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Briana McClaine


Altered Human





About Whippoorwill

Whippoorwill, v.2:

Power Level: 12; Power Points Spent: 182/182
STR: +3 (16), DEX: +6 (22), CON: +4 (16), INT: +2 (14), WIS: +3 (16), CHA: +1 (12)

Tough: +8, Fort: +5, Ref: +10, Will: +6

Acrobatics +7; Bluff +5; Computers +4; Diplomacy +3; Escape Artist +10; Gather Information +5; Intimidate +3; Investigate +4; Language 6; Notice +15; Pilot +7; Search +10; Sense Motive +15; Stealth +10;

Ambidexterity; Attack Specialization (Quills) 2; Attack Specialization (Whip) 2; Blind Fight; Connected; Contacts; Defensive Attack; Defensive Roll 5; Environmental Adaptation (High Altitude); Evasion 2; Favored Environment (air); Fearless; Improved Disarm 1; Improved Initiative; Master Plan; Move-by Action; Precise Shot 2; Quick Draw; Throwing Mastery 2; Uncanny Dodge 2 (sight and hearing); Well-Informed.

Flight 4
Biological, Speed: 100 mph, 880 ft/rnd; Noticeable (Move - Personal - Sustained)
Quills (Device 14)
Easy to lose; action 3 (standard), Noticeable (Standard - Personal - Permanent)
Blast 8
Ballistic, Skill, DC 23, Feats: Penetrating 2; Split Attack 2 (3 targets); Noticeable (standard - ranged 60' - Instant)
Explosive Blast 12
Fire, Heat, Kinetic, DC 26; Explosion Area 20 ft., Penetrating; Unreliable (uses); Noticeable (Standard - Ranged, 120' - Instant)
Dazzle 5
Light, sonic, Affects 2 sense types (Sight, hearing), DC 15; Noticeable (Standard - ranged, 50' - Instant (lasting))
Obscure 5
Chemical, Affects 1 sense type (sight), Radius 100 ft., Action 3 (reaction); Unreliable (uses); Noticeable (reaction - Ranged 50' - Sustained)
Stun 6
Electricity; DC 16; Range (ranged) Noticeable (standard - ranged, 60' - Instant (lasting))

Whip (Device 4)
Easy to lose; Action 3 (standard) Noticeable (Personal - Permanent)
Snare 9
DC 19, Feats: Linked (Whip); Entangle, Range (touch); Extended Reach 3 (15 ft.); Tether (900') Noticeable (Standard - touch, 15 ft., - Instant)
Strike 10
DC 25, Feats: Extended Reach 3 (15 ft.); Noticeable (Standard - Touch 15 ft. - Instant)

Equipment: Commlink, Night-Vision Goggles, Flashlight, Mini-Tracer (x2), Costume

Attack Bonus: +12 (Ranged: +12, Melee: +12, Grapple: +15)

Blast 8, +16 (DC 23)
Explosive Blast 11, (DC 26)
Dazzle 5, +16 (DC Fort/Ref 15)
Snare 6, +16 (DC Ref/Staged 19)
Strike 8, +16 (DC Fort/Staged 25)
Unarmed Attack, +12 (DC 18)

Defense: +16 (Flat-footed: +8), Knockback: -4

Initiative: +10

Power Loss, uncommon, minor, Bound/Snared
Vulnerable, uncommon, minor, Guilt/Remorse

Languages: English (Native); Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Farsi, Japanese, Russian, Spanish

Totals: Abilities 36 + Skills 16 (64 ranks) + Feats 32 + Powers 36 + Combat 56 + Saves 9 - Drawbacks 3 = 182

Enemy: CADRE (Covert Arms Division: Reconnaissance and Enforcement), a super-powered team of mercenaries that hate her and feel that she betrayed them.
Reputation: Her mercenary past means that certain individuals will not trust her.
Fame: Whippoorwill cannot go incognito because of the large wings on her back.


