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I am looking for heroes possibly lamplighters! So far many of My players have been rogues, knaves, thugs, and those that really don't care.

I want to do a two post a day game.

Each player will start off as 2nd level, you must have a hated foe and good reason for it. A princess has been going through her mostly peaceful kingdom for heroes. The outskirts of her father's kingdom she will likely find you. Omens have been foretold that when she comes to the throne darkness shall befall the kingdom.

I can do most adventure paths but they will be changed some to fit the last paragraph. I am looking for character development before a crunch. Post and discuss, I would like heroes to have friends and family, let alone contacts and allies.

Sovereign Court

Dotting for interest. Am thinking of putting up an old grumpy dwarf fighter who's being a teacher for most part to others/players/npcs and now finds himself against his hated foes once again.

Interesting, as a dwarf you have your racial enemies though anything else more specific?

Sovereign Court

Orcs and Dwarf go like Fire and ice.
Orcs spawn like rabbits so I'd go with that.
Goblins - nah too well gobbly
Hobgoblins - Not many quarrels I can think off my head
Giants - I would say rare.
Dragons - Seriously? I'd need an army lol. Are they even racial enemies? More like financial rivals.....

I choose.....ermmmm iconic grudges.......Orcs.

I suppose that the ironic thing is he has had taught Half-Orcs.

Hey dm wolf.
Count me interested with a paladin for example with ennemies of the undead / evil outsider (you could a wotr ap)

So Arsil you are thinking that this new character has had brushes with both?

Night Death, enemies of my enemies can easily become my allies. Especially if you train adventurers.

Undead yes for sure. they are a blight on the land a shortcut to power any simple necromancer will try to raise / control in order to further their powers etc...

Demons and devil are a lot powerful and thankfully very hard to call for long period of time in the world. But their power are on an unmatched scale.

I have three ideas for NPCs that you might know and that you could call upon, since the Princess has recruited your character and asks for more to come.

A lizardfolk monk full of ferocity and loyalty.

A two handed fighter elf of blades. He crafts many blades and has trained with the blades for hundreds of years.

A scholar of power, he wants to know how everything works, and knows that magic is at its core. This wizard has been seen in his signiture robe on many occasions, though on rare occasion he is in different forms. He appears to be of the elven race, but with the glowing golden orbs he has for eyes, perhaps aasimar.

I am throwing my hat into the ring here, and thinking that Inquisitor might just be the perfect fit for this one.

I wanted to go a tad out of the box, without killing myself outright, so I was thinking maybe drow might be fitting enemies :D

Mulling it over though.

Sovereign Court

GM Wolf wrote:

I have three ideas for NPCs that you might know and that you could call upon, since the Princess has recruited your character and asks for more to come.

A lizardfolk monk full of ferocity and loyalty.

A two handed fighter elf of blades. He crafts many blades and has trained with the blades for hundreds of years.

A scholar of power, he wants to know how everything works, and knows that magic is at its core. This wizard has been seen in his signiture robe on many occasions, though on rare occasion he is in different forms. He appears to be of the elven race, but with the glowing golden orbs he has for eyes, perhaps aasimar.

Are those NPCs meant for me or is it general for everyone else?

I'm currently in the midst of fluffing my dwarf out.

Tentatively interested, Elven Ranger, Aberration hunter.

The three NPCs are suggestions that you could connect your character to them. They are for any players to incorporate into their story.

Sorry not used to the acronyms that much... wotr?

If you dot in for interest also say one to three APs you would like to play in. Though remember there is still another focus.

Wrath of the Righteous, I believe.

I don't think I have that one, but I will look!

GM, would you be open to me trying this 3pp summoner archetype? I've been intrigued with the RP potential of the archetype since I first read it, and with your campaign focus on PCs having enmity with some group, I can see undead, evil outsiders and monstrous humanoids all working well.

I would be interested in playing some Kingmaker (which I think would got well with your theme).

I have two kingmaker campaigns right now. But if I do this one as kingmaker I will be making it very home brew, which I am fine with doing.

I will look into the summoning class

I would be interested in this.
How would a neutral good Halfling Sorcerer fit? I would have been born a slave and then freed. As such I dislike oppressors and hate slavers in particular(everyone seems to be picking a race and figured there are more to hate then types of creatures). I would have some fellow ex-slaves as old-time close friends here and there. To fit with your 3 NPCs I recently came across the scholar, or more likely he came across me.

I would enjoy Reign of Winter or Shattered Star as APs that could work with your idea easily reading from the description.

Let me know, I will continue to work on a back story as this seems like a fun character either way.

