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Ok I am finished fleshing out my campaign, so recruitment can now official begin. For the interest thread and the DISCLAIMER, link is here:

For the setting and the homebrew rules check out the Campaign Info

I will be attempting to run this through Skype and Maptools (unless I find something better) the timetable is looking like Wed or Thurs evening/late afternoon. However if interest is high enough and I get enough applicants I will also run a PBP game, same world different campaign so tell me which one you would prefer to do (you cannot play in both).

I am shooting for next Thursday as the start time meaning I'm probably going to cut off recruitment around Tuesday evening based on how many applicants I get.

Here are the rules for applicants
1. Standard 20 point buy with 2 traits, anything not listed on the pfsrd or third party has to run through me first. All core races are fine, non-core races once again have to run through me.
2. All classes are available except for the gunslinger and its archetypes. But there will be guns in the campaign so if that's not your thing sorry.
3. You will be allowed to use the Advance Race Play Test Book but you are limited to 10 points, standard and advanced traits and you must provide a GOOD BACKSTORY for your entire race (like why they weren't around in the past). I reserve the right to reject races.
4. I need backstory on your applications, that includes personality traits and a reason why your in Absalom (where the party is going to start).
5. I will also need your timezone and availablity (either to play or to post).

I think that's everything but if you have any questions or just want to criticize my grammar, spelling, homebrew rules, story, or any combination of the above please feel free to post it or pm me.

And as always every night I don't get a new applicant a 6 pack of beer dies.

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Link to campaign info is here

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Prob have to check timezones & the other PFS games, but Im interested. Raphael (friend of mine in the South who's used to wierd timezone gaming) might also be interested. (We're in UK).

I'm looking at the Tiefling (without the Fiendish Sorcery thing, so 10 pts).

Tired of his life as a pitfighter in Cheliax, he's 'bought' his way out and moved to Absalom for the freedom it grants.

I'll just be using PFS legal stuff, but may 'stray' a bit with the Traits.

Scarface Bladebound Magus
Str 12 Dex 18 Con 12 Int 18 Wis 10 Cha 5

I can run up a char sheet on Foxit & email it to you. 150 GP starting cash?

Paul H

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Thanks for the interest! MAX GOLD but I forgot to post no stat under 7 and no stat above 20 (I'm extremely sorry that I told you this after you took the time to built your character). But besides the Cha, your character looks good.

I also will be using the plot twist deck (that I never get to use) so each character gets two to start.

Also as an EDIT I'm taking out rule 3. Just figured out how much headache that is when my roomate tried to create a race.

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Alright, I'm interested. I'll be playing a half-orc monk, with the Sacred Mountain archetype.

A bastard of a bored Tian Xia minor noblewoman and an wandering orc who had turned from evil. The noblewoman fled to a mountain monastery when she couldn't hide her pregnancy anymore. He was raised in the monastery until his half-orc nature caused too much disruption for the monks living there, and now he's on his own, looking for challenges.

Str 18, Dex 14, Wis 14, Int 9, Con 14, Cha 7. (He looks very orcish)

Would you allow the Mizu Ki Hikari Rebel regional trait?

This application is for the Skype campaign, either day and any time. Able to play well into the night. Afternoon or later is a preference for when the game starts. My time zone is MST.

Once you get back to me on what inquisitions belong to Aroden then I can add it to his information. I'm using a pdf character sheet that I can send to you over Skype. As of this writing it's about halfway done.

Character Info:
Berathram Sundén, Half-Elf
LN Inquisitor of Aroden (Preacher archetype)
5'11'', 165lbs, 32 years old

Point Buy: 11, 14, 12, 10, 16, 12 (+2)
Traits: Jaded, Child of the Street

Journeying to forget his past, Berathram preoccupies himself as a freelance detective working for private contractors. His services are open to any who can afford them, with the condition that he will not go against a clearly outlined code of honor. Walks a fine line between upholding the law and being a heretic, due to extreme methods.

Currently, Berathram is on a year long pilgrimage in the name of Aroden. He has tasked himself with the goal of arresting a lawbreaker in every city he passes through on the pilgrimage. Each one must be a greater threat than the last. As he approaches Absalom, Berathram prepares to take down the most challenging criminal yet, or die trying.


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It's Answer Time!

Inquisitions are now available in the campaign info screen.

Peter J:
Yes you can take the trait as long as you give me backstory on why he has it. Also you have to give me some personality traits too.
I am also going to need your availablity (I saw in the other thread you are on EST).

Ticking for interest (now that I know the timezones would work out).

Race: Goblin

Inquiring for race?

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Goblins are prefectly fine as long as you don't mind short jokes. Also feel free to take goblin traits as well.

Zachman08 wrote:
Goblins are prefectly fine as long as you don't mind short jokes. Also feel free to take goblin traits as well.

Short jokes? One of my tabletop characters is a Gnome wizard and the other is a Halfling rogue. Yeah, I'm good with that!

