PFS PBP Gameday VI, GM Ultra Plus's Dead Man's Debt [CORE] (Inactive)

Game Master Will Huston

PFS 7-24
Maps and hand outs



1. Post a day, understanding that everyone has a rough day every once and while and that's gonna up-turn the apple cart. So aim for at least 6 posts/week.

But more importantly, what makes a post? Unless we're neck-deep in combat that's been going for a couple rounds, I expect more than a sentence. I don't need 500 words or anything, but give me at least a couple sentences. Tell me what your character is doing, and what your character is thinking. Also, respond to one another, not just to what I say as the GM. If Alice the Fighter says that she's scared of crocodiles, but Bob the Cleric has fought one before, he should bring that up, he should say something about it.

2. I do reserve the right to bot you a) in combat if you haven't posted in 24 hours, b) some skill checks, especially perception and sense motive rolls

3. If you want to use your re-roll on a bot-post (such as a saving throw), you must declare it at the very start of the first post after said bot-post.

4. I am a new GM to PBP. Please bear with me if anything is wonky on my presentation. If you have questions, tips or concerns, feel free to PM me.

It'll be first come, first serve, with the following caveats. Anyone who has GM'd for me, either in real life or in a PBP gets priority, and I reserve one spot for a person who is new to PFS-PBP. If you think that person is you, look at your campaigns page here. If there are more than five campaigns on it, active or inactive, you are not that person. I will finalize the roster around the start of August, and we will begin August 25.

That all said

Player Name: (as you want it on the Chronicle Sheet)
Character Name:
PFS Number:

PFS History: (List of chronicles that this character has)

Sovereign Court

I am interested, I would most likely wish to bring one of the two following characters. One of them is currently in Cosmic Captive, but that shouldn't be a problem given your timeline. For your consideration, I have:

  • Mentys, an oread Ranger 2/Barbarian 1 (or at least he will be after the special). He has the boon from 7-13 Captive in Crystal.
  • Zephyr, a half-elf Transmuter 4. He has a boon that grants him a vanity he probably won't use, but it's some nice flavor.

Despite these things, both of them are still Core legal. I can put the information you want in a post once I decide which I would rather play. I can be indecisive about that sort of thing, so If you have a preference, feel free to tell me.

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

Player Name: mechaPoet
Character Name: Deathless Oparal/Arsena Mondri
PFS Number: 52949-6/14
Faction: Scarab Sages/The Exchange
PFS History:
Deathless Oparal
Arsena Mondri

I'd be interested in a Core game. I have a level 4 sorcerer for high tier (profile needs to be updated a bit) and a level 1 ranger fresh out of her Confirmation for low tier.

Grand Lodge

Player Name: Doug Edwards
Character Name: Polanco Goldhammer
PFS Number: 133118-17
Faction: Grand Lodge
PFS History: Fresh level 1

The Exchange

Player name Jeff Cook
Character name Nerisiel
PFS 9251-24
Faction The exchange
PFS history
Between the lines
Phantom phenomena
Master of the fallen fortress
The glass river rescue
The twisted circle
Black waters
Bid for albastrine
Beyond azlant ridge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Player name: Rennaivx
Character name: Birgitte Erlendsdotter
PFS number: 200250-3
Faction: Grand Lodge
PFS history: New level 1 character

I'd love to join in! This will be Birgitte's first mission with the Society, but she's eager to prove herself to the Decemvirate (and outdo her uncle's extravagant stories of his time in the Society).

EDIT: I'll bow out of this one - there's a fair bit of interest already. Have fun!

Grand Lodge

Player Name- Sethran
Character - Skilgannon
Pfs Number - 34762-23
Faction Grand Lodge


First Steps
Gods market Gamble
Echoes of the Overwatched

Dark Archive

Player Name: B Viggers
Character Name: Khellek (Human Bard-2)
PFS Number: 100387-16
Faction:Dark Archive
SLOW XP progression

PFS History: (List of chronicles that this character has)
#1: 05-08: The Confirmation (GM Chronicle)
#2: 00-08: Slave Pits of Absalom (GM Chronicle)
#3: 07-00: The Sky Key Solution (GM Chronicle)
#4: 08-01:Portents Peril
#5: GM Boon (cold resistance, 0xp)
#6: 06-18: From Under Ice
#7: 07-10: The Consortium Compact (GM Chronicle)
(level 2)
#8 01-47 Delirium's Tangle
#9 00-13 Prince of Augustana (GM Chronicle)
#10 07-22 Bid for Alabastrine
#11 05-04 - The Stolen Heir (in progress)

Lantern Lodge

Player Name: Joe DeMarco
Character Name: Door
PFS Number: 35544-5
Faction: Dark Archive

PFS History: (List of chronicles that this character has)
Brand new level 1 Core Rogue.

I'm new to PFS PBP. This will be fun!

gcShad0fx, you'll need to put a character sheet on Door's alias. As gcShad0fx is new to PBP he gets the priority spot.

Since of the six, 3 of them are clearly in low tier, I would suggest people weighing their options go with their low tier character.

Liberty's Edge

I can see that you already have enough players, but would you consider having somebody on the waiting list?

Liberty's Edge

In case any space opens up...

Player Name: Eric Collins
Character Name: Ryan
PFS Number: 101218-12
Faction: Grand Lodge

PFS History:
0-06 (DM credit)
1-47 (DM credit)
3-23 (DM credit)
P-79 - Mummy's Mask #1

Ryan is an ex-Grand Lodge guard, trying to get a Pathfinder Union set up.

Good gaming all!

This became a bit more complicated

Skilgannon gets priority for GMing for me on Tide of Morning, Merisel the Risen gets priority for Gming First Steps for me.
Shad0fx and Eric Collins get priority for being PBP newbies, and Shad0Fx gets double priority for having GM'd for me irl.

1. Skilgannon - Sethran level 2
2. Door - Shad0fx level 1
3. Ryan - Eric Collins level 3
4. Nerisel - Merisel The Risen level 3
5. Open character- GM Crunch
6. Open Character - MechaPoet

Wait List
Polanco Goldhammer
Khellek the Historian

I will make a gameplay thread for dotting when I get off work.

Liberty's Edge

Oh! Thanks a lot. Very happy...

Dark Archive

oopse, I missed I was waitlisted for this. Feel free to drop me off if I don't make the cut.

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