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About The Standard

Stanley Service was an Olympic pole-vaulter. He won the gold, setting a world record for height. He could have continued his athletic career, but he opted to become a soldier. An IED blasted the truck he was in off an embankment. He ended up underneath it. His legs were crushed. He was told he might never walk again.

A government research institute offered him a chance to take part in an experimental program that might help restore his legs. Stan accepted.
They injected him with nanites programmed to alter the way his body healed itself. They worked far too well. His bones hardened, his ligaments became like steel cables. His muscles were practically indestructible.
Unfortunately, an unexpected side effect was that his body required a great deal of exertion or his muscles would cramp and spasm terribly as the nanites tried to repair tissue that wasn't damaged.
Stan began an intense physical training regimen, monitored by the doctors who hoped that his muscle structure would stabilize.
It never did.
Stan was miserable. He spent 18 hours a day training. Gymnastics, martial arts, parkour, marathons. He mastered every sport he had ever heard of that he didn't need a team for. He went through more than 10,000 calories a day.
He was a lab rat. He had nowhere to go. The only thing he could do anymore was exercise, and his medical alterations barred him from any kind of competitive play.
Then the institute was attacked. Stan's program had been shelved after what had happened to him. They were doing more research, working on revisions, hoping to help him and try again. There were people in the world who wanted the Nanite formula right then, and they were not willing to wait.
The video footage of Stan using a knocked-over flag pole to fight off two dozen armed mercenaries went viral.
In the weeks after, the internet was at work. A joke about him being a superhero snowballed out of control. During an interview, when asked if he wanted to put on a costume and fight crime, Stan joked that "it would depend on the costume". The next day a Kickstarter drive was started to fund him. The whitehouse was petitioned overwhelmingly to make him a member of the Avengers. They gave him an interview, but after a lot of thought, he declined. He just didn't like SHIELD's methods. He believed too strongly that superheroes, like police officers, needed to have more public oversight to protect against abuses of power.
SHIELD agreed to help him with a sort of public-relations experiment. They provided him with a collapsible flag-staff that would become his symbol, as well as a pair of self-propelled digital cameras that would record and upload everything he did while on the job. Two months later after a crash course in procedures he was sworn in as a U.S. Marshal.

The success was unexpected and overwhelming. He'd taken his status as an internet celebrity and turned it back around. He became the first multi-media interactive superhero. His exploits were live-streamed. The US Marshal's office maintained a small staff dedicated to handling his cases. The first time he went into action, the massive swell in web-traffic crashed the server as people all over the world logged on to watch The Standard take down The Trapster. over the next few months they decided to create an entirely separate site and server at TheStandard.gov.

Stan's natural charisma and laid-back attitude turned him into a super powered government agent reality tv star.

Since everyone already knew who he was and he really didn't have anyone to protect by keeping his identity a secret, Stan never really felt the need to put on a mask. he didn't even really feel like a superhero. He was just a soldier turned federal agent who got stuck on assignments no one else could take. It was SHIELD who convinced him to try to stand out a little. Something about heroes needing to be symbols as much as people. He compromised with the Flag. It was how he gained his notoriety after all.

When in uniform, The Standard dresses for the job. He wears reinforced racing pants and lightweight tactical boots, a belt with a U.S. Marshal badge and a handcuff case, a black t-shirt with a white US Marshal logo on the breast, a handgun shoulder rig, and a reinforced black leather jacket with the words SPECIAL AGENT across the back. His Flagstaff collapses down to a small baton that sheathes along his belt at the small of his back.

He stands 6 feet 3 inches with the body of a gymnast. Every muscle in his body is corded and chiseled. His eyes are blue and his hair is blond and kept buzzed close to his scalp. His ancestry is mainly nordic and he definitely looks it with his tall lanky frame.

He keeps himself clean shaven and favors black wrap-around style sunglasses.

The Standard
Induced Mutant

Health 120

Karma 20

-Attributes- 140 points
Fighting 36 (incredible) (+2 cs with Staff weapons, +1 CS with Blunt)
Agility 27 (remarkable)
Strength 21 (excellent)
Endurance 36 (incredible)
Reason 10 (good)
Intuition 5(typical)
Psyche 5 (typical)

-Powers- 90 points

Body Resistance 40 (Incredible) The Intensity rank number of the attack is reduced by this Power's rank number. The remaining Intensity is the actual damage the hero suffers. (-2 CS vs Energy Weapons)
Omni-Knowledge 20 (Excellent) White: Nobody online can help you. Green: Basic info. Yellow: Specific info. Red: Exactly what you need.
Hyper Leaping 30 (Remarkable) (10 points, Str+1 cs base) 50' up/across, 75' down. Average landspeed for Hyper-leaping is a -3CS Land Movement rate. (60 mph)
Rapid Healing 10 (Good) (10 points)
Unique Weapon 10 (Good) (10 points) (flagstaff, gift from SHIELD) (variable length, retractable flag, extremely durable, 30 material strength. +1 CS blunt damage)

-Talents- 40 points
Martial Arts A The practitioner of this type of
martial arts can Stun or Slam an opponent regardless of their comparative Strengths and Endurances.
Blunt Weapons +1 CS with blunt weapons.
Weapon Specialist (staff) The character with
this Talent gains a + 2CS with a single weapon of choice. This may be any type of weapon, missile or melee. The character who is a weapon specialist will also increase his initiative when using this weapon by 1.
Law Enforcement: The character with this Talent has a background with law enforcement authorities. This Talent includes both Gun and Law Talents, and the character, if still a member of a law enforcement agency, may legally carry a gun and make arrests.

-Contacts- 20 points
Scientific, Langley Medical Research Institute, the facility that oversaw Stanley's experimental procedures. He's their most successful and most publicized project to date, so they are very protective and helpful to him. His existence has secured them a lot of grant money. Dr. Keyes is the new head of the project after the death of Dr. Lerrin during the incident that made Stan famous.
Law Enforcement, U.S. Martial's office, Special Affairs Division. Cpt. Casewell is Stan's immediate superior. He's a little wary about the publicity Stan brings to the department, but he can't argue with success and good PR as long as Stan keeps to regulations, which, since everything Stan does is recorded, is easy to keep track of. Stan's SHIELD liaison is Agent Coleson, who is in charge of all metahumans being integrated into other agencies. Coleson is mostly hands off, unless there is an inter-agency conflict or a metahuman relations issue to be dealt with.

-Resources- 10 points
10 (good)

Service Motorcycle
Reinforced motorcycle pants and jacket w/ U.S. Martial ID (Good vs Edged, Blunt. Adds +1 CS to resist damage from Slams)
Service 9mm handgun, 3 extra clips
Service issue taser
Handcuffs x2
Tablet computer w/ secure uplink and Bluetooth

Excellent 22