Nazard I would welcome that class, though you will be in charge of your summons for the most part. Bring on the story!

Kjeldor keep working in the story I like it so far! Please contact others to make connections between other PCs.

Any NPCs that you want to create feel free, I will be putting up a NPC and resource page to help keep track of everything. Soon to come!

Hey Wolf/Monkeygod/everyone!

Interesting plan you have there, altought it's largely undecided yet. I'll wait for the results on the Dragon's Draught before applying to this one. I have a terrible bad luck when playing in two games from the same person.

Grand Lodge

I am thinking I would like to do a bright eyed young cleric of Erastil. I would start 1 lvl of ranger/ 1 lvl of cleric but from there cleric forward. His hated foe would be bandits and evil cultists that trouble the people of the small frontier communities. As far as AP I would be up for whatever the consensus is. The heroic concept is the real appeal here.

Interested. Thinking gnome sorcerer 1/oracle(heavens)1 who specializes in illusions. Hated enemy is goblin.

Goblins raided the village he was born in when he was just coming of age. They killed most of the inhabitants, and those they didn't kill they took as slaves before burning the village to the ground. He was able to escape through clever illusions and trickery but not without terrible cost, the house he hid in burning his body as it was ignited around him. His scorched and deformed hands are now a constant reminder of what the goblins took from him. He has spent the rest of his life trying to free the captives of his town and get revenge on the goblin band that raided his village.

Doesn't necessarily have to be goblins, but seem like a good fit for a gnome.

Liberty's Edge

Say hello to Arrunt of Absalom. This story is a general idea, and would be happy to put in more detail where you think is appropriate or would like to know more about.

Nightdeath, I mention I was freed by some fighters and was thinking that could connect me with you at least. A former student of yours that was taken in and made a prize fighter. He also was one of the fighters that helped me escape.

Arsil, I am not sure how I could connect with you. Perhaps the dead from the arena, that I mention in my back story, were used as proven powerful tools to be used for necromancy?

These are just some thoughts. The other folk who may be joining, if there seems like there could be a connection with a story of yours let me know.

Hey Walter! Welcome to my new idea/game. :)

LOL, so far I have had good luck, with those players they stick around!

Welcome Dorgar, blondebandit, and Arrunt! Please work with others as you continue to develop your background.

Sovereign Court

Arrunt O like it and I'm sure i can work something out. I'll post something later tonight if I have the time...

Wrath of the Righteous, I don't have.

Kingmaker I have.

Any other suggestions? I will be making the decision on the AP we will be focusing on in 3 hours. I am leaning towards kingmaker...

I would not mind Reign of Winter, Shattered Star or Wrath, which I get you don't own, just pointing out.

I would be OK with Kingmaker.

Is there a hard limit on players, and a deadline for submissions?

Should we just keep talking concept, or work on actual stats?

The crunch would have to be changed to whatever you decided to do but this is a monk who I came up with for a different game that I think would work.

He Who Pays his Debts is a Gentleman’s Gentleman, Majordomo, and or Chief Butler for one of the more important noble families in the capital (no one in the family seems know exactly his job title, but when asked D responds that he is merely a humble servant). The model of discretion, competence and good manners, D, as he lets people call him, didn’t let his emotions interfer(or indeed even show) when he retrieved one of his young charges from a criminal gang that had kidnapped them. With his young charge safely at home, D, has put the matter behind him. He Who Pays His Debts, the young Shoanti tribesman who stumbled into a monastery of Ragethiel out of a snowstorm some 20 odd years ago has taken a leave of absence from his employers and plans on teaching a certain crime lord how D's truename was earned.

AP suggestions

Curse of the Crimson Throne, Rise of the Runelords, Carrion Crown

Don't have: Reign of Winter, Shattered Star or Wrath

Liberty's Edge

Hm. Well most any AP will be fine with me. I am of the opinion that you don't want to run Kinkmaker GM, I could be wrong. You should enjoy the game as much as players so if you have one you want to do, I say we should do that one as it will turn out better I'd bet.

I am going to go with kingmaker, though if you have played it before, it is going to very different, home. Though it would be wise to have at least a ranger or druid in the group, if not ranks in ride and survival.

I don't suppose any body needs a gentleman's gentleman as an empolyee or companion?

Grand Lodge

Brother Henric was a bit of a woodsman before he heard the call of Erastil (1 lvl ranger). a simple country friar trying to ensure the safety of a wide ranging flock sounds like it would be a good fit for kingmaker I have heard their may be foul bandits afoot and surely a place like that may be infested with all manner of foul cultist. I can't speak as an employer D, But Brother Henric would be happy to have you as a road companion after all I find that a man willing to do an honest days labor can always find a roof and a meal if their is one to be had. If not Ole Deadeye may grace us with rabbit or quail.

