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I'm can be a co-GM, or a backup GM for Mug. I've run the first module and am familiar with the AP. I'm just really bad at using these forums.

Can I have one?

Time is opening to me, and I'm interested in getting my fingers on the keyboard. How much character background and fluff would you like?

Vysin Blynde wrote:

@Cyx as a DM, the first thing I noticed was the con dump.

Second is that your 'knowledge' of the tunnels and secret passages looks like an attempt, and I would be concerned about future use of, to have knowledge beyond what your Know:local of +0 would imply. In other words, your background does not reflect your skills. Especially with the described knowledge of the criminal underworld. If you are sneaking around, where's your stealth?

Your intention was to blackmail, but instead of intimidation, you have diplomacy.

Another minor grammatical gaph: "he was taught the martial arts of unarmed combat."

Where is a 3-step bonus for silver tongue coming from? I found several references on d20pfsrd, none provide the bonus you listed.

My unasked advice would be to try to tone down the degree of secret underground tunnel knowledge to something appropriate a 1st lvl character. Look at your feats, traits, and skills and work them into your background.

This toon has been in several recruitment's for WotW as well. And I would welcome suggestions and comments as well.

I wonder why she was turned down. She seems fun to me, and I can't see why she'd be passed up. She is an aasimar and I've known GM's to dislike races not from the core. And that she is level 2, and not 1. However, the concept and back story is neat.

Cyx wrote:
dunebugg wrote:

@Cyx: your backstory has a flaw that may detract GMs from selecting you. You say that you were sentenced to Life in Talingarde prison - even though the players guide, all the traits, and everything else, says you are sentenced to death. It might seem a small thing, but when there are usually 20+ applicants for a WOTW game, you gotta try and do your best to follow specifications in character building AND background.

Just something to mull over.

If there is a flaw in that, it is minor enough that it can be corrected easily. the fact that during the recuitment process No DM ever has a question for me nor points that out. which is indicitive that the character is not one they are interested in in the first place.

at least you would not be one to send me a PM to invite me to a game then after I accept the invite it gets recinded (already happend in one of my 13 rejections).

and twice I got a basic "I don't like monks" tone of a response.

I play a monk in a Way of the Wicked game. They're a lot of fun, but I don't think I could recommend playing one for this campaign.

That was FAST! -Thanks!

Did I miss thew young template in the core? I gotta check

@mrsin, would you by chance have that link?

What would be a fair and balanced way to transform adult heroes back into tween kids. Meaning, it would be preposterous for a grown man and a 10 - 12 year old to have the same strength and speed. I appreciate the help!


"Thaldrin Kreed is the closest thing to a leader we have. And nobody really likes him." the girl said. "He's probably not here anyway and is up north in the woods chopping wood."

want more information you can make a knowledge local check. Perhaps you heard hi name before or you decide to chat with some of the people.

If it's one thing, it's another.'s probably better I scoot off and keep things from getting bogged. Then you can play at a better speed.

The storm did the world some good giving the ground a good soaking. It did make travelling during the morning slightly uncomfortable because the ground was so soft, but once the sun dried it up it was easy. The children had helped you take down the camp and cook breakfast.
The children are not pleased about going to Falcon's Hollow, for feelings they can't express yet. As adults you have an idea why. They're orphans now, scared and from your first impressions of the city you can see why. People here are somewhat skeptical and greedy. Any good deeds you do are looked at with skepticism.

Falcon's Hollow is a Neutral Evil town. The people here have this sense of that you can't get anything for nothing. That's why they give 'good' funny looks. and why the children weren't terribly forthcoming with you. The town's economy is in the lumber industry, which makes sense since to the North is the Darkmoon Vale, a very fairly sized forest. The town holds about 1200 people, and it's brimming with gossipers.

If you have any further questions let me know. :) I do have some additional information about the town the module doesn't cover.

I'm doing okay! I'm just a little slower than you and the sense of being overwhelmed swept me away. That's my fault, actually.

Is everyone back! I'm back too! Whee!

Should I just pop in? I think I've been too slow in posting.

I'm alright!
Just suffering from the upcoming visit from the stork this April. (and I have no idea where to pick up!) This will make number 3!

