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As a GM, I update games once a day, and am looking for players who will take advantage of that pace. I prefer not to bot characters, but will frequently delay or skip them to keep the action moving.

I greatly appreciate role-playing and clear identification of your actions, and will often reserve spots for players who have shown these things in my previous games. My preferred format for posts is:

Sample Post wrote:

My movement might provoke an AoO from the red bad guy.

Granta draws his longsword while dancing behind the barbarian, then cuts deeply into the man's thigh. "Mr. T, set the flank with me!" And quickly, I don't think I can take this giant myself!

Move Movement
Free Draw a weapon
Standard Attack (red)

Acrobatics (avoid AoO): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8
Longsword: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21 Magic, Slashing: 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11

The above are only guidelines, not rules. You do not have to do things my way, but I appreciate it if you do--and will probably invite you to my future games as thanks.

And lastly, a word of warning. I am pretty particular about the rules. Small details will be observed and followed.

This game will be CORE campaign, HIGH subtier, and starts on Sunday, January 22. There are currently FIVE spots available. Preference will be given to players who have GMed for me recently, then the remaining characters will be chosen based upon party fit, role-playing history, etc.

I am running three other tables of this scenario, and ask that players only RSVP for one.

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I'm interested, level 6 cleric of Asmodeus

The title says PFC. So this is PFS and the C stands for Core?
Roleplaying isn't my strong suit but I can give it a shot.
My options include dwarven Monk 6 with a focus on grappling, Human Druid 6 that spends much of his time as a small lethal dinosaur and has a large pet snake, or a Wizard 4 who fancies himself quite the archeologists in case you need him at a lower tier core table.
I have played this in classic before.

Edit: I see the low core table has a Wizard already so Monk or Druid.

Rogar the Monk is wise but dumb and severely lacking in social skills. His allies quickly realize that is a bad combination when it comes to gathering information and being covert. In combat he mostly grabs bad guys and gets beat on until his allies deal with it or until he pins them.
Irizati is a 20 Str Druid who is not dumb but also lacking in social skills. Spending much of his time as a dinosaur doesn't help matters much. In combat him and his large constrictor snake will often double team enemies to devastating results. He does have Augment Summons for those tougher battles.

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Bigguyinblack wrote:
The title says PFC. So this is PFS and the C stands for Core?


I could play this Core with my Enchanter 6 (Control and Face) or Cleric 7 (Healer).

I have neither played nor GMed this... a rarity for me!

Not a lot of pbp players have mid to high level core characters and I think the special has nabbed some of them.

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Bigguyinblack wrote:
Not a lot of pbp players have mid to high level core characters and I think the special has nabbed some of them.

Yeah, for this one I suspect we'll be taking all comers, and maybe running with four instead of five.


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I signed up for the high tier Classic game, but there's only two of us registered there.

I'm willing to play this instead, but I only have two Level 5s (and several lower levels).

Unfortunately my Core Bard just levelled to 8.

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If you prefer regular campaign, stay with that one. We still have several days of recruitment left, and I may start bugging people from my local group to try their hand at PbP and/or asking newer players here to run a pre-gen.

But whatever it takes, we will eventually get a legal table for every game, even if it requires a delayed start.

The Exchange

Level 7 pregens are a good way for experienced classic players to get into Core. Just apply it to a new character for the 500 gold.
In my experience the best Core pregens are the Cleric, Sorcerer, Paladin, and Bard. Fortunately Core players tend to skew towards low charisma martial characters instead of caster/support roles so that works out.

I'll be playing my Druid btw.


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If I played this with a Level 7 Pregen, I'd just hold it until Level 7.

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Irizati Grunyar wrote:
I'll be playing my Druid btw.

Fair warning: I run animal companions very strictly. For example, that means severe difficulty to nigh impossibility on Handle Animal checks while using wild shape. The snake would defend you or itself, and follow you, but that's about it. Basically, you would have to cast speak with animals every combat in order to wild shape and command your companion.

Note that per RAW Handle Animal does not have a verbal component. Most animals can't understand speech. There is also no rule anywhere about your shape effecting Handle Animal.