I suddenly have visions of the odd couple in my head but that in itself is an appealing hook. The more the idea rattles around in my head the more I like it. Prehaps the bandits that have upset you have ties to the crime lord that I'm eager to educate?

Here is some Background in my profile more to come later.

Silver Crusade

Sable is part of a noble house, in the lands, though with his craft alone much wealth is made. He has children who have grown up and had grand children of their own. His house would be large with many in his employ, D sounds to be an excellent head butler. His first priority is protection, and with the princesses call he would take D with him, leaving the house to take care of itself under his children's care.

Though Sable is the head of the house he would want to deal with matters himself, especially the kidnapping of one of his own kin. Along the way the new crime lord learned that they messed with the wrong family. They skipped town and they are presently tracking the men. Now on the road many would be gathered on this path, for the princess, the kingdom, and for the upkeeping of the Law.

What do you think D?

Evil has many forms friend, both those that prey on simple people trying to honestly live out their days doing right by their neighbors they kindle a certain fire in my belly. Yeah the idea is growing on me as well you being a more refined "Majordomo" type and Henric being a woodsy friar. I can see us finding totally different styles of odd jobs for us.
Me: So another cord of wood and were all done for the day.
You: Wood chopping again? Ugh.

You: So all we have to do is go over the roadhouses receipts for the year make sure the kings-man is taxing him fair and we get room and board for the weekend?
Me: What? Scribe work for a whole weekend? Why didn't we go to talk to the miller again?


Silver Crusade

Then you have the elf noble that loves to run away from the politics of his family and fight the good fight.

Ehh? Eh? :)
Brother Henric?

We got so far:

Dorgar - Brother Henric - Ranger 1 / Cleric 1 (Erastil) (avatar made)
Ghost1776 - He Who Pays His Debts - Monk (avatar made)
Kjeldor - Arrunt of Absalom - Sorcerer (avatar made)
Monkeygod - Elven Ranger, Aberration hunter.
nightdeath - old grumpy dwarf fighter - foe orcs
blondebandit - gnome sorcerer 1/oracle(heavens)1 who specializes in illusions. Hated enemy is goblin. ?
Walter das Sombras - waiting...
Nazard - celestial summoner/commander
Arsil Dawnsinger - paladin - foe=undead
Hagrin - Inquisitor - foe Drow
Sable Soren - elf two handed fighter

You should keep talking concepts with each other. If you put an NPC into your background you should either place it in the NPC codex or resources for me to use later. The more you give me the more likely you are to see that NPC again. I want your help to develop this campaign.

It is my birthday weekend, this weekend, so the deadline for submissions will be Monday at noon, Pacific time. I am looking for a party of no more than 8, but if we have 10, I could have two groups running at the same time. We will see.

Get the crunches up if you can with your background by the deadline. $ = 2,000. This will be heavy magic.

If you want examples of formats for characters look at my Aliases. 'Baris' 'Saren' are great examples.

To tell the truth I like the idea of being freinds with with Brother Henric and working for Sable. Sable's family is exactly the time I envisioned D working for and the more I think about it the more I like Brother Henric as a best friend for D.

Hmmn prehaps Brother Henric and I were penpals before the kidnapping happened (sharing a common intrest of some kind), and opon learning that the investigation into the kidnapping would take Sable and I into wild/rural areas I contacted him for help?

GM Wolf what should be use for stat generation? As I'm playing a monk, and Arsil's playing a paladin and we're all supposed to be the Kingdom's Hero's I'm going to hope you say 25 pt buy and 2 traits ... but I can build decently enought on 20pts... 15 pt buy it will be painful but I will attempt the challenge.

Grand Lodge

D that sounds good if Henric and you traveled the road together for awhile before you found Sable as your new patron. We could definitely had stayed in touch.

Arrunt I could also see you and I sharing the road for a stretch especially if we were on the trail of some slavers trying to free some of your kinsman perhaps?

Nightdeath perhaps my mentor was a contemporary of yours back in your adventuring days and we have spent time visiting. I know a young Henric would have been most enthusiastic about learning from a veteran dwarven warrior like yourself.

Am Posting my fluff. Comments and any wanting to link would be welcomed.

Koldur of the Axe

Koldur is the princess for lack of better word, ex weapons master. Having served her great grandfather, he was said to be among the greatest of warriors in the kingdom.

