[PFS] PbP GameDay VII (session 2): School of Spirits by GM Lupulus (Inactive)

Game Master Lupulus

Hi all, thanks for considering applying for my run of #7-05 School of Spirits as part of PbP Gameday VII, session II. This will be my second GM run for organized play. I do GM an ongoing PbP that I run for some friends in real life on another board, and I've played about 10 SFS or PFS games here on Paizo boards or live.

If you would like to apply, please post here with your desired character(s) and level(s), and links to the character profiles on this board. I'll announce a deadline once I have enough applicants, with at least 48 hours notice. I have 1 reserved spot and the other 5 will be random, but possibly tinkered for tier.

In the second session we'll have to run swiftly, so please be able to post at least twice a day during the week, slower weekends are expected though. I might be more agressive than normal with botting to keep things going, so some botting directions would be appreciated somewhere on your character profile.

I’d like to play. Not sure which character yet. Thanks for considering me.

Grand Lodge

I'd like to sign up for this as either a tatterdemalion witch (this ID) or a swarm-monger druid. Both are Lvl 1. If others sign up at higher levels, I have other characters I could play as well

The Exchange

Player: noral
Character: Zabuun
PFS: 314670-9
Faction: Scarab Sages
Class: Bloodrager 1
Day job: none

Oops, realized I’m currently playing this and therefore not eligible!

Reading about issues with lotteries in the convention, I'm changing this recruitment to first come first serve, hope that works for you that have already applied. Nox, Zabuun have a spot, and 1 is reserved.

3 more spots available.

The Exchange

Great! Looking foward to the game!

Liberty's Edge

{Posting as Character; Will update profile soon}

Player: JDDyslexia (Joe)
Character: Dahrani Al-Jahron
PFS: 151608-18
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Class: Ranger (Falconer) 2
Day job: None

Dark Archive

Player: adsapiens
Character: Gyrand
PFS: 36459-11
Faction: Dark Archive
Class: Brawler 1
Day job: none

Liberty's Edge

Player name: TheSuperDodo
Character name: Balfour Granitehead
PFS#: 221942-6
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Race/Class/Level: Dwarf Barbarian (unchained) 3
Day job: none

Silver Crusade

(Sorry, didn't see the first come, first serve mentioned above. Good luck with the game)

OK that looks like 6 for tier 1-2, I'll touch base closer to actual start date (Oct 1).
Jack I'll PM you if a spot opens up.

Balfour: Barbarian 3
Dahrani: Ranger 2
Gyrand: Brawler 1
Zabuun: Bloodrager 1
Nox: Witch 1 or Druid 1
Redelia: TBD

Liberty's Edge

Character Profile updated. Let me know if you have any questions/issues.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Looking at our current party composition, I think we could use an arcane caster. I have a little blob of pregen/GM credit meant to make a wizard who I think I'll build and use in this game. Late level 1 or maybe early level 2 depending on how many credits I get on her before we start.

The Exchange

Hello GM,

I will have the possibility to play this scenario before Gameday so I will retreat from the game.

Thanks again for GMing and considering me!! ;-)

Have fun everybody!

Ok thanks for the notice Zabuun.

I sent a PM to Jack, if he doesn't want the spot or get back to me in a couple days I'll look for a new player.

The Exchange

Thanks! Sorry again.
Would you mind taking me out of the campaign as a player and character please.


oh right, consider yourself kicked :)

Silver Crusade

Though I'm still here :)

Player name: Aron Marczylo
Character name: Jack Riverpoint
PFS#: 82068 - 3
Faction: Silver Crusade
Race/Class/Level: Human Oracle (Duel-Cursed) 1
Day job: Courtesan

Been wanting to see how many heads this character turns.

Silver Crusade

Posting here with the actual character as a marker.

Liberty's Edge

Just as an FYI, this character I originally volunteered with is currently in a PbP that has been somewhat delayed due to the website outages recently. If I'm still in that game come October 1st, I have other martial melee characters I can play instead.

Thanks, I was planning on doing a quick poll of start date issues once we have a little better idea of website stability going forward and maybe some guidance from the organizers.

If the Ranger is still occupied, I'd prefer to bring my Swashbuckler-1 because he is also Liberty's Edge, but if that doesn't work with the party balance, I also have other options (barbarian, alchemist, magus, possibly an oracle)

If there is room still I would like to submit

Deadly Secret
Amarsia Frostbite
Water Elemental Sorceres
Liberty's Edge

Slot is yours Deadly Secret. Check in on discussion and introduce yourself in gameplay.

If anyone else posts in here I'll start a waiting list, we have two others who recently said they could start now, but haven't logged into gameplay yet.

I can put my name down for the waiting list.

I'd like to play :) Level 1 Divinations/Illusions Wizard :)

Hawthwile, we have one more opening, so it is yours if you would like. If you want it, check in to discussion and get yourself on into gameplay!

If I don't hear from Hawthwile in about 24 hours, I'll give the spot to Ryze.

Silver Crusade

"Fear not friends - I am here."

Player: Hawthwile
Character: Sieglinde Firehair
PFS: 264524-14
Faction: Silver Crusade
Class: Paladin 1
Day job: None

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