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Full Name

Lark Baker




Paladin (sacred servant) 1, Perception +2; AC 17; Init+0; HP 12/12; Fort+4; Ref+0; Will+5; Longsword +3(+4/smite) (1d8 +2/19-20 x2)

Tracked Resources:
Smite 1/1











Strength 14
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 18

About Lark Baker

HP 12
Fort+4 Ref+0 Will+5

Offence Longsword +3 (+4/smite) 1d8+2 19/20
Defence AC 17 T 10 FF 17

Str 14 Int 10
Dex 10 Wis 14
Con 14 Cha 18




Heavy steel shield
Iron holy symbol of Iomedae

Hemp rope 50ft
Hook, grappling common
Pitons x 5
Sunrod x 5
Cheap Holy text
Trail rations 2 days
Shaving Kit

Trail rations 3 days
Sunrod x5


Skills, Traits and Drawback:

Skills (2+1(human)+1(Favored class))
Diplomacy +9
Sense Motive +6
Knowledge (Religion) +4
Ride +4

Combat-Inspiring Rush
Faith-Indomitable Faith
Social-Natural Born Leader

Drawback- Headstrong (He's devoted to bringing Justice to the world, Lark cannot abide Injustice. He doesn't intervene he is shaken for an hour.)


Lark is an earnest and devoted worshiper of Iomedae. He his constantly vigilant against the presence of evil and will never falter in his duty. He is kind and caring with friends and potential allies, wrathful and unrelenting with his enemies. Driven by a longing to see injustice corrected he has a hard time restraining himself in the presence of such wrongs, compelled to speak out and act against it.

He is a consummate charmer and lover, though not to the point of hedonism. A lover of swordplay and relishes a good challenge. He always keeps his gear clean and takes a healthy amount of pride in his appearance. He is confident and well spoken, gifted with a grace and confidence that he hopes will one day inspire others to carry on his work when he one day falls.

He doesn't expect to live long, knowing that the candle who burns brightest burns fastest and has accepted that one day he will bite of more than he can deal with.


Lark stands just under 6 foot, possessing a lean and well built physique. He walks with a straight back and an air of self assured confidence that endears people to him that when combined with his natural charms given him an aura of conviction that most people have a hard time resisting when he puts his mind to it.

His skin is the telltale pale white of cheliax with short cut dark black hair and deep blue eyes, he always keeps himself clean shaven. Regardless of the environment he is seldom seen without his armor, a distinct tabard of red and gold over it. Emblazoned on the shoulders of his armor are the holy symbols of Iomedae. He is never far from his shield and refuses to part with his trusty longsword.


Born to a Knight in the service of a Chelish Baron, Lark never knew his mother and his father refused to speak of her. What ever happened between them he was an only child and his father never took another lover. His father, Sir Kalder was a ruthless and expecting man who taught Lark that his only duty and expectation was to serve as a tool for the state. Raised on training ground and muster fields, Lark spent his formative years in the company of stern faced soldiers and was tutored by the steel fist of the Asmodean church. His father's reputation as a great knight and honorable man granted them governorship of a hamlet a days ride from the city his Baron lived in.
Lark grew up as an obedient child and eagerly absorbed the teachings he was given, seeking to please his father he practiced sword forms day and night. Raised under the church of Asmodeus as a noble's son he was taught how to lead, a role he quickly discovered a natural talent for.

Eventually in an effort to prove himself a worthy son and make his father proud Lark entered himself in tournament after tournament, making a name for himself as he brought him victory after victory. While he wasn't the best swordsman around, he possessed an almost inhuman ability to shrug off wounds and keep going.

The victories made his father proud and attracted the attention of many a pretty lass, whose attentions he eagerly accepted. For a time Lark was happy, and then he meet Diane.

As a young man Lark had never paid much mind to the world outside of his training and his father. He knew what happened in the village but never took an interest in it, his father's title wasn't hereditary and the land would pass on to who ever the Baron thought would be suitable so it wasn't his concern. That all changed when he meet Diane, a local lay cleric of Iomedae.
They meet as she was taking the customary walk of shame all non-infernal clerics must do in Cheliax, stripped to almost naked and made to walk gagged and shackled around town escorted by the local priest for an hour each week. However what struck him about her was that unlike other clerics he had seen, she walked with an almost indifferent demeanor, the insults and rocks thrown at her could have not existed for all the impact they had on her graceful features.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he had to know more about her, so he followed as she was escorted back to her rundown, modest temple. When he asked how she could bear such treatment she smiled at him and look to the sky, claiming that not earthly harm could compare to heavenly joy she received from doing her goddess work.

Never had Lark encountered such faith, the clerics of Asmodeus were devoted but they served because of the power they received. As he watched her channel her goddess power, brushing away the wounds like so much water he had to know more. And so he began to attend the weekly congregations at the temple of Iomedae, they were a small church but a pious one and while their clerics were abused it never seemed to dissuade them. From them Lark learned of the true meaning of honor, about valor and about Justice.

Eventually he and Diane started up a tryst, one that quickly became the gossip of the town. Kalder, his father, was displeased but couldn't deny the effect the Iomedean had on his son, never had he seen Lark fling himself into his training with such fervor before. He was like a man possessed, training harder and longer than ever. He had privately worried that all the attention his boy had been receiving would make him arrogant and soft so he was happy to see his son's passion.

Something was changing inside of him, Lark could feel it. He kept noticing things, things that were wrong. Things that for his whole life that had felt normal, now felt, off. He knew his time with Diane was responsible, their talks about her faith, the tales of hero's and acts of valor kept him awake at night. But he loved her, never had he felt this way about anyone before and he loved it. The first she said those three words to him and he realized that she truly meant it, it was like the sun had risen for the first time. He could no longer deny it and at the next congregation he openly prayed for the first time.
And with each passing week it became harder to watch her do the walk of shame.

As his relationship with Diane blossomed, Lark watched as a gulf formed between him and his father. Eventually he sat his father down and confessed that he would had converted to the faith of the Inheritor, and that he wished to leave to pursue adventure and glory in her name. His father explained that this would mean he would have to take the walk of shame and despite his own disappointment he felt a measure of pride as his son didn't hesitate in accepting it. And so Lark was lead around the village, gagged and in chains before a stunned crowd, his head held high with Diane at his side.

Inspired by this a family of slaves resolved to make a break for freedom and were quickly captured, in accordance with the law they were to be put to death in front of the village. And in accordance with the law Kalder and his son were to see it carried out.

As he watch the parents be impaled on the spikes of the great iron forks Lark felt a wash of anger roll over him but kept his peace. Then the last slave was brought forth, a girl of no more than ten, and Lark reached his limit.

With a shout he moved to block the way, a stir went through the crowd as the watch their Governor and his son argue. Voices escalated into fists and as Lark picked himself up again he proclaimed Iomedae's name and struck back with a mighty blow.

However he was only one man and was beaten into submission. The next day he was dragged before the town in chains, made to watch as the clergy of Iomedae were one by one added to the spikes, the last being Diane who was fearless to her last moment. After her body went cold instead of being added himself Lark was dragged out of town to where a horse waited for him.

There his chains were removed and his father tossed a bag of gold at his feet, saying that the only thing a man can do is stand up for what he thinks is right. No matter the cost, that is the true meaning of honor. Looking his son in the eyes he ordered him to leave, never to return.

And so Lark left, finding solace with other Iomedean faithful over the world. He never forgot what his recklessness cost him, and he regrets the senseless deaths he was responsible for. But through the guidance of Iomedae he has found peace, accepting it and even finding peace after Diane.