Inner Sea Megadungeon: Delving the Drowning Stones

Game Master Garden Tool

A site-based adventure featuring one of the Mwangi Expanse's largest ruins: the Drowning Stones.

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Hi there. A quick introduction and I'll get right down to business.

I'm a longtime DM/GM who has been exploring Golarion a lot lately. I run a couple of play-by-post games, severl home games, and I founded, write for, edit for, and essentially run Abandoned Arts, right here on the Paizo webstore. I'm enjoying my other (and first) two play-by-post games immensely, and feel I have the time for a third. I post mostly in the daytime on the weekdays, and I'd like to run a game set in the Inner Sea region in order to gain some more play experience in Golarion.

Campaign and submission details are as follows. Please DO NOT post a character concept submission to this thread without reading all of the information below.

Campaign Details

The campaign will take place in and around a large ruined city and underground dungeon network in the Mwangi Expanse called the Drowning Stones. This adventure will not reference and has nothing to do with the “Encounter at the Drowning Stones” module, or with any other module. (I do not run modules, so I haven’t read any of them.) The adventure will revolve almost entirely around the exploration of this ruin, and your “base of operations” will be a Pathfinder Society waypoint about 24 miles from the site. As such, your characters will be members of the Pathfinder Society.

I’ll be taking a maximum of five players running one character each. Because Play-By-Post gameplay tends to be slow, we’ll be using the “fast” XP track.

As for the dungeon itself: the Drowning Stones and the connecting ruins will run into the Darklands and into several other underground dungeons and sites. This campaign will be run in the “megadungeon” style, but this will not be a simple hack-and-slash. A team of five combat-monkies won't make it; the dungeon will eat them alive - I promise you. Though combat will be commonplace, character backstories may factor into the adventure where appropriate, and exploration and problem-solving will be a huge factor. Different floors and areas will require different skillsets and strategies, and the dungeon itself will prove a challenge – not just the site inhabitants. We will not be extending the scope of the campaign beyond the Mwangi Expanse – this is a site-based campaign. That said, this is not a one-shot adventure, and will go into high-level play if the campaign persists long enough (in the traditional “megadungeon” style).

I’d like to extend a quick courtesy to everyone before we get into concepts. This campaign would benefit from:

o-> Characters with the ability to scout, provide intelligence, and deal with locks and traps. In many areas of the dungeon (but not all), locks and traps are huge concerns. Scouting will likely prove very useful as well, as not all areas of the dungeon will necessarily be “encounter level appropriate.” Scouting saves lives. In general, both of these skillsets will save a lot of time and hit points.

o-> Characters with the ability to fight well and kill monsters. Combat is a large part of the dungeon experience and the ability to overcome physical encounters is crucial to the survival of your team.

o-> Characters with the ability to solve problems. Whether through the use of spells, speechcraft, useful skills, or both, problem-solving abilities not directly related to combat will play a huge factor in the exploration of the dungeons. Such abilities can greatly assist in combat as well, albeit indirectly.

player requirements:
Player Requirements

Play Time: You should be able to play during the daytime, on the weekdays (Eastern Standard Time). It is rare that I will be able to post on the weekends or during the evening.

Post Expectations: You should be able to post at least once a day on the weekdays. If you are not able to post at least once per day, please do not submit a character concept. Life happens, and exceptions are bound to occur, but do understand that group activities imply group responsibilities. If you're a part of a group, you have an inherent obligation to that group to do things like show up and participate.

Frequency (and maturity) of posting will be one of my most primary factors for choosing players.

Cooperation: Please play cooperatively, in-game and out. Civility, a cooperative playstile, and a friendly attitude are expected of each player. Please include the word read in your first post, so that I know you've actually read the player requirements.

Style: This game will be a RAW (rules-as-written) game. I'm an experienced GM; I've been running 3.5 since day one (and my experience as a player predates third edition). I've been playing Pathfinder since the playtest. I've been playing roleplaying games since I could talk. I roll on the table and I never fudge rolls or make exceptions in order to sink or save characters. I don't pull punches, nor do I "play to win." Whether you live or die, succeed or fail, win or lose is all up to you and the dice. PC-NPC transparency is in full effect. If a PC can do it, an NPC can do it (and vice versa). I don't use any houserules per se, (but see the "houserules and rules interpretations" spoiler, below).