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My evenings and late nights are pretty much open, I don't have any serious commitments except for mornings.

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I know that you have already approved this because your sitting right next to me but I'm posting this so everyone else can see:

After a Tien merchant vessel crashed on a small island chain between Tian-Xia and Sarusan the crew, with no means of repairing their vessel, thought themselves dead. However, they where soon approached by a strange species with two head. While the creatures did not appear to be hostile the crew was still fearful and approached the creatures with caution. After some time and several brief encounters agnome translator realized that their language was a pidgin of others he was fluent with. Once the Gnome was able to decipher the language he realized that the Taddol where peaceful and wanted to assist the stranded crew. While repairs where made to the ship, the Gnome shared stories about the rest of Golarion, greatly surprising the Taddol. It was soon clear to him that the Taddol where under the impression the world outside their islands where filled only with terrible monsters. While most where in disbelief of the Gnome’s accounts others became curious, so it was decided that several youth would be sent with the merchants, once their ship was sea worth, to verify these new claims.

Aidin & Eidin are two of the several pairs of youths to explore the Golarion. While they are hesitant they have little choice, Aidin’s anger and Eidin’s curiosity for alchemy and anatomy have caused them to be outcasts. While they are still accepted other Taddol view them with suspicion and in a desire to prove their devotion to their people have vowed to explore the world. However, with little experience of affairs outside their islands the pair, like all the other Taddol scouts, quickly became lost and now wonder aimlessly throughout Golarion. They refuse to return home until they feel that their mission has been accomplished.

Aidin is the dominate of the two. He tends to act without thinking and is easier to anger than a typical Taddol because he and his brother where bullied as children. He usually acts in order to protect himself and his brother from danger. Chaotic Neutral

Eidin is the subordinate of the two. While Aidin is making decisions for them Eidin studies the secrets of not only the Alchemical world and Anatomy, but the mysteries of Golarion as well. Eidin finds safety in order and respects differences between two individuals. Lawful Neutral

Aidin & Eidin – Taddol, Neutral
16 Str, 15 Dex, 16 Con, 14 Int, 7 Wis, 8 Cha
Traits: Ease of Faith and Reactionary
Barbarian (Superstitious)-1, Alchemist (Ragechemist/Vivisectionist)-0
Feats: Innate Two-Weapon Fighting
--Equipment: (105gp)
----Clothing, Explorers Outfit (Hats)
----Armored Coat: 50gp
----Axe, Boarding: 6gp
----Light Mace: 5gp
----Pathfinder’s Kit: 12gp?
----Tool, Grappling Hook: 1gp
----Tool, Saw: 4cp
------Total: 74gp, 0sp, 4cp

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Sorry, but I'm not willing to play in a game with a two-headed character. If you're allowing a Taddol, I'm out.

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Peter J

Alright I'm sorry you feel that way, have fun in another game though! Also why do you have a problem with two headed characters? I'm curious because I've never ran a campaign with them before and I think they would be interesting.

Sorry it didn't work out,

I might be interested. Mind if I contact you on skype to text or talk. I'd like to communicate with a gm before commiting to a campaign, find out what your gaming style is, relay my own traits as a player. Make sure im the kinda guy you want. It sucks when you have a high concept role-player with an aggressive dungeon crazed dark lord, or vice versa.

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that's perfectly fine, I'm free most of this weekend so pm me the time.

Don't keep skype up?

(I'm pretty much on most of the time. Kytanos on skype too (not the one from poland) So whenever is most convinent for you. Zachman08 on skype too?)

I wouldn't mind getting together on Skype with those who are interested. Username is AllRedTie, unsurprisingly.

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ok I turned on my skype so I'll be on all of today and tomorrow so if anyone interested in the game wants to chat then feel free to add me on skype. Just pm me or post your skype id so I know your not just a random person that tries to add me. My skype is Zach.Yu1.

I only see the guy from poland when I type your name into skype

Devin was born to a poor woman. His father left long before he was born. His mother could barely make enough to feed herself. She and Devin were forced to steal food to survive. As he got older he started to steal more valuable items and he started to gain a reputation. Even with his reputation no one ever caught him. When he entered his early teens he left home to try to make a better living as an adventurer.
charater sheet in profile

I am interested in joining as well. I am in Utah, MST. I work nights and have Tuesday through Thursday off. I prefer late afternoon games (because of my night schedule.

Not sure what I'll play. I don't have many preferences and will usually fill out the party. I would like to talk to you on skype first and then I will make a character.

Interested in this - would prefer PbP to Skype, but not that fussy if PbP isn't available. My timezone's GMT.

Character details:

Name: Yusuf Al-Aziri

Race: Human (Rahadoumi)
Class: Fighter (Shielded fighter)
Al: NG

Stats: Str 16, Dex 14 (16 w/+2 racial modifier), Con 14, Wis 12, Int 13, Cha 10.

Traits: Suspicious, Exile.

Feats: Improved shield bash, two weapon fighting, combat expertise.

