge 2
Language 3 Common Tongue
Marksmanship 5 Bows 3B
Persuasion 3
Status 2
Stealth 3 Sneak 1B
Survival 4 Hunt 2B, Track 1B
Thievery 2
Warfare 2
Will 2

Destiny Points: 3 Max Qualities: 3
Deadly Shot (Bows and Crossbows you wield gain the Vicious quality and the Piercing 1 quality)
Great Hunter (When making Fighting tests or Marksmanship tests to attack an animal, you may add a number equal to your Survival ranks to your test results. In addition, you may treat one bonus die as a test die when making Survival tests to hunt)
Athletics -1D
Available Destiny Points: 1

Intrigue Defense: 8
Composure: 6

Boar Spear 3+1B, 4 Damage (Impale, Powerful, Slow, Two-Handed)
Hunting Bow 5+3B, 4 Damage (Long Range, Piercing 1, Two-Handed, Vicious)
Battleaxe 3, 4 Damage (Adaptable)
Dagger 3, 2 Damage (Defensive +1, Off-Hand +1)

Combat Defense: 8 (9 with Dagger)
Armor: Hard Leather (AR 3, Armor Penalty -2, Bulk 0)
Health: 9

Gear: Common Clothes (male), boots, Rounsey, Soldier’s Tent, Lantern, Backpack, Waterskin x2, Belt Pouch, 3 Pints Oil, Rope, Whetstone, 3 torches, saddlebags (pair), 10 days feed, 3 x Traveler’s Garb, 1 lb. Salt, quiver with 12 arrows
Gold: 2 GD, 177 ss, 38 cp


Garren was born to a family who relied on hunting and trapping to make their living, as well as occasionally being hired by Lord Gaelinarys as guides for hunts. Garren’s father, Tobias, taught him to shoot a bow, how to track, and how to hunt. Garren was quite good at it, and he began accompanying his father at the age of 11. One day, when Garren was 16, he and his father were hired to guide Lord Gaelinarys on a hunting expedition. During the hunt, the party encountered a much larger boar than expected, one which was enraged at their disruption. It charged the party, goring several, including Garren’s father. Garren was able to leap from its path and thrust his spear into the beast’s hide, and he attempted to pin it. Suddenly, Lord Gaelinarys and his Master-of-the-Hunt, Sylin Wells, were there as well, along with a couple of men-at-arms. They managed to pin the boar until it had died and they could see to their wounded. Though some had not yet died, Garren’s father was one of those who had. Garren, saddened by his father’s death, took his body home to be buried with the rest of the family. Shortly after, Sylin came to their home, and offered Garren a place in [name of Gaelinarys seat]. He had been impressed by how he handled himself with the boar, and wanted to bring him in as a scout and guide full-time. Garren and his mother moved to [name of Gaelinarys seat], and Garren distinguished himself with his skill at the hunt and wilderness skills. With training from the Master-at-arms now an option, Garren’s skill with a bow and a spear were also improved. Upon Silyn’s death, Garren was appointed his successor, and for the past three years, he has served as Lord Gaelinarys’s Master-of-the-Hunt.

Avatars for "Valyrian" characters are not going to be many, you could still be of any hair color with the characteristic eyes as "minor" valyrian families.

I forget the defining eyes that run in their family isn't it like a purplish hue or brilliant blue?

Purple eyes for Valyrians, or is that just Targaryns?

Anyone opposed to Naelareon? If we're Valyrian descended, it would have be dracons for heraldry surely? Something like this (just pullsed from a random image search) perhaps?

Perhaps something of a water dragon motif. We are a River house after all.

I think Naelareon is the chosen name, as 4 of us like it.

As for motto and coat of arms, with First Founding being during the Faith Militant uprising, and a first event of "Glory," I'm guessing the house ancestor fought for the Targaryens during the uprising and was granted land for his loyalty and prowess in battle.

Our motto should be something like "Glory, Valor, Loyalty" or the like. Our coat of arms should incorporate red or maroon, to reflect the martial background. Any thoughts on the actual design?

Hm, Maybe Dragon with Waves behind and lightning in the sky? Could describe the ancestry as well origin. Lightning would be something along swift.

For colors maybe Red (Military strength, magnanimity, noble sacrifice, warriors) and Orange (Worthy ambition)

I'm pretty ok with all of that that has been suggested though Red and Orange is a bit hmm..what does azure represent?

Black (Sable)
Constancy, grief

Blue (Azure)
Loyalty, truth, service

Purple (Purpure)
Justice, sovereignty, dominion

Red (Gules)
Military strength, magnanimity, noble sacrifice, warriors

Green (Vert)
Hope, joy, devout, and loyal in love

Orange (Tawny)
Worthy ambition

Maroon (Sanguine)
Patience and victory in battle

White or silver (Argent)
Peace or sincerity

Yellow or gold (Or)

Azure represents Loyalty, Truth, and Service.

Could maybe work, too.

Remember we don't want to go overboard with the coat of arms. There are rules to heraldry. We'll need to put a metal color (gold or silver) over the background color, which should definitely include Red.

So red over blue with silver?

Red can't be on top of blue (can't put a tincture over a tincture) However, we could divide the arms between red and blue with a silver dragon over that.

and we definetely need some Fur also to in the shield, since we have distinguished ourself in the battle to get us promoted to minor noble house position

Keep the coat of arms simple, that usually works better instead of color mixing to much.

House Velaryon is also of Valiryan decent, and have a white Seahorse over a blueish background so it doesn't have to be necessarily targaryen colors or dragon/wyverns.