I believe that the game functions as intended, as written. While I do roll on the table, I don't declare my modifiers unless the roll makes modifiers immediately apparent. In other words: you'll know exactly what the monster's initiative modifier is after I roll it, and you'll know how much damage it dealt... but you won't know what its attack roll modifiers are… you'll only know if its attack roll succeeded or failed.

If your playstyle conflicts with any of the above, please do not submit a character.

Rules Knowledge: You don’t need a lot of rules knowledge to submit a character, but please do read and understand to the best of your ability those class, race, and rules features relevant to your character. When it comes time to submit a full character sheet, I may have second thoughts if your sheet is riddled with significant mistakes.

Campaign Scope and Setting: Your characters will belong to the Pathfinder Society, who has established a small waystation some 24 miles from the site of the Drowning Stones. Do not submit a character concept which is at odds with Pathfinder Society membership or the delving of ruins in general.

submission requirements:
Character Submission Requirements

Alignment: Any alignment is fine, but I expect evil characters to be played responsibly. No character concept exempts a player from the Player Expectations described, above. If you think being evil precludes you from being a team player, making friends, or maintaining party cohesion, then please do not submit an evil character.

Content: The Core Rulebook, the Gamemaster's Guide, the Advanced Player's Guide, the Advanced Race Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, all three Bestiaries, and the Inner Sea World Guide are the only Paizo sources we will be using for this campaign. Any products purchased from Abandoned Arts are also welcome at my table. NO OTHER sourcebooks, adventure paths, or supplements are open to discussion. This includes traits and magic items from other sourcebooks. Furthermore, the "example" Sandpoint campaign traits from the Inner Sea World Guide do not apply to this campaign, and no campaign traits will be written specifically for this campaign.

Please don't ask for exceptions to these sourcebook limitations - none will be granted.

Classes and Races: All "playable" races featured in the Advanced Race Guide are legal. All archetypes and classes are legal, with one exception: the antipaladin (too disruptive to party cohesion).
If I choose to accept a PC-submitted paladin, evil characters will be taken off the table. If I choose to accept a PC-submitted evil-aligned character, paladins will be taken off the table for consideration.

Point-Buy: Point-buy is set at 20. Spend your points or lose them.

Starting Level: Starting character level is 3rd. I don’t find very, very low-level play to be interesting anymore. You’ll be playing experienced-but-not-exactly-veteran adventurers.

Starting Wealth: Starting wealth is 3,000 gp, (but see the "houserules and rules interpretations" spoiler, below).

Age and Templates: Templates with a static, non-scaling +1 CR adjustment are legal, with one exception: no advanced templates for PCs. If you start with a +1 CR adjustment, you'll begin at character level 2, not character level 3. Age categories (from adult to venerable) are legal options at character creation, as is the Young template. If you choose to apply the Young template to your character, you will NOT be compensated in any way, even though that template subtracts one from a creature's CR.

Concept: While I place no restrictions on the array of classes, archetypes, races, and templates that I'll allow at my table, I do appreciate well-built, interesting, and sensible character concepts. I will likely choose lovingly-crafted or genuinely interesting PC submissions before I accept excessively-templated or min-maxed submissions.

That said: play to win, by all means. It's the dunegon or you. My playstyle is unforgiving, challenging, and RAW. My motto at the table is "them's the rules." I don't deviate from from the EL guidelines (unless the party wanders into an area more dangerous than is appropriate for their level), but character death is a real possibility (though, if it furthers the story or your backstory, actions, resources, and/or partners merit it, the use of resurrection magic is an equal possibility). Play to win, but please don't submit a CE half-red dragon orcish alchemist (ragechemist) 1/barbarian 1 with a +1 seven-branch sword, nothing but combat feats, traits that make no sense, and the minimum Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores. I probably won't go for your submission if you do.

Carrying Capacity, Food, and Ammunition: Please include the word great in your first post, so that I know you've actually read the submission requirements. Carrying capacity and encumbrance rules are in full effect (watch your encumbrance and record the weight of your possessions!), but I do not bother tracking non-masterwork, non-magical, non-alchemical ammunition. Thrown weapons (including shuriken and other “ammunition-like” weapons are tracked normally. Do count the weight of one full quiver of ammunition against your carrying capacity, if you plan to be firing ammunition, however. The tracking of mundane ammunition has never seemed to add anything to a game, and isn’t terribly fun. The same goes for food and starvation. Provided that the PCs have regular access to supplies, this sort of thing just isn’t exciting to keep track of. However! If the party becomes trapped somewhere, we will start tracking food, water, ammunition, and other expendable resources. If you’d like your character to be prepared against such an event, do include rations, water, and plenty of ammo on your character sheet.

