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From where you are you can't gauge the depth exactly but definitely not more than 10 feet down and roughly five feet across. More like a vertical hole than an actual tunnel.

The glow seems to function like a residual light spell. Something seems to be leaving them behind.

The cave continues in, but turns a tight corner.

The water seems shallow enough but you poke your spear and notice that a section of the riverbed is actually simply covered in a fine pebble layer that gives way.

The watery column seems to descend a good ways but you can spot the end.

The sides seem to have been carved by some corrosive substance, since they're sheen and smooth.

The entrance to the cave is empty from what you can tell. The cavern floor is bare and devoid of any usual signs of habitation.

Areas not in the spear's light seem to have a faint bluish glow, same as the bear like creature you spotted briefly.

You can't make out any sound... the strange silence seems even more pervasive here.

The water does indeed continue to radiate the same aura as the pool.

Perception DC 20:

You spot a glimpse of a transparent shape dart through the water as you prepare to leave. It was only for a moment however.

I assume that a day is spent exploring, I just forgot to update the timeline.

Both Trelck and Gustav easily find bear tracks within the woods. As you delve into the trees, you suddenly realize that the sounds are slowly becoming muted the more you advance.

Soon, everything becomes silent.

And then in front of you lies a large cave opening into the side of small wooden knoll.

Your hand dips lightly into the water.

Will Save: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20

You felt drowsy for just one moment but managed to regain composure.

What's the worst indeed. Do you head directly into the forest to try and follow it? If yes, a Survival roll will do fine.

As mentioned, only a faint transmutation aura lingers. You feel no evil presence but you cannot fathom what the brook's effects are.

Anyone attempt to get a little wet?

The bears are avoided without much need for hiding. As you stay crouched down though, you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of pale white-blue fur amid the trees. It was only for a moment, but you felt a wave of enormous strength emanating from it.

The area radiates faint transmutation magic.

You also do not see any animals or other creatures.

If you investigate the brook, you see that it is quite shallow and the riverbed is composed of fine pebbles.

You head into C7 and after exploring the region you come across a hidden brook nestled in between a small knoll. The water seems remarkably pure. In fact, sounds seem muted as you enter this area and you feel extraordinarily calm.

You head back into D8, the day spent exploring it.

After wandering around the small hills and fields, you spot a pair of bears lumbering out of the forest. They haven't noticed you yet however.

I apologize for the slow posting, it's been one hell of a crazy month. If there ever was a time where I would have to actually drop a game I would inform you all. I just have some days where I can't free myself up. I'm currently at work so I'll have to update tomorrow. Again, I apologize for the lack of posting.

I apologize for the slow posting, it's been one hell of a crazy month. If there ever was a time where I would have to actually drop a game I would inform you all. I just have some days where I can't free myself up. I'm currently at work so I'll have to update tomorrow. Again, I apologize for the lack of posting.

North it is, as you're all in C9, are we heading directly north and traveling or are we exploring each hex as we go?

You're all in C9 so should I start with exploring D8 then, and then continue based off your decisions? You seem to be exploring back up the fjord from what I gather.


As mentioned, I just need the groups to decide where they want to go from here.


Feel free to all dot in!

Sounds good, everyone can move back to their respective threads. I just need a declaration of intent (move to Hex, explore, etc.) from each team

"Ah yes, another token is indeed in order."

He hands you another carved token with a smile.

"As for altars, perhaps you refer to the shrines to the aspects? There are numerous ones dotted around our lands but we were not their builders. Praying or leaving small offerings has always granted good luck and fair fortune."

"As for currency we usually barter but we do indeed have coinage, same as you. Their denominations should be similar. However, precious metals and gemstones are usually a much surer method of obtaining goods."

My apologies, for some reason nothing updated!

"Indeed Caerheim is a town. I believe I mentioned it earlier. It lies to the west. Simply follow the fjord wall west and you should reach it."

"As to drawing a map... well, the land is mostly untamed and I am a great believer that discovery is primordial to your understanding of our lands. I have no qualms about suggesting places, but I believe you should be the ones to chart your course."

He hands Banny a wooden carving of a wolf.

"Here is a symbol of our village. It shows that you are our guests for the moment and should help you if you meet our brethren villages."

The lord smiles, and leans back in his chair.

"Our history is a long one I'm afraid and I would not do it justice. Caerheim's druid would be the best to tell you that tale."

"As for dangers, there are many, though not so far south as here. And yes, there are indeed giants but you'll find most to be civilized. Further north however, we have the Drachensblod... a den of dragons of all kinds. Worgs and Bears are common enough and many beasts roam the regions. I'd say the environment is the greatest threat."

"And as for crystals, you'd have to visit north for those. I've heard the Hespelode Deep is rife with veins of the stuff though I've never met anyone who's seen the place."

My darling has fallen ill so I shall be making our update tomorrow. Have a splendid evening everyone!