Also, good sister would you be so kind as to check your brother's profile and look over the background to see if it fits well enough to your own envision of the home situation. If you prefer (I think this might make sense) to be half siblings. Father's wives both having died in childbirth led to possibly a spiraling depression that began to take his health due to not taking proper care of himself and leading the life of a shut in, in a manner...avoiding as much social contact as he could?

Silver on Blue sounds good, perhaps with red trim if that's an option?

Still filling out my profile, what on earth does one spend at least half their money on? Or do I just pile even more into the "dresses fund" and call it day?

The gear list in the book seems fairly minimal and I'm not sure how much is provided when we need it? Do I need my own horse and carriage, or do I just borrow one from the house when I need it? (+ there's no cost for a carriage, merely a wagon or cart). about a split field - Red on the left, Blue on the right, and a silver animal or object of some variety. I think the Red is necessary due to the ancestor being a knight raised up for martial prowess.

Edit: And now, I need to go start dinner. I'll check back later.

I spent like 1000ss on the horse to be honest. I was thinking about an interesting weapon but I will work on that possibly later. Plus I like the tie in to having a river based background for fighting.

Well, I am off to sleep but I am sure there will be a decision during that time :)

Here are the resources for later Holding construction.
Defense 29
Influence 32
Lands 34
Law 39
Population 34
Power 32
Wealth 29

If we get there and I am not yet awake-> I would like to point out that we need at least ([Wealth Section] Maester & Marketplace / Port).

I like the we have a motto? I can also make up the arms and post it here for everyone to take a look at. Will go with what you have talked about already!!

Updated my profile background to link to yours a little better Darne, feel free to comment on it.

It's half-past midnight here, so I need to go to sleep too.

I would say "Loyalty, Bravery, Glory". The arrangement would have meaning. Loyalty first to our allies, bravery in the field of battle, glory where-ever you can earn it.

Good night then, I do love the tie ins. I shall attempt to do it justice but I feel that he probably has a bit of Naivety towards his sister as he was too young to remember and then spent too long away from her to retain it.

House Naelareon

Defense 29
Influence 32
Lands 34
Law 39
Population 34
Power 32
Wealth 29

I have made some changes to some Holdings.

Does anyone have the Out of Strike, Prosperity Book for additional Wealth Holdings, since I am changing some holdings from there to Law holdings.

Communities are no longer part of Land Holdings, but Population Holdings

If you do not have the expansion books let me know as they have more Holdings you can pick from.

This are just changes to the "Banner House" Power Holding and added some new ones.

New Influence Holdings


Banner House 10 Influence, 10 Power, 5 Population
Starting Resource 5d6, +History, Does not roll House Fortunes.

Landed Knight 5 Influence, 5 Population
Starting Resources 4d6, + History, Does not roll House Fortunes
+5 bonus resources to Law, Influence and Power.

Married Well
Cost 10
One of your immediate family e.g. Father or Mother, Brother or Sister, Uncle or Aunt, or Cousin has managed to marry into a family above your own in power and influence. For example a minor house marrying into a major one, or a major house marrying into one of the Paramount Houses. Because of this marriage your family is close politically to the other higher family. This will mean you can call on them for aid and they will trust you with information and to be part of their schemes.

Acknowledged Bastard
Cost 5
One of your immediate family is an acknowledged bastard. They will never be an heir to the house and so are purchased in addition to the heir and other siblings but serve the family loyally.

Happily remarried
Cost 5
The current lord remarried into a different family after his first wife died most likely from disease or childbirth, or the current Lady remarried into a different family after her first husband died most likely from disease or injuries in battle. Either way your House has maintained good relations with both families and they are both houses you can trust to be at your side in the Game of Thrones.

Cadet Branch
Cost 20 Influence, 15 Power
One of your immediate family has been highly honored by the King or House Paramount in being allowed to form a house of their own. Alternatively one of your ancestors formed a house of their own and the two branches of the family have stayed close through alliances and intermarriage.

Serving at Court
Cost 10 or 15 wealth
One of your immediate family has served in an honoured position in the Court of a Lord Paramount (for 5) or the King's Court (for 10). This could be as a Master-of Arms, a Chamberlain, a Castellan, Household Knight, a member of the Kingsguard, etc. As such they are in a position to be noticed by powerful Lords and Ladies thus promoting your House. They are also in a position to learn of the events taking place around the Court, or even some of its secrets, and pass them on to you.

For a motto, I suggested "Glory, Valor, Loyalty" earlier, but Loyalty, Bravery, Glory" works too. I think I'd like to change "Bravery" to "Valor" - I feel it's a stronger word.

I do not have the expansions, Warlord. Do we still have to buy heirs with Influence? If so, I don't think we'll be able to get any of the extra stuff since my book lists a First-born son (Darne) as costing 20 Influence and a First-born daughter (Cassondria) as costing 10.

Bleh, you have a point. My mind wasn't wrapping around stuff like synonyms very well. But yeah, I agree with yah on the motto. I just felt the placement needed adjustment.

That's cool. It conveys the same sentiment, but the word order is important. So, "Loyalty, Valor, Glory" will be our motto. I like it.

By strength and Valor
Strength and Honor
A Touch of Greatness

Sounds decent also.

Did a bit more adjustments to the backstory to represent a bit of the situation between the siblings.

How does the Holdings system work? I haven't gotten that far in looking at stuff?

I believe that under the influence section they actually have this exact situation in the example.

Plains:5 pts, with river and coastal setting 3pts, 3pts
Small town 20pts, and light woods 3pts? Perhaps. It would give us the ability to do a fair bit I think the ability to go to sea, fishing, lumber, fertile lands... That would be all of the points though in land.

Or we could do all that but go with a Hamlet instead of small town. From there a second domain with hills on the coast...maybe?

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