There is one exception with regards to firearms. Bullets aren’t tracked, but powder and cartridges are tracked and must be purchased and paid for normally. So, to recap:

You’d list and account for the weight of one “unit” of ammunition on your character sheet: (for example: “quiver of crossbow bolts”). As long as you have that item on your person, you can be assumed to have enough ammunition to fire your weapon as needed. If you want to be prepared in the event of your character becoming trapped or losing access to supplies, you may list more than that. Black powder and cartridges are to be tracked and paid for normally, but bullets are not.

Initial Submission: Right now, I don’t need full character write-ups. Your initial submissions should include: overall concept, approximate alignment, probable class and race, intended party role, region of origin, and anything else you'd like to include (like PC goals). Though this campaign will be based out of a central location, I generally run a pretty sandbox-y game, so the characters tend to determine the tone and direction of the campaign.

Again, you don’t need to submit a statblock yet. I won't be starting until Monday, at the very earliest. I'm looking forward to your submissions, everyone. I'll check in tomorrow morning, if not tonight. Once you submit a character, please stay active in this thread! I’ll be looking for posters with the eagerness and ability to participate and post regularly as much as I’ll be looking at the concepts themselves.

houserules and rules interpretations:

Rules and Interpretations

Starting Gear: I have one "house rule," if you could call it that, with regards to the way I handle starting gear. Aside from that, I'd like to mention a couple of my rules interpretations, below. All things considered, I run a very RAW game.

Starting gear is 3,000 gp, but there are some items that I do not require players to subtract from that amount. In other words, you get 3000 gp, plus you get some items for "free". Nonexpendable mundane gear is free, as long as it costs LESS than 1,000 gp. Mundane gear means "non-masterwork, non-magical items, non-alchemical items". Nonexpendable gear means anything that does not have charges, limited uses, and is otherwise not expended, broken, or consumed when used. For example, manacles and silk rope would be free, but a spyglass or a suit of plate armor would not be (too expensive), nor would a vial of alchemist’s fire or a healer's kit (limited uses).

Furthermore, the mundane aspects of your magical arms and armor are free at character creation. This means that you DO pay masterwork costs (150 gp for armor, 300 gp for weapons), but you DO NOT pay for the base cost of the item (even full plate armor). For example, the cost of a +1 breastplate would be 1,150 gp (a 150 gp masterworking cost, and a 1,000 gp cost for a +1 enhancement bonus). As with ammunition, firearms are the exception to this rule. The cost of a firearm, even a non-masterwork one, must come out of your 3,000 gp budget unless you have a class feature that says otherwise.

Death, Dying, and the Prone Condition: This is more “interpretation” than “houserule,” and doesn’t impact much. The rules don't say how or when a character falls down, after going unconscious or dying. I assume that the world isn’t full of standing corpses, but I’ve never liked the idea that a character falls over instantly, and therefore must always stand from prone after being healed back up. So, my interpretation is as follows: if you get put to sleep, are rendered dead or dying, or otherwise go unconscious, you fall prone at the start of your next turn. For example, if an enemy puts you at -2 hp on his turn, and the cleric heals you for 6 hp before your nest turn comes around, you'll still be standing when your turn comes up.

Corpses and Difficult Terrain: The rules do actually say that the bodies of larger creatures (or groups of smaller creatures) should constitute difficult terrain, but they don't say how many creatures it takes. My rule of thumb is as follows: One Large or larger corpse makes difficult terrain, two Medium corpses make difficult terrain, four Small creatures make difficult terrain, and eight Tiny creatures make difficult terrain. The corpses of Fine creatures do not create difficult terrain. For the purposes of this ruling, any helpless, prone character counts toward this "difficult terrain" determination. Please include the word reason in your first post, so that I know you've actually read the houserules and rules interpretations. One last note: If you are more than one size category larger than the creatures making up the difficult terrain, you can ignore it. In other words, a Colossal creature is not impeded by a Large corpse, or four Small ones.

Zen Archers: Flurry of blows works as intended, not as written, for the zen archer monk archetype. In other words, it works.