Background Born in the city of Azir in Rahadoum, Yusuf was born into a military family and eagerly carried on the traditions of his ancestors by enlisting as soon as he was old enough to do so. He served his country faithfully for years, but one day, discovered that his wife was having an affair with his commanding officer. This news broke him completely; he went AWOL from his unit, drinking and drugging himself to excess, and has only just got out of a military prison. There is nothing left for him in Rahadoum as he has thoroughly disgraced himself and his family, so he has
come to Absalom to join the Greycloaks in an attempt to rebuild his life.

Ok, this party is getting kinda out of control. For those legions of newcomers. Let's try to maintain some semblence of party cohesion within a single genre. Right now we have a quirky two headed gestalt, a hard boiled detective and a spirit guy, which all to me have a sort of anime vibe. and then we have a tiefling, rogue, and whatever tragic character the other guy just made with a traditional dnd vibe.

The gamemaster told me, he wants to give the players freedom. but if half of us are playing naruto in golarion, and the other half Dungeonmaster 8. We are going to have very serious problems. I think we as the player's atleast, should agree on a "genre" for the game.

kytanos wrote:
Let's try to maintain some semblence of party cohesion within a single genre.

This party is pretty diverse and wacky, I'm liking it. With the DM giving this much freedom we might not want to get too attached to our characters until we all "sit down" and discuss what we want from the game and create a semblance of cohesion.

PoisonToast wrote:
kytanos wrote:
Let's try to maintain some semblence of party cohesion within a single genre.
This party is pretty diverse and wacky, I'm liking it. With the DM giving this much freedom we might not want to get too attached to our characters until we all "sit down" and discuss what we want from the game and create a semblance of cohesion.

So what's everyones skype info. since we need that anyway.

mine skype is william.strablef5

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My skype info is LordHoboJoe

My skype is in my profile.

decided to make a different character didn't like my other one.

At a young age stein has always been interested in the art of alchemy. His father an encouraged this thinking he would become a great scholar. His mother also helped him in his studies but she focused in the construction of items and weapons. His parents were wealthy due to his mother’s skills at crating and his father’s in alchemy. Stein used this wealth to fund experiments of his own often on local animals and sometimes on people. As he grew he began to study biology of common humanoids and other animals often by dissection. He never killed a person but when he took an interest in someone he would comment on how he would love to dissect them. This and his tendency to try to experiment on things made people avoid him. Even though he experiments on anything he can he surprisingly avoids the old and sick, and has been known to heal the wounded and sick. Around his 20s he decided to leave home to discover and experiment on new things.

character sheet in profile

Firebottomstik statblock is on his alias profile page.

Firebottomstik wrote:
Firebottomstik statblock is on his alias profile page.


Firebottomstik has had many Goblin names - Uglybaby, Stick-beat-ugly, Stick-beat-smarty, and Firebottom. He grew up in a typical modern goblin tribe. A little more advanced than the goblins of "old" but still a rough and touble lot - reading and writing for the smartest but beatings and taunting by your peers. And like all goblins he's had a lifelong obsession with fireworks and open flame.

He got his first taste of alchemy when he got his hands on a paper candle. It didn't take him long before he'd drained the black powder out of the firework, mixed it with some common items from around the goblin camp and remade the simple firework into a dangerous explosive. Unfortunately for Stick-beat-smarty he didn't realize the tiny firework had become dangerous until he'd stuck a few of them into his tunic pockets and gotten too close to the dinner fire.

That was the night the goblin shaman renamed him Firebottom and "banished" him from the tribe. Except his exile from the tribe wasn't the normal "go-out-into-the-swamp-and-hope-you-drown" type of situation. The shaman had already secretly taught Firebottom how to read and write Common. Wandering through the swamp the shaman had once met a hedgewizard who was in business with an alchemist.

So Firebottom was sent off to the immense, bustling streets of Absalom with only a few scraps of paper. With only the name of the alchemist and sigil of the shaman as introduction it took the young goblin nearly a year on the streets of Absalom to find the dingy shop he was looking for. Firebottom's dogslicers and upbringing in the dangerous goblin tribe helped to keep him safe during that time.

Firebottom had kept one paper candle safe during his time living on the streets and the alchemist was excited to see the odd mix of chemicals he'd used to increase the explosive power of the simple firework. It didn't take much to realize the smart little goblin child was a natural and the alchemist put him to work at once - sweeping his floors and making meals. An apprenticeship has to start somewhere ...

A few years later (now) Firebottomstik has learned the basics of the alchemist ways and is desperate to explore. With the monocle he's fashioned out of a found piece of glass he wants to revisit his old tribe to show them how he's grown into an adventurer.

Sorry about not having a character, I need to see who's in and who's out first. I put a lot of effort into making them, usually. No point if I am not even going to be part of the game.

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Ok so I've PM'd all who got in. Everybody else who applied, thanks for applying! If you're interested in a pbp game, head on over to the bonus round!

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