No worries, and even if you'd been gone... no worries. As I said, I go at a casual pace so I don't notice absentees.

"Poetic indeed. Are there any question you'd wish to ask me in return? I believe it would be fair."

A twinkle gleams in his eye.

"The very best of motivators indeed. I can tell you without a doubt that the fjord you have landed has many sights to see... but it is the northern regions that are truly astounding. Even my people, scattered across the coastal villages do not often venture into the Skaval Peaks and beyond."

"If you ever seek to visit further north, I would seriously recommend visiting the town of Caerheim to the west. From there, you could easily take the valley route instead of the frigid climbs you'd face here. Of course, you'd need to head into the Vloewd. The Vloewd is an enormous snowbound forest and it is treacherous to say the least."

The description for the room and its occupants is written above if anyone is curious.

Lord Varreim listens as everyone catches up on their exploits.

"Well clearly there's more to all this than simple travelers. What brings everyone to my shores? I doubt this is all just recreation."

As Mogwag finishes explaining, the doors open and in walks...

The other group are also on Day 6. If you're all ok, I'd ask everyone to move over to Shrub Squadron for the next bit alright?


I'll remove you as players after from their campaign.


You are lead across the town and into a tall wooden building. The man opens a door inside and you find yourself in a large banquet hall...

Lord Varreim gestures to the older gentleman.

"Roveer here is a foreigner much like yourself and has been my personal mentor in all things foreign for thirty years."

A man comes in and whispers to the king.

"More foreigners! Have you friends with you on our shores? Four odd fellows perhaps?"


Rolls you don't need to know about: 1d20 ⇒ 7

You spend the next four days traveling and encounter no threats. However, you soon arrive to the walls of the Rangvir village. A large cry comes up and a man opens the walled gate.


"Other travelers? Come, the king speaks with your friends."

You get the impression he wants you to all follow him.

The man shakes your hand warmly.

Lord Varreim. A pleasure to make the acquaintance of one as polite as you. Here, sit, tell me of your reason for coming to these frozen shores and let my son pour you some of our finest."

He gestures to your guide.

"My eldest, Ljorn. He does not speak your common tongue but he tells me you come from afar."

Banny Kneebreaker wrote:
Is he speaking Common?

I'm sorry, yes he is.


"For now, eat. We can talk when your stomachs are full."

The man, who you still have yet to learn his name leads you into the a large wooden hallway which ends in a wide dining chamber.

A tall, towering man is seated on a high backed wooden chair, an elderly man of smaller stature with one white eye by his right side.

Your guide goes to stand by the taller man's left side.

The colossal gentleman indicates seats around the table.

"Come foreigners. Seat yourself at my table. We have much to talk about."

The village seemed further south than that but you're going to skirt around the top of the fjord as best you can with no exploration stops if I understand.

Sounds good, just need to know a hex path and if you stop to explore any of them.

Hostile... do NOT rush out!

The man is seen coming out from the village walls and indicates that you should follow him.

Assuming you do, you are lead through the wall and down a path leading through the village.

Close enough but no lake, and walls.

You all reach a tall wooden building.

The man speaks up.

"Chief is inside. You ready to meet?"

Remember, he's not dumb, he just speaks very little Giant and no one speaks Rangvir... yet.

No worries, I'm a bit slow on posting anyways and I'd rather take things smoothly than rush.

You reach the top of the fjord and find yourself in G9!

Explore the hex or travel away? Remember that the village is on the opposite side of the fjord now.

The man nods.

He gestures that you follow him, and all together you set off south. Within the day you arrive at the village.

Tall walls of hewn wood and stone dominate the exterior. The sounds of village life can be heard from within.

The man holds up his hand, gesturing you to wait.

"I go. Wait here."

Good shot

The fiery explosive detonates amid the swarm and it quickly flees back into the darkness.

Ahead of you, you exit the passageway and find yourself in a small crevasse, with a winding stone stairway leading out of this passage. Up above the sky is clear and you can hear the wind howling.

I'm in the middle of a project rush for my College Program (Elementary Education) so I'll update tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

I know of around five or six in the city, with a few others outside. We all have our specialties.

By the way, I'm in the middle of a project rush for my College Program (Elementary Education) so I'll update tomorrow.

I do indeed work at a game store in Montreal.

Nice shot!

The bullet tears into the surprised avian. Shrieking loudly it dives back downwards into the fjord.

The man smiles.

"You wounded it. A fine shot."

He looks calmly at your group the points towards the smoke.

"Home. You follow me?"

The man seems quite serious about shooting it. And the bird seems to be circling in a predatory approach.

The man nods.

"You want first shot?"

The man keeps his gaze on the creature.

"Bad omen."

This answer seems to satisfy him and he lifts his spear up menacingly.

Meanwhile the bird makes tighter and tighter circles.

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