Sounds like great game you have planned. I'd like to make an initial submission of a cleric of Pharasma, either a human or half-elf, not sure which yet, but her alignment will be neutral. I think her home region will be Osirion. Party roll would be scholar and healer. Very interested in how earlier culture handled and perceived death and is intrigued by the ancestor worship common to the Mwangi Expanse. Her most obvious PC goal would be the acquisition of knowledge.


I've got a guide/skirmisher ranger concept; he can't cast spells and doesn't have favored enemies. Within a party, he'd probably be at the point position. For this game, I'd probably tweak his skills some to boost his Stealth. Most of his skills and abilities would be helpful for exploration, like favored terrain and the guide archetype's terrain bond feature. From a combat standpoint, he'd probably be an off-tank, fighting with a sword in one hand and a shield or throwing axe in the other.

He's chaotic good, free-spirited but benevolent. His home region is the Land of Linnorm Kings, which is looong way from the Mwangi Expanse, so there's some fish-out-of-water issues right there.


Thinking of submitting a Half-Elf Vanilla Ranger. Roles would be Archery and Melee combatant, and a scout. NG alignment. His home would be Varisia.

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@ Embrianna: Sounds like a valid build, and a useful problem-solver and knowledge base. Keep participating in the thread. Check back once a day or so.

@ Zack Muad'Dweeb: Provided that your ranger could deliver, that concept and build sounds near-perfect for an adventure like this. Keep participating in the thread. Check back once a day or so.

@ Aroach1188: Sounds like a solid build for reasons similar to those of Zack Maud'Dweeb's. Check back once a day or so.

Thank you, I also plan for her to take the Knowledge Domain so that I can count all Knowledge skill as being in class.

(Stepping right out of my comfort zone) I propose an arcane spell-user with a rogueish streak. Inquisitive; thrill-seeking; lives for the day without being completely foolhardy.

Probables: CN, wizard. Race to be determined but I may try for something that isn't traditionally associated with the arcane arts.
Party role: arcane toolbox.
Origin: Rostland.
Personal goals to be included should my application get accepted.

Location: Great Britain. (GMT +0)

Garden Tool wrote:

@ Zack Muad'Dweeb: Provided that your ranger could deliver, that concept and build sounds near-perfect for an adventure like this. Keep participating in the thread. Check back once a day or so.

Aww, shucks; you're gonna make me blush.

In the mean time, I'll start retro-fitting my guy to meet the submission requirements.

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Do you have room for someone new to PBP?

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@ MacFetus: Arcane toolbox is about as useful as it gets. Keep participating in the thread; check back once a day or so.

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@ twilsemail: Everyone has to start somewhere. Are you familiar with the Pathfinder ruleset, and proficient with the forum's die roller and text formatting tools? If so, give the first post a complete read-through and submit a concept. Newcomers are perfectly welcome.

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I know Pathfinder fairly well. I've been in a few campaigns at a table.

I am not familiar with the mentioned tools, though I'm a pretty quick study.

My initial concept was a Cleric of Groetus. A bit musclebound. I was thinking a Motherless Tiefling for it.

I don't know, though, if that would conflict too heavily with Embrianna's cleric of Pharisma (in both RP and concept).

Dice test:

1d20 + 1 ⇒ (12) + 1 = 13

I think I have that down at least.

Pathfinder Starfinder Maps, Starfinder Society Subscriber

The more I read, the more it sounds like a great idea for a game. I'd like to throw my hat in the ring with a Dwarven Brawler. He'd focus heavily oncombat meneuvers (especially dirty tricks), and be more of a take-down/take-out focus than pure damage. As time goes by, he'll be able to dish out the damage, but initially he'll be more focused on putting foes on the ground or disabling them for flanking/condition debuffs. For that reason he would work great in conjunction with a rogue or other precision damage character.

As for me, I post regularly through the day (EST), and usually check the boards before I turn in for the night.

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@ twilsemail: There would no doubt be an interesting relationship between your cleric and hers, if you were both selected to play. As for the details of your buold (Motherless tiefling trait, etc) please give the original post a complete read through before you start talking details.

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@ bigrin42: Perfect. Sounds like a lot of fun, too. Keep participating in the thread; check back once a day or so.

Apparently, not everyone is aware that your games are not only great, but that they also have good reason in their foundation.

I'm submitting a dwarf rogue, he's lazy and pays loose homage to Droskar. He avoids real work where possible, but adventuring in old ruins to find gobs of treasure and antiquities lying around to turn around and sell for great profit - well that's the ticket laddie - ka-ching!

