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About The Warlord

Name: The Warlord; The Grand Commander, Lord of Strategy and War
Name Code: WAR
Domains: Militarism, War
Race: Minoans
Race Code: MN
Home Terrain: Hilly Scrubbland
Advancement: Survival

The Warlord serves as the god of armies and strategy. He is portrayed as a dirty blond mature man dressed as a general according to the local customs. The Warlord keeps his name a secret from, as to avoid anyone to gaining any power over him by using his name against him.

The Warlord is logical and analytical in his demeanor, giving him a cold look, but his passion for war and the engine that an army is and all that composes it, but he does not enjoy to see his soldiers perish at war, but he knows it’s an unavoidable collateral to achieve victory. He speaks with a strong and stern voice and throaty laugh. He looks unfavorably upon those who switch alliances often or capriciously and disliking the behavior of soldiers that act in accordance to the tenants of war.

War is won by the machinery that compromises strategy and an army and every detail in it. Any man can take a horde and overwhelm some defenses, but a well prepared army would repel such a force. War is fought by two sides or more, as long as you can control your side’s resources and assets you can size victory. If you can lead your armies and train them to overcome their foes, no army will defeat you.

There is never lasting peace, see to your defenses and drill your soldier, if you falter you will lose your edge and victory. There will always be a skirmish that can grow to war, be on the lookout for the signs of war, there are always visible in peace, but look for peace during war.