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First started playing D&D with the 1981 Red Box when introduced to the game by my older cousin, who was my very first dungeon master. Over the years I managed to find a handful of friends interested in the game, and others like Boot Hill, Gamma World and even a James Bond roleplaying game (among others I just don't recall now, nearly forty years later).

Sometime around college I no longer had friends who had an interest in the game, and so I went without for many years, until D&D 3.5 came out. I was immediately intrigued and purchased the Player's Handbook, but sadly was unable to find anyone interested in gaming. Then I ran across an interesting method of roleplaying called play-by-post. I found a pbp gaming board using the 3.5 D&D rules and found a new home. I've always been a bit... hard-pressed to interact socially around a table - especially with strangers. I've gotten better at it over the past couple of decades, but at the time (and still, to some extent) I very much preferred to game using the pbp format. Both as a player and as a game master, I feel that play-by-post allows a better story to be told, and I find the interaction infinitely easier - though veterans know that patience is required.

Prior to finding the Paizo board fairly recently, I have played pbp D&D for the past twenty years on the d20 World of Greyhawk Board - and though our numbers have thinned over the years as players come and go, I have enjoyed every minute there, and still do! The Paizo board though has given me a sense of renewal, as the number of players on this board seems almost infinite compared to the population of my favorite board. I look forward to many years of gaming here, enjoying the freedom and creative excellence offered by play-by-post gaming.

My GM Rules!

1. I really like to keep my games moving, so I will try hard to post every two or three days, so long as my players are keeping up and letting me advance the action. If my players post every day, heck I'm likely to do the same myself! If more than four or five days go by with no posting, I'm likely to post anyway, 'botting (or NPCing, whichever term you like) those characters whose players haven't posted. Some of my adventures move slower than others, and once I get a good feel for their pace, I will try and make allowances for ones that move slowly. But my strong preference is to see my players post every two or three days at the minimum. If someone goes missing for weeks or months, I'm likely to write them out of the game.

More to come as I think of them!