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Finished drying off Okaris retrieves a fresh set of garments from his pack. Hastily he dresses and reenters the common room. He stops a second surprised to sed his companions still seated at the table. With a shrug he makes his way back to the table, "I feel like a new man ... whats all the glum faces for?"

"The conversation took a grim turn, swimmer," say Arias. "Dark stories, shadows of torment. Good that you have done your ablutions and become clean - we here have been drawn into murkier waters."

Okaris considers a moment, "After food, lodging and a willing companion, stories are the thing we need most in life.There are good stories and bad stories but you find our moods change more often then our fortunes." He claps his hands, "Enough doom and gloom play us a lively tune Arian!"

Naatme frowns at the descriptions of the depredations of both gnoll and orc, and seems on the verge of speaking when Okaris returns and demands entertainment.

A wry smile twiches her mouth, "Good, I doubt they wanted to hear my lecture...why were you going to open your mouth, Naatme?"

She looks to Arian, holding up her curiously calloused hands, "My instruments are ready, Arian."

"As you wish, sahib," says Arian, and she tightens her strings, then sings a short tune along with the song on the setar:

"Who shall support me in calamities,
When fail all cures and greater cares arise?
Exile hath worn my heart, my vitals torn;
The World to foes hath turned my firm allies.
O folk, will not one friend amidst you all
Wail o'er my woes, and cry to hear my cries?
Death and its agonies seem light to me,
Since life has lost all joys and jollities:
O Lord of Mustafá, that Science-sea
Sole Intercessor, Guide all-ware, all-wise!
I pray thee free me and my fault forego,
And from me drive mine evil and my woe."

Perform (string instrument): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18

She is not a great singer by any stretch, but the setar certainly guides her voice well.

Isadriewen, now thick into her cups, drinks her final pint of ale. "I do believe I'm drunk!"

And with that she gets up and begins to dance once again to Arian's melodious tune.

Feeling down from the recent conversation, Lark takes a long drink of his cup. Idly his eyes roam over to Isadriewen hips and in a flash of inspiration decides to join her in her dance.
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (5) + 10 = 15
"Hope you don't mind if I join." Larks asks with a sly, charming smile as he desperately tries to recall how to dance.

Preform dance: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8
Lark can't dance, move along nothing to see here just a tipsy paladin.

what lousy timing! I'd love to postpone this just to see if Isadriewen loses her top but, alas!

It is Wednesday evening and I did promise to make my choices known. A couple of weeks ago I made athread to just see if there as any interest for Legacy of Fire. Twelve people were needed to make things go forward and those twelve did come forward to state their wanting to play.

As you know I decided to go with a mixed group between men and women characters, races, and their campaign traits. I also looked at if the characters would fit with the theme of the module. A lot of the characters had that, but I needed to pick 5. A lot of this just came down to variety. I am sorry if you haven't been chosen, I hope you had fun and I invite you all to heckle the adventurers in the discussion thread, providing ideas for providing copious amounts of hell for them.

Faffnyr: Half-orc cleric; earning your freedom trait
Arian al-Okeno: Human Skuld(Velvet Blade); Reclaiming Your Roots trait(Thorough character sheet)
Isadriewen Fage Llewellenar: Half-elf Sorceress(Arcane); Gnoll Killer

Okaris al Abbas: Human Bard(Dawnflower Dervish); Finding Haleen trait.
Lark Baker: Human Paladin; Missionary trait.

Now, here is where the fun begins. Over this weekend you five go over your sheets and make sure your points are where you want them. This will give me time to create your first posting introducing you to the adventure. -What you need to remember is that all this that happened in this IC thread never happened and when you meet it might be for the first time. Or, maybe, it won't. It will depend on what I have in store for you. What I can tell you is that when the adventure starts you would have already spent a week together traveling.

Are you ready? Feel free to pM me with idea you have and by all means discuss with each other your ideas as well.

Congratulations to those who made it!
Have fun!


Slayer not skald


Just noticed that no one has a Charisma lower than 14. Apparently this is a pretty people party.

Gratz To those chosen.

Thank you all! And I am serious, stick around and watch the thread and heckle.

Congrats to those accepted! ;)

Thanks! I hope everyone enjoyed the recruitment as much as I did. Hope to see you around the boards.

Rorx wrote:
Congrats to those accepted! ;)

Indeed. Good luck everyone.

Woot! Remember, what happened at the Comely Ogre stays at the Comely Ogre! I'm looking at you Lark :)

Isadriewen Fage Llewellenar wrote:
Woot! Remember, what happened at the Comely Ogre stays at the Comely Ogre! I'm looking at you Lark :)

Hah, the world will never know of Lark's awful dance moves,

Congratulations to those picked! And thank you GM for this wonderful opportunity!

Sovereign Court

Thanks a lot for being choosen. And let us make this a story worth to be told by sheherazad.



Just wondering if I missed a memo, or we're still waiting to start up. :)

Check the gameplay thread :)

Uuugh it totally did not notify me of any new posts

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