PbP Gameday VII: PFS Scenario #4–21: Way of the Kirin [Tier 3-7] (Inactive)

Game Master Stiehle

On the eastern continent of Tian Xia, the Pathfinder Society remains a small player in the greater political landscape, but Amara Li, head of the Lantern Lodge in the teeming city of Goka, has plans to change that. In order to secure the Pathfinder Society's place as an influential organization on the far side of the world from the Grand Lodge in Absalom, she must orchestrate an alliance with the mysterious Way of the Kirin. But the longtime rival of the Pathfinder Society, the Aspis Consortium, has plans to form an alliance of its own, and if the consortium succeeds, the Pathfinder Society's hopes of cementing their place in the Dragon Empires could be dashed forever.

Greetings Pathfinders!

Though this is my first attempt to GM a PFS game in play-by-post, this style of gaming is very familiar to me, as I've been running pbp games on another board for more than 20 years.

This game will begin on 10/1/18, and is a part of PbP Gameday VII, which boasts a great many games you might be interested in (besides this one, of course!)

As noted in the title, this game is geared for PFS characters between levels 3-7, and if there is heavy interest during the period of recruitment through the end of August I will take the first 12 folks that have signed up and select six based on party balance as far as character level and classes at that time so as to allow those that aren't recruited to continue to look for games elsewhere well before the commencement of the second session for Gameday VII. Because this is a second session game, I will make a decision on this by August 31st so those that aren't selected can find other games. If the recruitment thread hasn't reached six players by that time, I will just take first come, first served and make the announcement that the adventure is full after six players have signed on.

When you apply, please post with the character profile you will be gaming with. I strongly prefer character sheets completely filled out at the time of application, but so long as I know character race, class and level I can allow further time to create the character sheet itself in the profile - so long as it's completed no later than September 16th. If your character is in a session 1 game, no worries if the level-up information isn't there until the end of your game or September 30th. Character profiles that have applied (and been accepted) without a complete character sheet by that date will be dropped from the adventure and I will seek replacement characters before the 10/1 start date.

I can, and usually will, post every day and would like to see the same from my players, since this is intended to be a fast-moving adventure. There will certainly be exceptions to this rule on my part, and I have no problem if the same happens on the part of my players as well, but please don't make it a habit. If you are unable to keep up with this pace, I do ask that you apply to another adventure that better matches your own expectations and needs.

I do use maps, but I use a Roll20 map that players cannot manipulate themselves. Instead I'll have a grid set up, so that you can give me details as to how you move in combat situations by specifying which grid square you intend to move into - and preferably your route to get there, especially if you might be threatened by AoOs, or spell effects, or any other hazards such as difficult terrain and the the like. The less specific you are in your post, the harder it is for me to try and figure out your movement and though I'll try to do the best I can to do so, you might find yourself in a different square than that which you intended if I can't make your movement match up to what you posted. For that reason, be as specific as you can, please.

I'd also ask players to try and keep in mind where they act in the initiative order, and be proactive in determining how the combat situation might change prior to their character's action. Giving me alternative actions based on a potentially changing situation (e.g. “I attack Goblin #2, but if he's down before my action, move 3 squares east and attack Goblin #4”) would be very helpful to me when I construct my combat posts.

Other than the above, all I ask from my players is to be respectful of other players and to enjoy the game!

Hello GM, I believe that many people are used to google slides and your suggestions are different compared to the standard procedure in PbP on Flexseed for example. Could you imagine to use google slides instead of roll20 for maps?



Hi GM, I am withdrawing from the game. Thanks again!!

Silver Crusade

If this gets enough players, I'd like to sign up.
Red is a 5th lvl Human Zen Archer. I'll check over his sheet in the next few days to make sure it's accurate.

Welcome, SouthernRed! We'll see how it goes. October is still a long way off. :)

Grand Lodge

Hi there. I'll be applying with Lovissa Halenbane, my level three occultist. If she manages to get into a game during the first session of gameday she'll be level four instead.

Scarab Sages

Hello, I could pay this one with my lvl 6 occultist (archer) or my lvl 4 druid.

Looks good! I've got my minimum 4 players, but we still have time to round out the party to five or six before the October start date, if we get more interest. Welcome all who have posted interest and consider yourselves confirmed. :)

I'm going to do a roll call in about two weeks, on Sunday 9/23 to see if I still have my interested players. In addition, I'm going to see who needs additional time to finish up any Session 1 adventures, if their chosen characters are still involved and likely to be through October 1st. Given the Paizo board outage, we can delay this game to 10/6 or even a little beyond, if necessary. Though I'd rather not delay any longer than 10/13 at the very latest.

We will play it by ear and see what happens late this month and early next before making any decisions, though. I'll also see if I can recruit another player or two to give us a full party as well.

Scarab Sages

I would welcome a chance to play. Thanks for the consideration.

Liberty's Edge

My unchained monk/unchained rogue would be interested if you need room.

Liberty's Edge

THat should have said if you need a player. He is 5th level.
2nd level monk 3rd level rogue (acrobat)

Nice! Gray Son and Kyroden, consider yourselves in the game! You'll make five, presuming I still have interest from the original three players that posted. I'll be making that determination in about ten days or so.

Liberty's Edge

Hooray. That will give me time to make sure that I have him updated in Herolab and in his profile.

Liberty's Edge

He is updated!

Liberty's Edge

Still here :)

Scarab Sages

Me too

Grand Lodge

Yup. Here.

Yikes, my self-imposed deadline to check on player status flew right past! Let me see what we're looking at over the next couple days and I will let you all know. At this point, I'm running two other games and they will likely finish before the 13th, and rather than get overwhelmed I'd like to finish those before starting this and my other Session 2 game.

Everyone OK with waiting another week or two for the 'new' start date on 10/13?

Scarab Sages

I'm ok but I've to tell you I will be away from 17 October until 21 October.

Silver Crusade

fine with me

Liberty's Edge

Me too!

That gap won't be a problem at all, Deronas.

Liberty's Edge

Got room for one more? Third-level Oracle here.

Hi Arin, I definitely have room for you - as even if I get all my original players who signed in we were at a 4 player table. You'll make 5. Welcome aboard! :)

Liberty's Edge

Thank you! I'll ninja-dot as soon as the gameplay thread is connected.

Liberty's Edge


Nice! OK then, we will officially start on Saturday, October 13th - whether or not my two other games have wrapped up. They are close, but though I may have some overlap I don't want to delay my Session 2 games any longer than that.

At the moment I have the following players signed up from the beginning recruitment and with a recent post from the last couple of weeks indicating they are still around:
Southern Red
Lovissa Helenbane
Grey Son
Arin Qualnoh

I have the following player signed up from the beginning recruitment, and will confirm they are still interested via PM:
Kyroden Hawkstorm

No waitlist, but looks like I won't need one anyway with five players checking in recently and one more I'll PM to see if he's still around and interested for a full table of 6 players.

I have opened up the Gameplay tab, so please ghost dot there to add your name to the roster. Thanks, folks!

Liberty's Edge

He did a little intro in the game play.

No problem! A little RP before the opening scene is fine with me. :)

Liberty's Edge


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