I think I'm a little behind.

(Here, we'll stop still Virgilante is back from his vacay!) :)

Yeah! That's great, we can slow down.

It's fine! It shows that you're active, and that there is a good pace for this game. It is an adventure path and those are long.

Hadassah, you will find in that satchel some spare shirts, 900 GP, and a journal. At the very bottom there's a bottle with some trace amounts of liquid inside. It smells like some kind of stinky tea and alcohol. It's cough medicine, essentially. Anyone with ranks in how to make it or use it will know what it is right away. And on the label it reads, "Roots and Remedies".

The girl then looks to Virgil, and spoke in a tone slightly more than a whisper.

"That's where we are from, Falcon's Hollow. Something got in one of the wells and it made many people very sick. The well was blocked off, but the disease was so horrible..." She looked away and shuddered as she began to cry again. "It...our mom! She took us away so we didn't have to see it and be safe. But, there are so many yet infected! She....she...¬sniffle!¬"

Now Virgil and Gil, you now should have the impression that the disease is not air-born and there are many more people sick.

Hadassah, it's a horrible sight. Whatever had killed the woman, it looks like it liquefied her insides.

Yikes, you guys! There's so much!

Hadassah and Persephone leave the tent. The children don't seem to notice, and the three children seem hesitant in answering Virgilante's question. The girl simply stares into the fire still rocking, but her brother looks up at the paladin and then to her sister. Seeing that she was quiet and not even making eye contact he decided to speak up.

"A lot of people are sick at Falcon's Hollow." The boy said. "That's why we're out here. Mom took us away to keep us safe." At that the little girl clutched her baby brother even closer and began to cry again, coughing in between sobs. The boy lowered his eyes and continued.
"Dad died nine months ago at the lumber consortium. There was an accident and....Mom, she's still out there. She sent us ahead."

You are south of Falcon's Hollow, so they went the wrong way, if they were moving further south away from the town.


Not knowing if you've read the module, but these three kids aren't in it. They're of my design as a hook to pull you to Falcon's Hollow and set the mood on the situation there.

Hadassah, to keep things moving, you will stumble upon a person in the forest. It's a woman and she's sitting with her back against a large rock. She's recently deceased; her lips are black and the front of her blouse is stained the same color. On her right, under her hand, is a light brown leather satchel.

Tiessa the DM wrote:

Okay everyone, the fist post is up for the campaign in the gameplay thread.

And we're off to the races...

Could you link it please? <:(

Tiessa the DM wrote:

Keeya, that makes sense, thank you :)

Pai, I assumed you would take the extra skill point and that Bard was your favored class, rather than perhaps barbarian and taking all the extra hit points you can get.

I'll take it. ;) I'll just need to know where she hails from and what language she speaks. Is there a place that works for you?

Hadassah, you're right. Her three big coughs had her bent over, so whatever she has is pretty hard.

Virgil and Gil, you can guess she has an infection in her lungs, and it could be severe bronchitis or pneumonia. Hacking up blood isn't uncommon for either of those. However, what she coughed up was black and her brother may have it too. He's coughing, but not nearly as hard.

The three children stay silent and do as you say. Slowly they sit close, around the fire. The girl, still clutching her baby brother, slowly begins to rock. None of them speak, but the boy eventually leans against his older sister's shoulder.

You may know that here in America many still claim something to their roots. It's almost like countries have suddenly become races. My parents went over to Ireland to see if they could find out where the family's name came from.

And sorry. I thought I had told you that I went on a camping trip. I told everyone else. Apparently, I forgot to tell you. :( My family went to a flea market. We hicks do that here in the midwest sometimes; we go to a giant garage sale and wade through everyone else's stuff to see what they've got and then buy it. My son scored some toys and a new hat. Because it was so hot with the direct sunlight we wanted to get my daughter a new hat, but there wasn't anything for girls that was appropriate. They either said something about being a b&!%# or promiscuity, so we left there feeling bad for her. And very angry at society. My little girl should punch someone who calls her b*&!#, not feel that it's sassy. Eventually, we did find a visor for her with butterflies on it, which she adores! I am happy about that. And she was smiling so hard when she was on the ponies. There were pony rides and she had a blast. She even gave me a 'yee-haw!'