If you can point me to a rule that contradicts that please do, I am very much a rules guru and would much rather know the correct rule even if it is bad for me.

On the other hand if you mean that you have a personal bias against animal companions and are just making up a rule to mess them over regardless of RAW then I'll just withdraw and wish you luck on your game.

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Bigguyinblack wrote:
Note that per RAW Handle Animal does not have a verbal component.

RAW, Handle Animal has no components (except Attack and Fetch) or range. The CRB explicitly states that Attack and Fetch require me to point, and that Wild Empathy has a range of 30 ft. Since no requirements or limitations are listed for other interactions with animals, they have no requirements or limitations at all. RAW, I can think come from 10 miles away and my animal companion will come to me.

That argument is perfectly logical, and completely nonsensical. So let's try some common sense: animals in our world can be trained to verbal or somatic components, and must be able to hear or see their master, respectively. I assume that your companion knows both types of commands for all of its tricks. Unfortunately, wild shape hinders your ability to perform both verbal and somatic components, hence the Natural Spell feat.

The only options I can think of that make sense are casting speak with animals or shifting into a creature of the same type as your companion. If you can come up with a third option, please make your argument. What component(s) does your command have? How are you performing those component(s) in animal form?

So your argument is "Common Sense" rather then strict RAW.

Handle Animal is not a spell nor is it Animal Empathy. There are no Verbal or Somatic components beyond pointing as you mentioned.
While I agree thinking Come from 10 miles away is silly handling animal in combat is not.
I would argue that since a Druid can Wild Shape for hours at a time there is no reason they can't train their animal companion in a variety of forms. Or at least in the forms they are most likely to use.

If that doesn't convince you then I will step away with no hard feelings. I don't want to play this with my Monk nor do I want to play it with my Druid if I have to jump through hoops to have use of one of my primary class features.

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You didn't answer either of the questions I asked. Rogues can't use sneak attack in concealment, wizards can't cast spells while pinned--sometimes abilities just don't work.

I will get a second opinion from some GMs I respect, but unless they unequivocally take your side, the answer will be no.

*Shrug* Let us say your interpretations of the rules are not common knowledge. And it is a big enough deal that it should be in the FAQ.

I'm sure you can find a replacement for me. Have fun all.


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Keep in mind there is no such thing as "Rules as Written". There is only "Rules as Interpreted". This is a linguistic fact that exists outside of Pathfinder, and has been true since writing began. Plus, Pathfinder isn't written as a technical manual. Even PFS Campaign Leadership encourages moving away from the "Rules as Written" mentality.

That being said, with unlimited time in between scenarios, it is conceivable that a master who spends time in a handful of forms could teach their companion tricks while in those forms. You two have a bond together, after all.

I could see a velociraptor, naturally a pack hunter, able to coordinate with their companion using sounds and gestures. Even lions follow each others' gaze.

Or at least, that's the argument I present. In the end, it is GM Granta's call.

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Nefreet wrote:
That being said, with unlimited time in between scenarios, it is conceivable that a master who spends time in a handful of forms could teach their companion tricks while in those forms. You two have a bond together, after all.

That's the type of argument I was looking for. For example, if the druid had retrained each trick once he gained the wild shape ability.

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Three of four games still need players, so if you want to play a second table in the other campaign, jump on in.

Core, high subtier - needs 3 players
Core, low subtier - needs 1 player
Regular, high subtier - needs 1 player

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Lady Teldra, GM Andrew and Nefreet, please report to the Discussion thread. I'm doing everything I can to get us two more players, but we will probably have to wait an extra day or two to fill up.

@GM Andrew: I recommend your cleric for this one, unless one of the later signups brings a healer.

@GM Andrew and Nefreet: This is Lady Teldra's first PbP. Even though Michael is my roommate, I may be too busy to assist him. Any help you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.


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I'd prefer to just play one game, and the Classic found more players, so I'll stick with that one.

I'll decide which character once we have a fuller party. :)

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Don't have a core toon yet but I'm interested to try a pregen and apply the 500gp to a new core toon as mentioned above... let me know if this is still happening. Thanks!

I can post about 4 times a day, most days.
Is that ok

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