Reign of Winter with GM Deadly Secret - Table 2 - The Snows of Summer (Inactive)

Game Master Deadly secret

The date is 4713 AR on Fireday, 21st Earstus at 12:00 pm - current moon cycle: first quarter
The Location - Trail to Portal???

Reign of Winter Slides

Hello, I was running this table for Reign of Winter but unfortunately I no longer have time to dedicate to the forums. If you are interested in taking these players further, they are currently past part 1 in book 1. I can supply all the images and slides for the whole book. Let me know if you can help. Thank you and happy gaming!!

Hi, we are still hopeful for a replacement GM. I can provide all images/slides for book 1 so there's no prep necessary!

Silver Crusade

I am trying to get back into GMing. The last couple of years I failed at it if you guys are willling let message me and I will GM.

Unfortunately, Trailjava did not feel they were good fit for this book and we are still hoping that a GM can fill in.

I'm running another group in this, but just starting out. I'd need a bit of time, as I'm off all next week for vacation, but I could probably jump in if you think I'm a good fit.

If you're willing to take it on, I can supply you with the entire book 1 imagery/maps

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