Old School Marvel Superheroes Campaign

Game Master Bill Kirsch

Harken back to the days of the 1980's when TSR created a brand new RPG based on the Marvel Universe. Set up your FASERIP, attempt your Power Stunts, hope for at least a Green, and always track your Karma!

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NOTE: Check the Interest Check thread for more information

Greetings, True Believers!

This is the official recruitment thread for my Advanced Marvel Super-Heroes online play by post campaign. Familiarity with the original game system from TSR back in the 80's is a plus. Check out this link:
for all the information you need (including downloads of the original rulebooks if you dig a bit).


Ability to post at least 5 days a week. No villain characters (anti-heroes are okay). Must play well with others. As you will probably be forming a team with a karma pool, it's very important people are on the same page (especially regarding killing foes). Some basic knowledge of the Marvel Universe, as your characters will be citizens of it. No aliens. No magic-users (having artifacts of mystic origin give you your powers is fine).

Character Generation:

I strongly recommend the Ultimate Powers book. It is the definitive character creation text for MSH. FASERIP is determined by a 140 point buy system. If you want Remarkable fighting, it will cost you at least 26 points. No stat may be higher than Incredible(40). I feel this is necessary for play balance.
You have 100 points to spend on Resources and Powers. You can divide these points up however you wish, with a maximum of Incredible (40) in any particular power or Resource rank. NOTE: Double powers (see UPB) use points on a 2 to 1 ratio. For example: you could have a character with three powers at In(40), Rm(30), and Ex(20) with a Resource Rank of Good(10). Or you could have a character with five powers of Rm(26), Ex(16), Ex(16), Gd(12), and Gd(10) with Ex(20) Resources.
You have 60 points to spend on Talents and Contacts. Each talent or contact costs you 10 points. So you could be a Talented individulual who's a loner, a well connected person with few skills, or somewhere inbetween. NOTE: In my experience, Contacts make for a better, more enriched game, so I'd recommend that your character has at least one.
Talents and Contacts must come from the Advanced Player's Book.

Send your characters to me via PM. I will be accepting up to 5 characters. The campaign will be set in New York City, 'cause that's where most of the superhero-types are, but it's a backdrop so don't worry if you've never been there. Recruitment will cease one week from today or whenever I have sufficient suitable candidates, whichever comes first.

Post any other questions or concerns below.

Make Mine Marvel!

Just a question, do we can the bonuses from our Origins from Ult.Powers book? Also, can we trade resources for talents/contacts like normal?

Reporting in!

I'll have the adjustments made soon.

Checking in

I've sent the PM.

Ferro_Lad wrote:
Just a question, do we can the bonuses from our Origins from Ult.Powers book? Also, can we trade resources for talents/contacts like normal?

First one, no. But you do get the various in game issues (mutants are mistrusted, robots do not need food, etc.).

Second one, sure. Following the guidelines of the advanced player's book. However, with the paradigm I have given you, I don't see why it would be necessary, unless you plan to drop a lot of points into your resource rank to begin with.

So excited!!!

Liberty's Edge

Oh, I am totally doing this. Be on the lookout for a PM, sir!

Three characters submitted thus far. Two gadget types, so some of you might want to steer away from that particular trope.

Liberty's Edge

What I want to do - what I would enjoy the most - would be to run a straight computer character (as found on page 6 of UP). Would this be feasible within the framework of what you have planned?

There's just something about a self-aware computer in the modern day world that causes my imagination to run wild. I could integrate peripherals onto the other heroes, and provide eye-in-the-sky intelligence and other high-level support via a Communication with Cybernetics power. Think: accessing CCTV cameras, etc.

I have a slight tweak to the power to suggest - I think when this book was written, it made the most sense to have the "smartest" machines be the easiest to "talk" to - it would, of course, be easier to derive information from a computer than from a player piano (the example given in the book). However, in today's age, I feel like more complex data/uplinks should require the higher FEAT rolls, to represent the increased role of firewalls and other security procedures.

So, for instance, accessing someone's home PC might be a green FEAT roll, while accessing military intelligence satellites might represent a red FEAT roll. It seems to me to be common sense, although it is contrary to the way the book represents the power.

Seem feasible? Any thoughts?

tl;dr - I want to be HAL.

I'd like to join in, too, if it's OK. I'm new to these boards, but I've been playing Classic Marvel off-and-on since 1987.

UPDATE: Two slots have been filled! Three slots are still open, although there are some good characters doing some fine tuning.

I don't foresee this taking more than another day or so. So if you think you wanna play, better hurry up.

We will start this weekend!

I hope i get picked

Three slots down. Two to go. Good night, everyone!

I'm pretty sure I'm finished. Anything that you see that isn't done?

Four slots filled. Couple strong contenders for that last slot.
Today at midnight (Pacific) will be the deadline. Thanks for the interest everybody. Some very well thought out characters thus far.
We will be starting shortly (maybe even before the weekend).

Yay!!! soon my profile will be complete, and DM Bill I will send you an email shortly having issues with my email account!!!

Profile Done!!!!

Scarab Sages

Profile PM'd to Judge a while ago, posting here as a formality.

Our cast is complete!
Please refrain from discussing your characters with each other until you actually meet in the campaign. Those who have been accepted have been contacted. I do have an alternate ready to go if something happens to one of the players (life happens when we're making other plans).
I will launch the campaign thread either tonight or tomorrow.
Keep your eyes peeled! It will be entitled Old School Marvel-Superheroes Campaign.
Thanks, everybody! I'm very excited to GM one of my favorite systems of all time once again.
As they say in the funny books: To Be Continued!

In the venerable words of the Mortal Kombat song:


Also, let me know if you guys want a discussion thread.

Discussion thread added.

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