Years ago, Koldur was involved in a skirmish with Orcs, where the king was surrounded. Koldur not only cut his way through throngs of orcs but also held them off long enough for reinforcements to arrive. His axes carving a wide swath through the Orcs Most of his curent scars can be attributed from then.

He has had the honor of being the princess personal bodyguard when she was but a mere child before he was ordered by the King to train the next generation of warriors.

Songs have being made of his exploits especially with his unique fighting style for Koldur, unlike most dwarves fights with two axes or a single axe, switching them out in a blink of an eye. He doesn't favor the typical heavy blows of Dwarvish fighting, rather keeping a fighting style favoring constant motion and using the momemtum to switch his blows.

One of the most famous duels ever witnessed was between Koldur and Silvillinis Soren Sable - 'Sable'(PC) (No offence I hope), a clash never repeated ever again.

The song of Sword and Axe:

Elven blade lands hard between interjoined Dwarvish axes before being slide to the side as a nimble dwarf springs to the side using the momentum to roll his shoulder bringing his left axe up slicing air as the equally agile elf leaps over his shorter foe.

The elf's blade whistles through the air before reversing into a series of swings and thrusts only to be met with an equal barrage of spinning axes deflecting each blade aside and being turned aside just as well.

There's a grin on the dwarf's face matched only by the open smile on the Elf.
They disengaged for a moment before clashing once more in a dizzyingly of complicated maneuvers.

Double Axe chop blocked by flat of the greatsword, pushed away and then riposted into a thrust so quickly that it seems to disappear from most eyes watching only to be caught on an axe spike and redirected to the side.

A subtle shift in the shoulders with a quick step is all the skilled elf needs to dance and dodge in between deadly axe blades as the dwarf charges and spins his body while moving his arms bringing his axes in a perfect counterpoint to his spin creating a deadly ring of flashing blades dazzling to the eye.

The Elf picks his moment and lashes out with a kick knocking his bearded foe off balance and unleashes an incredible display of swordplay only for his opponent to use the kick and roll out of the way.

Instantly they stopped and sheathe/lower their weapons, their bout ended by mutual respect.

"You need to grow taller, Koldur"
Bah!! Grow a beard, Sable!"

Koldur has had trained many others which also includes an half orc named Gratus (NPC) who was involved in releasing slaves of which one was named Arrunt (PC).

He has had another friend or neighbour who comes occasionally to test his skills against Koldur, a lizardman by the name of Koven(NPC) skilled with teeth, claws and tail.

Due to his established home being an out of the way forified town, he has a tower that is occupied by another, Alkron, a scholar well learned in the ways of arcane

General Appearance:

Koldur is pretty easy to spot as he usually has a Dwarven maulaxe strapped to a side and an accompanying Dwarven waraxe on the other. A beautifully crafted greataxe with wavy blades resembling a butterfly but has an elongated haft marking it as a Dwarven Longaxe.

A string of throwing axes adorn his baldric.

Warning I'm actually aiming at least a middle age dwarf or maybe even old. I'm crazy.

Oh Yeah this is nightdeath.

oh yeah Stat Generation? Point Buy? 4d6 drop one? Focus and Focible?

Will check back later over the weekend. I have to work. lol

This is Nazard and my celestial commander. I built Xara assuming a 20 point buy, max hp, and two traits, all easily changed if that's not what you're planning on using.

Xara has two hated foes: bandits and nobility, as she blames both for the death of her parents and younger brother and destruction of her home. She is devoted to Andoletta (aka Grandmother Crow), an Empyreal Lord whose nickname just screams a Shoanti following to me, so I could see her getting along well with He Who Pays His Debts, though she may not know him personally at the beginning. She would start off with quite a bit of hostility and contempt for Soren, though as he likes to care of his people himself, if he is goood-aligned she will quickly place him in the "rare breed" category of nobles, ones who might actually deserve the title. She will get along very well with Dorgar, though she will strongly disapprove of any foolishness D and Dorgar seem to get up to with their "Odd Couple" routine! :)

As for the three NPCs mentioned, she has heard stories of a possible fellow aasimar, and hopes to run into him during her travels. I don't see her associating with many lizardmen (not that she has anything against them, they're just not a likely species to have run into), and she would also not likely have spent much time around elven blade masters.

As I was driving home after working all night it struck me that Sable and D were remarkably like the Green Hornet and Kato. I'm too tired at the moment to know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Bah. Didn't really write that well enough, could have done better....sigh.

Going to have to back out of the running for this one. Life getting crazy, and not sure I can handle another PbP. Best of luck everyone.

So I have a 20 pt buy version of D ready to post, if that is the way generation gets done.

Weird my post did not get up.

Character generation in campaign info!

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