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2goth4U: A "locks-and-traps" rogue is a fine choice for the campaign, and "get rich quick" motivations are always easy to write in. Keep participating in the thread; check back once a day or so.

This sounds like a great spot for Xara, a master summoner I created for a short-lived game awhile back. She's a neutral half-elf with a scout/skill-monkey eidolon. Her own focus is on summoning elementals of all stripes.

I am a very responsible player in terms of being prepared, and would have pertinent stats for all my summons on hand and read-ily available, and I'm a team player, so I don't enjoy spamming the field to hog all the glory.

Obviously, I would need to upgrade her to third level and downgrade her to 20 point buy, and this game seems like a good reason to do that. Will try to get that done this evening some time.

Dotting for definite interest!

and a word of advise for would be players. Garden Tool is a top notch DM that spins a great story. Also, he means it when he says he wont pull any punches so take that into crunch consideration.

<hurries off to work on concept>

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Poor Stiehl9s can attest to that better than most...

Question for the DM:

How are hit points gained after 1st level being handled? There wasn't anything mentioned in the submission guidelines, and I didn't want to make any assumptions.

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Garden Tool wrote:
@ twilsemail: There would no doubt be an interesting relationship between your cleric and hers, if you were both selected to play. As for the details of your buold (Motherless tiefling trait, etc) please give the original post a complete read through before you start talking details.

Apologies, for some reason I thought the Motherless (type of tiefling from Blood of Fiends) were also in the ARG. I'll look at my idea a bit and post a revised proposal.

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Zack Muad'Dweeb: A good question. We will be taking the true average, and rounding fractions up.

The average value on each Hit Die is:

d6 = 3.5

d8 = 4.5

d10 = 5.5

d12 = 6.5

@ twilsemail: No problem; take your time.

Garden Tool, I had to update my original submission of interest to better reflect my understanding of some submission guidelines I missed the first time around.

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Garden Tool,

If I'm accepted, I expect to have a great time with all of this. Here's to new experiences.

How opposed are you to re-flavoring something in the book? namely, if I want to make a Human Werewolf Cleric of Groetus, would you be willing to make the werewolf into a wereleopard. There is mention of wereleopards in the Mwangi expanse, though they are rare.

I figure this might be my only chance to play with a template. Might as well capitolize, neh?

Current thoughts:

Human Lycanthrope Cleric of Groetus (CN)
Has a habit of smashing through / around problems (strength based skills as a focus).
In combat he’ll be mixing it up in melee with debuffs.
If accepted as a wereleopard, he’d be from the Mwangi expanse. If not, the Lands of the Linnorm Kings

Dotting for interest 'cause this is great.

I'm thinking a Bard (Archaeologist) would love to go delving into this ancient dungeon. Maybe human. NG or CG. Would fit bits of the skill-based problem-solver (knowledge skills + linguistics of course), lock/trap bypasser. Wants to learn more about ancient civilizations and bring that knowledge and artefacts back to the Pathfinders and the people of Golarion (a la Indiana Jones).

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@ Xara Ozolins:Right off the bat, the only problem I see (at a glance) with your work-in-progress is the fauchard, a weapon featured (to the best of my knowledge) outside of the allowed content.

Also, you still seem to be tracking the gp cost of mundane, nonmagical, nonmasterwork gear.

When you're all finished, I'll take a second glance.

@twilsemail: I totally get the Groetus/lycanthropes/moon connection - that's cool. Unfortunately, the CR for a lycanthrope is equal to the CR of the base creature or the base animal (whichever is higher), +1. A second-level character has a CR of 1 and a leopard has a CR of 2, so we have to use the leopard. That leaves us with a CR 3 character, which is one higher than the rest of your party (CR 2) and thus unacceptable. If you would prefer to choose a different, CR 1 animal, that would work out to a CR 2 PC (which is where you should be).

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@ Dark Netwerk: Sounds good - I've not run for a bard in some time. Keep participating in the thread; check back once a day or so.

Hmmm, I use pfsrd20 for equipment. Ah, I see that weapon comes from some book called Classic Horrors Revisited. I'll replace it with a guisarme. Is it okay to still fluff out the guisarme with an exotic elven look? Since we're starting at level three, I can say the weapon her father crafted for her has always been masterwork. Someday, she'll get it enchanted (if she ends up using it a lot).