Subject: Whippoorwill
Real Name: Briana McClaine
C.A.D.R.E. Operations Level: Specialist
Former Affiliates: Coyote Solutions, Carlisle Estovion, Philadelphia Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Profile: Subject's childhood was spent bouncing between foster care and biological parents. History of physical abuse and/or neglect. Subject showed early aptitude for gymnastics and martial arts, and won northeastern U.S. regional MMA juvenile tournament at age 15 while in foster care. Returned to biological parents for the last time at 16. Subject hospitalized father and escaped Social Services custody three weeks later.

Subject resurfaced two years later in Algiers, in the employ of noted weapons dealer Carlisle Estovion. She was reported a year later working with the private security company Coyote Solutions in Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan.

Subject later became affiliated with the elite paramilitary C.A.D.R.E., conducting operations in REDACTED, and is believed responsible for REDACTED, and REDACTED. It was during the SECURITY CLEARANCE NOT VERIFIED that Subject REDACTED, which is believed to be the cause of Subject's recent mental state.

Subject was killed in an explosion at the Mnemodynamics Global Inc. research hub in Dubai. Due to Subject's familial estrangement, no need for contact with next-of-kin.
>End Report<

"That's it?" she asked, incredulous.
"What, you want them to have more on you?" Whetstone asked over the prepaid generic phone. She would have to get another one as soon as this conversation was over.
"Well, no. But four years with them, you'd think they'd show a little emotion about the death of one of their specialists."
Whet laughed on the other end. "What part of 'secret mercenary organization' did you not understand when you signed on?"
Briana snorted in response. There was a pause as she looked over the report again. "What's with the 'recent mental state' they're talking about?"
Whet sighed. "You're being blamed for how it went down. That you were more affected by the... well, you know. Made you sloppy."
Briana grimaced. She was to blame for Dubai, but it wasn't due to her being off her game. She meant for it to happen that way.
Well, almost. "That's not fair."
Whet's voice was stern. "Hey, don't go worrying about a dead girl's reputation. She's history."
"Dead woman," Briana mumbles, still thinking about how the Covert Armed Division: Reconnaissance and Enforcement will now always view the Whippoorwill as someone who couldn't handle a little traumatic stress and botched her final mission, and trying to pretend it didn't bother her.
"Yeah, right. So let the dead lie, and worry about the living. You got the package I left with you?"
"Right here," she confirmed. She rubbed her shoulders briefly as she sat up in the hospital bed. She looked at the passport, DL, birth certificate, credit cards and bank statements that poured out of the plain envelope. "Laney McBreigh." "You're serious?"
"Yep. Best get used to it."
"Ugh. I hate you sometimes." There was still a smile on her lips, and she knew he was smiling on his end. "But it never lasts. Thanks. For everything." She waves in the nurse who wavered in the doorway with the discharge papers. Outside of a persistent soreness in her back and shoulders, she had a clean bill of health. Surprising, considering that the explosion she engineered caught her in the blast when she miscalculated the volatility of the mysterious compound in those vials.
There's a small pause at the other end, then Whet answers her. "You're welcome. Be good, little songbird."
Briana closes the phone and looks out the window, ready to start her new life. "I will."

Marvel stats:

Fighting: Amazing 50
Agility: Incredible 40
Strength: Good 10
Endurance: Excellent 20
Reason: Good 10
Intuition: Remarkable 30
Psyche: Good 10

Health: 120 120
Karma: 105
Popularity: 4


True Flight: Good 10

Aerial Combat
Martial Arts A
Martial Arts D
Thrown Weapons
Weapon Specialist (Whip)

Robert Whetstone, weapons tinker.
Sean O'Brien, Chicago police

Resources: Good 10

(10) Explosive In 40
(20) Edged Ex 20
(10) Stun Rm 30
(10) Acid Rm 30
(10) Smoke Rm 30
(3) Flare Rm 30
(2) Homing (Rm range)

Material Strength Excellent