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Current Day: Day 6
Current Hex: C9

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Dotting, I'm thinking of putting a rank in survival next level

It's my mom's 50th, hooray! So I'll be updating tomorrow! And I'll try and make the map a drawing. But yes, the green hexes are all at the top of the fjord wall.

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Happy birthday mommy Winterbones!

As a note I have a land speed of 40 (Yay travel domain) so if you guys can get another horse or possibly double up?

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Wait a sec, isn't a cairn just a stack of rocks used as a marker?

We've been playing to much Skyrim XD

Fear not my friends I am still alive. Its currently the magic the gathering born of the gods prerelease and ive been working all day all weekend. Ill be back tonight/tomorrow and were carrying on with aplomb.

Also, i dont run speedy games so once a day is perfectly fine. I prefer long lasting campaigns.

Thanks for the heads up. No worries!

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Sorry had a weird blip on the famil radar, will get updates in today, sorry for the absence.'
On a side note Winterbones do you work a game store? I used to for a long long I know the apin of a MtG release :p

I do indeed work at a game store in Montreal.

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Winterbones wrote:
I do indeed work at a game store in Montreal.

Very cool. I miss the work. I worked for a few different ones and have gotten hooked up with tons of people through it, if I could afford to I would still, my last game store is really my home away from home. But ala, family and what not takes a bit of a bigger paycheck so, alas I can't still do it.

Does Montreal have many stores? (Not that you know every single one...or maybe you do :-) ) I am always curious to learn more about how many stores manage to function in a given area. I am in WA south of Seattle so we have a bunch it seems but with WotC and Paizo, Nintendo and others spread throughout it seems like we are primed for that kind of community. When I lived elsewhere it was way harder to get to a shop of ANY size.

I know of around five or six in the city, with a few others outside. We all have our specialties.

By the way, I'm in the middle of a project rush for my College Program (Elementary Education) so I'll update tomorrow.

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I think Dorian should be in portal lol

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