I'll get her inventory fixed this evening when I get a chance to fix her point buy.

I think I got the equipment right; there's still 150 gp to be accounted for.

Also, how many traits do characters get?

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Characters will have the industry-standard two traits, which must come from different trait categories. There are no campaign traits for this campaign.

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Nazard, re-flavoring your guisarme as an exotic, elven variant of the same weapon is fine. Other characters would still be able to recognize it as a guisarme, albeit a unique one with a distinctive elven design.

Actually, I went with a simple long spear, dropped her Wisdom to 8 so I could up her Int to 14 for the extra skill point, and took the Dual-Minded alternate trait instead of Ancestral Arms.

I'll go with elven runes carved into the haft. The spear head is cold iron; I assume the cold iron component isn't free, so I charged her 305 GP for it.

I had to stop working on her equipment, but I think everything else is done. I'll finish later tonight, and update her eidolon as well.

Edit: Also, is it okay to outfit her with partially-used wands, pricing them at 15 GP a charge (for a first-level CL 1 wand)? Her eidolon will be tricked out for UMD. How do you rule about stuff the eidolon is carrying when it's dismissed?

Given that my only stable game here on the message boards is the one I DM, participating in a game with someone who apparently has a reputation would be a great relief. Alright enough schmoozing, on the the stuff.

So, question: I would like to create a race following RAW in the ARG. I have a concept in mind right now but none of the available races really fit what I had in mind. I'll create my proposal and PM it to you, no offense taken if you're not into it :)

Official Submission:

1. Overall concept:
Daria - A lithe fey enchantress with a fascination for the arcane. Spells aside, Daria’s personality is an enchantment of its own. She is very weak physically, but her fey ancestry more than compensates for her physical shortcomings.

2. Approximate alignment:
Very wild at heart, Daria has an indomitable personality. She wears her heart on her sleeve, but only in action, and is strongly driven by her passions. She has a very innocent nature, and her curiosity is generally satiated by a small taste of whatever whim she is following at the time. (CG)

3. Probable class and race:
Half-Nymph Sorceress (Fey Bloodline)
Daria’s magical ability to enchant those around her comes as naturally as her ability to laugh, smile, and flirt.

4. Intended party role:
Daria will be a battle-field manipulator (Cha), blaster (Cha, Dex), knowledge junkie (Int), and diplomat (Cha), in no particular order.

5. Region of origin:
Daria comes from the Mwangi expanse. Her father, an elf from the Ekujae tribe, was primarily responsible for raising her. He claimed to his tribe that he found her solitary in the woods, but her mother is actually a nymph from the outlying forest.

6. Anything else you'd like to include (like PC goals):
Daria has become a member of the Pathfinder Society for two reasons: To obtain arcane relics and develop her own magics, and seek out her fey mother in the under dark. On her way to visit her mother, Daria witnessed of Derro dragging the nymph off into the woods. Daria still has hope that her mother is alive somewhere.

Dotting for interest.... Probably looking at a Lizardfolk Paladin..

This sounds great!

I would like to play a human rogue.

Alignment- NG

Intended role: Scout and and all around curious knowledge seeker .

The Wall of Names. That's what got me here, the day my parents' names were added to that wall was the day The Society became my home. My parents died in some far forgotten dungeon, or ruins, or some other place everyone else has forgotten. Here they took me in, to train me, to raise me in their image. Here I have lived since my 7th year. They taught me to pick my first lock at 9, how to read forgotten languages at 10, and how to kill another person while unseenat 12. Eleven years has taught me much, forgotten lore, weapon mastery, and the basics of magic to be an operative of The Society. Now it is time to leave. To go forth and make my own story like all the ones I have read and studied in the Chronicles. Time to prove myself a Pathfinder.

It took years of searching and questioning, but finally Alanthian was able to find out information about his mother and father's last mission. Map out and recover an item from Drowning Stones. He was not able to find out what the item was or why it was important. Only that it cost him the lives of the only people that truely loved him.

This looks like a great game, but I'm going on vacation soon. I am a regular poster when I am not on vacation. When are you closing recruitment and starting the game? I didn't read that information in your description. Is there any reason you didn't put it in there?

Grand Lodge

This sounds like a a Great game!