That's enough. I've written too much. Anyway, I know lots of Irish, but their Americans. So, are they really Irish?

Tiessa the DM wrote:

Pai, I looked through your character sheet and I don't think you spent all of your skill points, you have 9 to spend, but only listed 8 with a bonus. Also, I didn't see any armor or weapons, which may be intentional, but I'm just checking.

Talon, I looked yours over, it's looks great.

Onto Keeya and Taize.

Bards get 6 skill points plus their intelligence modifier. That would mean I only get 8. I can't find out where I would get the 9'th skill points, are you counting favored class? I'll gladly take it, of course. I just hate missing stuff.

The boy looks to be about eight, and the girl seems to be in her tweens. She's pretty with long brown hair, green eyes, and freckles. her brother has auburn hair and the same green eyes. The baby, well, he's just crying because he's wet and cold and not liking it.

The boy stopped crying long enough to look at his sister. After a long second she nodded and reached out to you Virgil for help to pull them out of this nasty mud. Once on their feet the boy looks up to you.

"You never lie? That can't be true. Everyone lies because everyone wants something. That's what Mother said." His sister jabbed him hard in the ribs with her elbow.

"Shh! Don't talk about her. You'll bring bad luck!"

"Don't say that!" the boy stepped away from his sister and shot her a mean look. He didn't like her hitting him like that, and he made no effort to hide it. "She's not dead! She said she was tired and needed to rest her eyes, that's all! Nothing more!"

His sister wanted to protest and opened her mouth to do so, but seeing the hopelessness in it she snapped it shut and turned her pretty green eyes down to her muddy feet. Clutching her baby brother closer to her chest her shoulders shook as she began to sob. Immediately, a sudden fit of coughing struck her and forced her to stop her crying and bend over at the waist. Three hard hacks, and then she straightened and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

perception check DC 15:

When she coughed some color at the corner of her mouth and on her chin. It was thick, slightly viscous, and perhaps chunky. It was black as bad blood. The boy is coughing too, but only slightly as if he had a mild cold or allergies.


Hadassah, since you are outside you can make the check too. If you're close, next to Virgil who is with the children, then the DC is 15. if you are farther away it's 20.

No problem, it's understandable. The realm of Real Life can be more adventurous than the land of RPG.

Just to let you know I'm going on a camping trip for the weekend. It's something at the spur of the moment.

The children are shaken, and stand there shivering from the cold and with fear. They might run, but they don't likely because they wouldn't get very far and need help. They're covered from head to toe in mud and their clothes are sticking to their bodies.

"Don't hurt us," said the girl, eventually. The boy made a whimpering sound and looked between Virgil and Hadassah.

How is it so far? Any questions or concerns I can address, maybe change?

Virgilante and Gil, you get out from under the dog after a short frustrating moment, clamor to your feet and can move. Hadassah, There's nothing impeding your movement, except Gil and Virgil if you were to leave out the front. It would be an acrobatics check to slip by between their legs. Otherwise, you can follow Persephone unhampered.

The children are only 10 feet away, and I'm assuming you three will be approaching them?(I did say 30 feet, but I forgot that it's raining and that the grass is slick and there is mud, which is also slick.)

outside the tent, 10 feet away:

The wagon Persephone mentions is a small pull wagon for kids. There's a small woolly child's blanket in it. The girl, likely the eldest of the three shown by her height, is clutching the wailing baby to her chest. I've determined that they are frightened. By their age and innocence, seeing a dog poof out of nowhere, a snake woman, and being out in a storm a 25 won't cut it. That's not including what I know that you haven't discovered yet. They're considered hostile but towards the flavor of being scared. They are frightened.

What is keeping them from running away is that they're getting the wagon up, and that it's also muddy and slippery.

Will someone assist?


Frightened: Characters who are frightened are shaken, and in addition they flee from the source of their fear as quickly as they can. They can choose the paths of their flight. Other than that stipulation, once they are out of sight (or hearing) of the source of their fear, they can act as they want. If the duration of their fear continues, however, characters can be forced to flee if the source of their fear presents itself again. Characters unable to flee can fight (though they are still shaken).