I would like to offer for your perusal Elsir Thran. Elsir is a NG Elf Wizard who specializes in Divination (Foresight). Until six months ago Elsir worked as curator of artifacts and cultural relics for the Grand Lodge in Absalom. Sadly, Elsir human wife Lisabeth recently passed away of old age. In his grief, Elsir he decided to accept an offer from the Lodge to conduct onsite cultural research in a remote location within the Mwangi Expanse. Elsir hopes that leaving Absalom for a time will soften the memories of the life he once shared with his love.

The intended party role of Elsir is a battlefield controller, as well as information gatherer and providing general utility. I don't see Elsir acting as a blaster, so much as a providing utility to the group, and letting the rogue, warrior and other classes do the damage.

Trig, Xara's eidolon, the slightly lazy, slightly cowardly feline elf with a pile of wands strapped around his waist, is also ready for inspection.

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@ Kybryn: I probably should have said so specifically, but no "custom built" ARG races shall be permitted. Your concept seems fine otherwise, though I'd advise you to carefully read the first post before going further.

@ Xara Ozolins: Whatever an eidolon holds when it's dismissed is dismissed with it, same as a summoned angel's equipment does not remain behind with it when it is dismissed. Also, you are correct in that cold iron and other masterwork-equivalent items come out of your starting wealth. Also, paying for wands "by the charge" is perfectly acceptable.

I assume Trig is using the humanoid base form?

@ Arknight: A lizardfolk paladin sounds cool (and the ideas pitched so far are heavy on the problem solving and scouting, light on the fighting), but what sort of lizardfolk are you meaning to play? There are guidelines for monstrous PCs belonging to more-than-1-Hit-Die races, but if you're looking to build or use a "custom" ARG lizardfolk, I'm afraid that's off the table. I'd also advise you to carefully read the entirety of the first post before contributing further.

@ Oterisk: I'm looking to start on Monday at the very earliest.

I did :) check my first post second line.

Edit: Unless there's something else I've missed...

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@ Elsir Thran: A simple hook, but a nice one, and a useful role proposal. Remain active in the thread, and check back every day or so.

I prefer that ruling as well, even though it does sometimes cause summoners to use their eidolons as safety deposit boxes. It's such a nuisance to always be picking up dropped equipment and handing it back out. In that case, can I have a custom belt crafted for Trig that can hold his array of wands and scrolls (though he doesn't have any scrolls at the moment, I see him being more of a wand guy)? Nothing terribly fancy or magical, just a leather belt with some loops for attaching wands, normal move action to retrieve, etc.

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@ Garden, I'll keep upto date on this thread. I have been itching to play a wizard for a while, I know its not required but I am going to put Elsir together anyhow.

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@ Garden, Do you have any issue with us using starting gold for crafting scrolls, potions ect?

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Hm... Looks like fun! I'm feeling ninja-y for this one - let me ponder a concept and post the outline for it tomorrow!

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@ Nazard: You can reflavor a sheath, belt loop, belt pouch, or the like however you wish. Functionally, it'll still be a move action to draw your items. It seems that's all you're asking for, so: yes.

@ Elsir Thran: Use your starting gold however you wish. You can buy partially-charged scrolls, you can fill out your spellbook, you can craft potions, poisons, weapons; whatever you like.

If you're crafting something that require pre-character-creation die rolls (such as with Craft checks), assume you've rolled/taken 10s. I don't like to roll die before character creation starts.

@ Shisumo: I'm glad you've considered my invitation. Welcome.

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@EVERYONE: I don't mind saying that Shisumo and Stiehl9s are here by invitation, so don't be confused if I select them despite a low post count in the recruitment thread. Both are extremely reliable players.

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@ Arknight: A lizardfolk paladin sounds cool (and the ideas pitched so far are heavy on the problem solving and scouting, light on the fighting), but what sort of lizardfolk are you meaning to play? There are guidelines for monstrous PCs belonging to more-than-1-Hit-Die races, but if you're looking to build or use a "custom" ARG lizardfolk, I'm afraid that's off the table. I'd also advise you to carefully read the entirety of the first post before contributing further.

GT, while the Lizardfolk doesn't get major treatment in the ARG, there is a write-up for them in it. I don't have the page number, but they are one of the example races in Chapter 4 sidebars. They get +2 STR & CON, +1 Natural Armor, claws, bite and a Swim of 30 ( with a +8 racial bonus to Swim skill).

As Sarenrae is goddess of redemption, it only seems fitting to have a 'monstrous' type for a Paladin of hers. :) I can always go with one of the more detailed races if you prefer however.

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