Fixed it and made some updates that would be more fitting. I took Exchange Agent as a campaign trait, and now I need to pick an area and language.

Talon Neverion wrote:
@CaptMadJaq: You don't have a campaign trait. You have a Society trait (Maestro of the Society) But that doesn't count, I believe. Pai also seems to have one additional 1st level spell known than she should at first level, not sure if there's a class or racial feature giving you that, though.

I think she gets a bonus from her charisma score. And that society trait doesn't count? Huh. I will have to look.

Oh, the fickle whims of the dice roller!

As Gil and Virgilante pick themselves up and away from the dog, Persephone slithers under the tent, nearly knocking it over.

"I see them!" she shouts back, "There's a girl, a boy, and a baby. They didn't get far. About ten meters at best, maybe a few more. They've dropped a wagon."

At the sight of Persephone the children begin screaming again.

Gill Baverly wrote:

" going on!"

[dice=acrobatics]1d20 + 2
** spoiler omitted **

A quick concentration check at DC 10, and you'll be fine.

The door and exit are the one and the same.

The tent is really tight, there isn't any room for discretion or modesty. The moment the dog poofs into existence(making maneuverability inside the tent intolerable), you hear a young girl shriek loudly, followed by another scream from someone else. The tent wall then falls back into the place and you can hear feet splash in the mud, away from your tent. Then there's a louder wet sound and now you can hear the wails of a baby.


Remember, the tent is very small and with the addition of a summoned animal it has become smaller yet. For Gil and Virgil, they would have to move through the dog to that side of the tent, whose tail(mostly it's butt) is slapping against you two gents.

DC 10:

Because it humors me, would Virgilante and Gil roll an acrobatics check at DC 10? The dog's sudden appearance makes things tight. If you fail you're upright but pushed outside in the rain. And if your score is equal to or less than 5 you find yourself prone and under the dog.


With notepad.

I can, if you'd like, take your starting stats and put them to a pdf.

That looks very good H!


My last post is happening now H, and it's happening by you.

Those things would get their own initiative, wouldn't they?

At the tense moment that Virgilante's fingers wring themselves over the hilt of his sword, there's a sudden slight shuffling sound over by Hadassah. That wall of the tent moves,bulging slightly inward, and then slowly rises.

As for your RP''re doing fine. Combat is something of a pain because it takes a long time.

I'm a visual communicator, better known as a graphic designer. I work with the woman's football team in my area getting promotional things ready.

And I think my Time zone is CST +6. I live in Wisconsin, the mid-west.

How can they do that? Since this is the web there are people all over the world in different time zones, with things they need to do. Setting a time limit seems a touch unfair. However, I will say this. If someone is 2-3 days late posting, I can step in and push things along.

Let's say, for example that a player is late posting on Tuesday. Wednesday comes along and there still isn't anything. Then Thursday is when I would take over and give a little push to keep things moving.

As for your post H., I don't want to say it's too soon. Remember, there is a sphere of influence that surrounds your character that you are in control of. As long as it's benign and has virtually no impact to what V. and G. are doing, posting now would be fine. However, I think it would be best not to interrupt posts involving rolls. Unless you would like H. to wake up and roll as well. Just remember that she needs sleep too.

I think Pai is alright. Send me a PM with any ideas, everyone.:)

I think I broke the forum. I somehow managed to post twice!

Virgilante wrote:

"I'd appreciate the extra eyes tonight Gill. There is something in the air tonight...maybe just the storm.

Virgil found the sound of the halfling's voice soothing, but he only caught bits of the story as his attention was focused the darkness quickly falling over them.


I'm not sure if the roll was appropriate as it wasn't asked for, but I thought maybe I'd just stick it in to demonstrate that Virgil was taking his watch seriously, and not getting too distracted by the story.

Actually, it's very appropriate. You are keeping watch, so if Gil would roll that would be great!

You're welcome.

It really isn't hard with some planning. Within a week I'm betting you'll be ready to run a module or AP too. ;)

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